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Hot Southern Nights

Hot Southern Nights

4.6 11
by Dianne Castell

A sexy reporter finds home is where she'll find the smoking hot bad boy she once left behind. . .

Roving reporter Churchill McKenzie's meddlesome tactics got her in hot water with a couple of Jersey toughs—but just because they ran her out of town doesn't mean she's going soft. Hiding out in Savannah, Church knows that her hometown is a hotbed of dirty


A sexy reporter finds home is where she'll find the smoking hot bad boy she once left behind. . .

Roving reporter Churchill McKenzie's meddlesome tactics got her in hot water with a couple of Jersey toughs—but just because they ran her out of town doesn't mean she's going soft. Hiding out in Savannah, Church knows that her hometown is a hotbed of dirty little secrets. And one of the dirtiest involves none other than Cal Davis, a man from Church's own past.

It turns out that Cal spent some time in jail after Church left town—and now his family wants her to help prove he was framed. Church vows to keep things professional, but it won't be easy. Helping Cal means getting up close and personal with the one man Church could never keep her hands off—and she knows this might be one assignment that's just too hot to handle. . .

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Hot Southern Nights 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Judy_F More than 1 year ago
Dianne Castell writes another sizzling Savannah Story in Hot Southern Nights. Librarian Churchill Mckenzie returns home to Savannah hoping for a much quieter life. Her life up in Jersey became way to stressful. She hoped coming home would put things to right. But her on regret Cal Davis is back home as well. Cal, her former love is out of jail. Jail that Churchill had a hand in placing him there. Cal Davis paid his debt to society and is back in Savannah after three years. He would like to put it all behind him and move on. Cal can't persuade Churchill to let the past alone. She is convinced something doesn't add up on Cal's going to jail. Trying to get Churchill to let sleeping dogs be has them spending so much time together. Their old passion sends sparks every time they are together. As they try to find new footing in their relationship someone isn't happy they are getting close to some answers. Hot Southern Nights makes you feel the sultry southern flair. Cal and Churchill connection is quick and witty. Their response to each other snaps and sizzles on every page. Dianne Castell writes hot southern passion like no other. I always look forward to spending time in the places she creates.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Librarian Churchill McKenzie is run out of New Jersey after her classic 1956 Chevy Bel Air was stolen as no one who does not want to float face down the Hudson questions the mob. She returns to her hometown of Savannah where she obtains a library position. After three years in prison Cal Davis is free. He comes home to Savannah where he plans to avoid his former girlfriend Ace, whose testimony sent him to jail for a crime he did not do. Cal's grandmother Miss Ellie is the only person besides him who believes he never committed that crime. Cal finds a key inside his vintage 1967 Mustang that apparently someone wants bad enough to steal. When he hooks up with Ace who was run out of Jersey, all hell breaks loose in Georgia as he still wants her, but Churchill as she insists he call her begins to believe her beloved bad boy make that man did not do the felonious deed and wants to make amends while that unknown somebody raises the already heat of Hot Southern Nights.. The third "Hot" Savannah tale (see Hot And Bothered and Hot And Irresistible) uses humor mostly brought by battling Churchill to bring freshness to what is a heated yet somewhat conventional story line. Readers will root for the Steel Peachtree Ace as she remains feisty, fiery and fighting in spite of the mob kicking her out of the Garden State. She and Miss Ellie as a powerful amateur sleuth team set out to prove Cal is innocent and to uncover who is behind his conviction and bidding for the key (you will have to read to what). Harriet Klausner
IvyD More than 1 year ago
Churchill McKenzie, librarian extraordinaire/geek is home from New Jersey. She asked too many questions when her '56 Chevy Bel Air went permanently missing. Now she's back in Savannah, hometown stomping grounds. Cal Davis, local bad boy is also back home in Savannah after getting out of jail. He'd been there three years thanks to Churchill's, or Ace as he likes to call her, testimony. They're thrown together again thanks to Miss Ellie, Cal's grandmother, and the key she found in Cal's mustang. Somebody wants that key badly. Why? Does it have anything to do with Cal's stint in jail? Miss Ellie still claims he was innocent and wants Churchill to prove it. A body really can't say no to Miss Ellie. HOT SOUTHERN NIGHTS is like a tall glass of sweet iced tea, extremely satisfying on numerous levels. Reading this book was like visiting with a dear old friend. I smiled and laughed my way through. It's a smooth refreshing blend of romance, humor and mystery. Churchill is an adorably sweet bookworm/brain, the kind you'd want for a friend. Miss Ellie is what's called "a mess", a good thing and loads of fun. Cal has the whole "bad boy, sex on legs" thing going on, add to that his '67 Mustang and you've got "be still my beating heart" HOT. There are eccentrics and eccentricities galore, a must have. The mystery adds spice and a touch of danger that brings a nice bit of edge to the story. All the wonderful characters, romance, mystery and humor meld delightfully into a must read whole. If you enjoy a Southern setting, charming characters, laugh out loud humor, fan worthy romance, and just the right amount of mystery and danger I highly recommend HOT SOUTHERN NIGHTS.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
It always seems the way that the smartest, most honest and nicest girls always falls for the town bad boy. Well that's exactly what happened to Churchill McKenzie, it started 9 years ago in the backseat of a classic Mustang and she's never been able to grow out of it or him. Town bad boy and ex-con Cal Davis has been in love with Churchill since they were kids, he knows he's not good enough for her but that doesn't stop him from being drawn to her. But there's more going on than meets the eye and the question is, will love cure them or kill them. Dianne gives us a new twist to the rebel and the librarian in her latest Low Country romantic suspense novel. Her dialogue is classic southern charm meets Jersey thug and locker room speak mixes with highfalutin society. She wows us with her plot as she solves the crime no one wants solved and delves into secrets best left buried. Her hero Cal and heroine Churchill are very believable three dimensional characters who her readers will cheer on hoping they get that all elusive happily ever after. Her supporting characters are colorful, some more than others, but all equally important to the novel and wouldn't be complete without them. Her romance is sweet, heady and full of pitfalls and the kind that most appeals to me that of reacquainted or rekindled love. Her love scenes are physical, visceral, hot and spicy. So honey get down to your nearest local book seller and pick up this here wonderful novel and you will be mighty glad you did. That's Low Country speak for this is a must read.
Bluebroom More than 1 year ago
Who says you can't go home? In Hot Southern Nights, the latest release by Dianne Castell, that is exactly what Churchill McKenzie and Cal Davis do, although for entirely different reasons.**********Churchill returns to Savannah after leaving Jersey, where she has lived for three years, after being run out of town by the thugs she took on over the theft of her beloved car. Now she just wants to put it all behind her and lead a quiet, calm life, but she has always had a penance for getting herself in hot water.**********Cal Davis has also returned home to Savannah, after spending three years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, but was convicted and put away thanks to Churchill's testimony. He too wants to put the past behind him and get on with his life, but when Churchill starts stirring up the past because she wants to right the wrong that she did to Cal can he keep her safe and keep his hands off her at the same time.**********In this book you will find it all, mystery, sizzling and hot romance, eccentric and funny friends, all skillfully woven together to provide the reader with a steamy, exciting read with a few surprises along the way. This is a book that is hard to put down and a worthwhile read.
Debs_Book_Nook More than 1 year ago
Hot Southern Nights puts the sizzle in Savannah! From mystery to romance, this book held my attention from page one and never let go. It is definitely a winner! Savannah librarian Churchill McKenzie curiosity gets her in trouble time and time again. For example the time she lived in New Jersey and tried hunting down the villains that took her beloved '56 Chevy Bel Air. Little did she know that it would almost lead her to a pair of concrete shoes! Now back in Savannah, Churchill wants nothing more than a quiet, calm life but she can't help but be drawn to the biggest, hottest bad ass in town, Cal Davis. How does she know he is the baddest boy around? She put him in prison three years ago. But now she has the feeling that there is a lot more to the story that led to Cal's arrest and she's determined to find the answers. Cal, former mechanic/race car driver and now part owner of the local race track, just wants to get on with his life but he can't forget his past with Churchill. Not the part where she convicted him but the fact that they had done the deed on her 21st birthday in his Mustang. Now Cal wants nothing more than to keep Churchill from stirring up the past and getting herself in more trouble than she can imagine. But can he keep her safe and avoid the pull of attraction they both feel? You won't want to miss this skillfully woven, fun and exciting romance with enough mystery to keep you enthralled from beginning to end.
Paulette26 More than 1 year ago
HOT SOUTHERN NIGHTS; author Dianne Castell makes Savannah sizzle even more with sexy librarian, Churchill McKenzie, ex-con mechanic, Cal Davis, and a mysterious key that leads to a delightful, hot, hot, hot, keep you on the edge of your seat, mystery. Another 5 star book for Ms. Castell. If you love her books, "Hot and Bothered: and "Hot and Irresistible" you'll love "Hot Southern Nights" too!
TeeB More than 1 year ago
Hot Southern Nights by Dianne Castell takes place in Savannah. After being away for three years Churchill McKenzie is returning home. She has been in Jersey and knows there is no place like home. Cal Davis is also returning home after spending three years in jail. Churchill is working at the library, which I may say holds some secrets. Even though it was Churchill's testimony that put Cal in jail they cannot fight the lover feelings that they have for each other. Also will Churchill accept that knowing Cal was innocent stop her from looking for the truth and if so at what cost? This book has some mystery, comedy and of course strong sexual passion. Ms. Castell tells us a story that is amazing and a book you will not want to put aside until you read the very last page.
LeeAnn_ More than 1 year ago
The story takes place in Savannah, and starts with Churchill McKenzie returning home from spending three years in Jersey and Cal Davis returning home after spending three years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. And wouldn't you know it the woman he loves is the one who sent him there. This book has it all; lovers reunited, mystery, passion, comedy, and an amazing story that will hold your attention till the very end.