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Hot Water

Hot Water

4.7 7
by Erin Brockovich

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No stranger to balancing an intensely demanding work schedule with the stresses of keeping her family together, AJ Palladino now faces another challenge: she is leaving her young son home with her ailing parents so that she can travel to the site of a new case involving a nuclear power plant in peril. And it will take all her skills to keep her cool while the action


No stranger to balancing an intensely demanding work schedule with the stresses of keeping her family together, AJ Palladino now faces another challenge: she is leaving her young son home with her ailing parents so that she can travel to the site of a new case involving a nuclear power plant in peril. And it will take all her skills to keep her cool while the action and tension build to a fever pitch.

Colleton River, a new, one-of-a-kind nuclear facility designed to create medical isotopes with the potential to save millions of lives, has recently been plagued by a series of unexplained mishaps. The accidents have caused the locals to protest the plant, drawing the attention of an anti-nuclear protest group as well as several home-grown terrorists who sense an opportunity to sow fear and chaos. The plant’s owner, Owen Grandel, has traveled from South Carolina to West Virginia to personally ask AJ for help. AJ knows she’s going to have her hands full investigating the accidents and calming the situation at the plant. What she doesn’t foresee is her simple business trip turning into disaster, with her family coming apart at the seams in her absence—and her young son disappearing. While AJ tries to find her missing child, she also discovers what caused the “accidents.” Soon the plant begins hurtling towards nuclear catastrophe, with AJ stranded at ground zero. But can she save her son, herself, and the community—and prevent a nuclear meltdown before it’s too late?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In this sequel to Rock Bottom, Brockovich and Lyons take their heroine, A.J. Palladino, back to her hometown of Scotia, W.Va., where she has settled after the tragic death of her son’s father. A.J. and her new environmental investigation business partner, Elizabeth Hardy, meet prospective client Owen Grandel, the arrogant owner of a revolutionary nuclear power plant that harvests life-saving medical isotopes in South Carolina. Owen wants to hire A.J. to persuade protestors that his plant is safe despite several minor accidents. Betraying her ideals, A.J. flies to South Carolina with Owen to face the protestors a few days before her son David’s 10th birthday, a decision that betrays her ideals and alienates both David and her best friend, Ty. Meanwhile, David’s paternal grandfather devises a sinister plan to get custody of David. After David overhears the plans, he sets out to save her, just as a religious zealot threatens to sabotage the reactor and “bring forth Armageddon.” In spite of a few stereotypical characterizations, this environmental thriller will keep readers hooked. (Oct.)
From the Publisher
“This environmental thriller will keep readers hooked.”
Publishers Weekly

“Brockovich and Lyons have written another action-packed suspense novel.”
Library Journal

“With the recent nuclear mess in Japan, Hot Water is a relevant environmental thriller that grips the audience.”
The Mystery Gazette

Hot Water is thrilling, amusing, and sometimes scary—in short, eminently readable. It is so good, it will have the uninitiated reader scrambling for Rock Bottom once out of Hot Water.”

Kirkus Reviews

Famed consumer advocate and environmental activist AJ Palladino goes over to the other side by taking big money to promote a nuclear power plant in South Carolina. Meanwhile, back home in West Virginia, the evil father of her deceased lover Cole conducts a murderous campaign to gain custody of her disabled 9-year-old son David.

Brockovich, subject of the Julia Roberts movie about a contaminated water case that led to a record $333 million settlement, made her debut as a novelist withRock Bottom(2010), which focused on coal mining. AJ, now teamed with lawyer Elizabeth Hardy, agrees to work for the Colleton Landing plant because it's designed to be super-safe (boasting "an outer concrete chamber strong enough to withstand a direct hit by a 747")—and because $1 million will enable her to care for David, who has cerebral palsy. David, whom she had when she was 17 and single, also is dealing with his father's untimely death. An attempt on his blind grandmother's life doesn't help his state of mind. Though recent events in Japan giveHot Watera buzzworthy timeliness, the controversy over nuclear power is writ rather small in these pages. The alternating plots, which at one point have AJ contending with a nasty hurricane at the nuclear plant and David and his sheriff buddy Ty speeding after a hit man, are given equal weight. And the pedestrian writing drags the novel down further. Brockovich, who wrote this book and its predecessor with Lyons, surrounds her chatty, syntax-challenged heroine ("After nearly drowning after a car accident ten years ago, water and I haven't exactly been on speaking terms") with cardboard characters. The narrator is right in saying coal baron Kyle Masterson isn't complicated like a movie villain. A little of that complication would have gone a long way.

A flat thriller that succeeds in draining the drama from its endangered nuclear plant plot.

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Meet the Author

Erin Brockovich is the real-life inspiration behind the Oscar-winning movie that bears her name. Today she continues to perform legal work as a director of environmental research and is involved in consulting on numerous toxic waste investigations. She is active on the motivational speaking circuit, with a thriving lecture series and a television talk show in development. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Hot Water 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
A.J. Palladino is back! This amazing woman who proved she was a mega-sleuth on top of everything else she does in the first book, Rock Bottom, is once again on the trail of some really crooked 'slime'.some are even in her own family. A.J. was born in Scotia, West Virginia which has a population of 864 mostly nasty, cold-hearted people. When A.J. was young and pregnant this is the town that turned their back on her, but in the last book she returned home and started up her own consumer advocacy business with her friend and lawyer from Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Hardy. These two incredible women have been trying hard to get their business off the ground; while A.J. has been trying to get the townspeople to stop crossing over to the other side of the street when she walks down the sidewalk. People in town still seem to blame her for the death of the man she loved as well as the "almost" deaths of her father and her own son, David. But when a new client, a rich man by the name of Owen Grandel walks into her office in an Armani suit and offers the women one million dollars to help him convince his own small town of Colleton Landing that his conventional nuclear power plant is a good and SAFE thing, A.J. is taken on a ride of mammoth proportions. Her son David is her hero. This kid has a mind that would put Albert Einstein's to shame. Although he has cerebral palsy and is almost wheelchair-bound, David has the ability to see "through" things and solve crimes even quicker than his mom. With David's birthday coming up, A.J. has to quickly go to Colleton's Landing in order to see what's really going on at this nuclear plant. Unfortunately, while she's gone, her ex-father-in-law has his own agenda and has hired a man to come to town and take out A.J.'s family. That way, he can prove to a judge that HE is the one who should be raising David. Add in A.J.'s own parents, who are extreme 'hoarders' who need psychiatric help; and, her best friend since youth, Ty Stillwater, who is literally in love with A.J., and the problems at the plant become almost secondary to A.J.'s problems at home. Becoming embroiled in both deadly situations, A.J., Elizabeth Ty, and even David, have to come up with a solution before people get hurt, and stop a killer who seems to have no identity. The story takes off, as the 'slime' come out of the woodwork. A.J. must come up against everything from an angry crocodile (literally) with radioactive teeth, to a Reverend and his cult who are well beyond just protesting in front of Grandel's factory. The secrets are uncovered and the action never stops as A.J. must solve the crime, while a madman is back at her home trying to destroy the only part of her life that A.J. can't live without. The emotion, the explosions, the mysteries - everything in this book was A-one from the first page. Erin Brockovich has done a wonderful job bringing her life as a consumer advocate to the masses, and C.J. Lyons - a mistress of suspense - adds her brilliance to every page. Quill Says: A great mystery with nonstop action and characters that readers will absolutely want to join forces with.
DSaff More than 1 year ago
Accidents at a nuclear facility cause great concern in those living around it, and Owen Grandel needs to get some good publicity out about the work that the facility can do. He hires AJ Palladion and Elizabeth Hardy to help him. The money will certainly help AJ with her son David's medical bills, but she has to override her mistrust of Owen to take on the job. While AJ is in South Carolina, Elizabeth stays in West Virginia to watch over things there. What will happen when David's grandfather tries to get full custody while AJ is away? Will the weather cause any problems with the nuclear facility? Will the maniac be stopped in time? These and so many other questions are answered in this fast-paced, electric page-turner by Erin Brockovich! Wow! This is not only an interesting book to read, but also one that is appropriate for today. The characters are life-like and the story is well-written. This book is great for many types of readers, but groups will especially enjoy discussing topics like: cerebal palsy, nuclear power, death, and child custody. It will certainly make you think as you follow AJ through the problems. I received my free review copy from FSB Associates, and thank them very much!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Following the death of her lover Cole, the father of her nine year old son David who suffers from cerebral palsy, A.J. Palladino returns to her hometown, Scotia, West Virginia. The environmental activist partners with attorney Elizabeth Hardy on environmental investigations. Owen Grandel wants to hire the famous A.J. to persuade protestors that his nuclear power plant is safe. The million dollar fee will help care for her disabled child. Ignoring her values A.J. accompanies Owen to his plant in South Carolina. Her actions upset David who detests his mom selling out because of his condition. The tweener also overhears his grandfather plotting to gain custody of him. He turns to family friend Sheriff Ty to counter the diabolical lethal scheme of his grandfather. In South Carolina, as a hurricane bears down on the state, a fanatic wants to use the reactor to trigger Armageddon. With the recent nuclear mess in Japan, Hot Water is a relevant environmental thriller that grips the audience once A.J. and Owen meet. The heroine is caught between her values and her son's economic needs, which add realism to the mix. Although the detracting grandfather plot is over the top of Sassafras Mountain, the clean safe nuclear energy issue makes for a fabulous A.J. environmental thriller (see Rock Bottom). Harriet Klausner
BeautyBriteReviews More than 1 year ago
I was so excited when I received the opportunity to read Hot Water by Erin Brockovich. I had read and reviewed Rock Bottom back in April 2011. Hot Water picks up a few months from where Rock Bottom ended. AJ and Elizabeth are partners in helping to bring justice to environmental legal disputes. AJ and her son David are living in Gram Flora's summerhouse too. AJ and Ty Stillwater remain close friends. When AJ and Elizabeth receive the offer from Owen Grandel, a nuclear power plant owner, to help convince the community that the plant is safe -- AJ is reluctant. She doesn't trust Owen. Elizabeth must convince AJ to take the job. They both need the money for their business and AJ needs the money to help her and David. While AJ is in South Carolina doing research and investigative work at the nuclear power plant, Elizabeth is left to watch over AJ's family. Elizabeth must deal with her ex-husband and David's paternal grandfather, Mr. Masterson. They are working to gain custody of David while AJ is in South Carolina. Hot Water is a page turning suspense filled adventure of AJ and Elizabeth fighting important battles and keeping the peace. Two strong heroines taking charge and being brave during stressful times. AJ and Elizabeth are two women to look up to and strive to be. Hot Water does not disappoint and keeps you engulfed between the pages until the very end. I couldn't ask for a better ending. This book reminds me that evil will not survive. Evil will not win. Hot Water reaffirms my thoughts on the justice system. Just tell the truth. Evil cannot beat the truth. You can't help but admire AJ Palladino for her courage as a woman and mother. Her strength in doing what is right is motivating and encouraging. You will love Elizabeth for her determination in protecting those who are important to her. If you are going to read Hot Water, you may want to start with Rock Bottom. Both books are excellent reads!
Lynie More than 1 year ago
AJ Palladino and her partner, lawyer Elizabeth Hardy, run a consumer advocacy business in AJ's hometown of Scotia, WV. Despite AJ's misgivings, they've just been hired by Owen Grandel to put a positive spin on his company in Colleton Landing, South Carolina. His high tech nuclear facility has the ability to create much needed medical isotopes in a safe environment, but the company has been plagued with unexplained accidents, and has run into serious problems with various factions protesting the facility. Single mother AJ has more than just work to deal with. Her nine year old son David is a genius who is struggling with cerebral palsy. Her mother is agoraphobic and a hoarder. AJ's elderly Gram is diabetic as well as being blind, and requires a full time caregiver. While AJ struggles with the job requirements and the threat of a nuclear disaster in South Carolina, her devious ex-father-in-law has hired a hit man to eliminate any obstacles in the way of him getting permanent custody of David. Luckily AJ has Ty Stillwater in her corner, a sheriff's office who is in love with her. All of the story lines collide in this fast paced and explosive novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat! HOT WATER is well written and very entertaining. Lynn Kimmerle
Anonymous 3 months ago
Good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good