Hotcakes & Outtakes: 30 Years of Little Feat

Hotcakes & Outtakes: 30 Years of Little Feat

by Little Feat

The down-home title of this comprehensive package pretty much sets the tone for what's found within: a well-spiced mix of favorites and oddities spanning the entire career of these Southern-fried stalwarts. Best known as a vehicle for the late, legendary Lowell George, Little Feat began their laid-back ramble through the collectiveSee more details below


The down-home title of this comprehensive package pretty much sets the tone for what's found within: a well-spiced mix of favorites and oddities spanning the entire career of these Southern-fried stalwarts. Best known as a vehicle for the late, legendary Lowell George, Little Feat began their laid-back ramble through the collective consciousness with a series of memorable tunes that, while not immediately commercial, slowly but surely became classic-rock radio staples. Those songs, including "Dixie Chicken," "Sailin' Shoes," and "Oh Atlanta," are sprinkled throughout the first two discs here, with a third, somewhat less successful disc devoted to music recorded in the wake of George's death. Serious fans (obviously the target here) will no doubt be swayed by the final piece in the Hotcakes and Outtakes puzzle -- a disc of rarities that captures the band's earliest moments, as well as some light-shedding alternate takes on Feat faves. The outtakes from the band's debut -- especially "Wait 'Til the Shit Hits the Fan" -- are every bit as compelling as the songs that actually made the cut, as are later finds such as "El Dorado Slim" and an alternate "Tripe Face Boogie." Even more fascinating, however, are pieces such as the down-and-dirty "Lightning Rod Man" (credited to the pre-Little Feat band the Factory) and formative late-'60s cuts such as the trippy "Teenage Nervous Breakdown." Novices are likely to find the whole package a bit overwhelming, but if you believe there's no beating the Feat, these Hotcakes are manna from heaven.

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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Rhino's four-disc box set Hotcakes & Outtakes treats all of Little Feat's incarnations with equal respect. This even-handed approach has advantages, even if Lowell George dominates the proceedings. How could he not? He was a musician of immense talents, shaping the band's core sound while building an impressive body of songs. This set reveals that the rest of the band, while not writers of George's ilk, still wrote their share of great songs and, best of all, their fusion of funk, blues, country, rock and jazz still sounded lively, even when they reunited a decade after his death. Yes, it was missing his unique brilliance and vision, yet the reunited Feat still carried the torch well, which this set proves. Still, the best thing about the box is the fourth disc, devoted to "Studio Artifacts," all dating from George's heyday with the band. Actually, it goes a little further than that, beginning with cuts from George and Roy Estrada's mid-'60s band the Factory and pre-Warner Bros recordings, plus a generous selection of outtakes and demos, including selections from George's solo album, Thanks I'll Eat It Here. It's a treasure trove for any Little Feat fan, filled with amazing cuts like the barn-storming "Rat Faced Dog" -- tracks so good, it's hard to believe they haven't been released before. The fourth disc is reason for any devoted fan to pick up this set, but is this worthwhile for the curious? Well, yes, since this offers a great summary of their fascinating career, even if it duplicates some songs at the expense of album tracks like "A Apolitical Blues" which really should be here. Even with that flaw, Hotcakes & Outtakes performs its job well, proving that Little Feat is an American rock & roll band like no other.

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Disc 1

  1. Strawberry Flats
  2. Hamburger Midnight
  3. Easy to Slip
  4. Cold Cold Cold
  5. Trouble
  6. Tripe Face Boogie
  7. Willin'
  8. Cat Fever
  9. Sailin' Shoes
  10. Dixie Chicken
  11. Two Trains
  12. Roll Um Easy
  13. Fat Man in the Bathtub
  14. Fool Yourself
  15. Spanish Moon
  16. Rock & Roll Doctor
  17. Oh, Atlanta
  18. Skin It Back
  19. Feats Don't Fail Me Now
  20. Mercenary Territory
  21. All That You Dream
  22. Long Distance Love
  23. Day or Night

Disc 2

  1. Hi Roller
  2. Time Loves a Hero
  3. Rocket in My Pocket
  4. Old Folks' Boogie
  5. Day Time Dog Races
  6. Fat Man in the Bathtub
  7. All That You Dream
  8. Mercenary Territory
  9. Spanish Moon
  10. 20 Million Things
  11. Down on the Farm
  12. Six Feet of Snow
  13. Gringo
  14. Lonesome Whistle
  15. Front Page News
  16. The Fan
  17. Red Steamliner
  18. Teenage Nervous Breakdown

Disc 3

  1. Have to Lose Your Lovin'
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Hangin' on to the Good Times
  4. Rad Gumbo
  5. Texas Twister
  6. Representing the Mambo
  7. The Ingenue
  8. Shake Me Up
  9. Things Happen
  10. Borderline Blues
  11. Cadillac Hotel
  12. Ain't Had Enough Fun
  13. I Can't Be Satisfied/They're Red Hot (Hot Tamales) [Medley]
  14. Home Ground
  15. The Blues Don't Tell It All
  16. Eden's Wall

Disc 4

  1. Lightning Rod Man
  2. Crack in Your Door
  3. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
  4. Juliette
  5. Jazz Thing in Ten
  6. Rat Faced Dog
  7. Doglines
  8. Wait Till the Shit Hits the Fan
  9. East to Fall (Easy to Slip)
  10. Texas Rose Cafe
  11. Dorisville
  12. Boogie (Tripe Face Boogie)
  13. Two Trains
  14. Roto/Tone
  15. Ace in the Hole (Hi Roller)
  16. Eldorado Slim
  17. Feats Don't Fail Me Now
  18. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
  19. All That You Dream
  20. Down Below the Borderline
  21. Rockin' Shoes I and II
  22. Front Page News
  23. High Roller
  24. Roll 'Em Easy
  25. Boogie Wigwam

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Little Feat   Primary Artist
Emmylou Harris   Vocals
Michael McDonald   Vocals
Bonnie Raitt   Vocals
Michael Brecker   Saxophone,Vocals,Dialogue
Robben Ford   Acoustic Guitar
David Sanborn   Saxophone
Bonnie Bramlett   Vocals
Cheryl   Dialogue
Paul Barrére   Dulcimer,Dobro,Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Valerie Carter   Vocals
Lowell George   Dulcimer,Guitar,Percussion,Vocals,Woodwind
John Hall   Guitar
Marilyn Martin   Vocals,Dialogue
Patrick Simmons   Vocals
Renee Armand   Vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow   Steel Guitar
Robert Appere   Accordion
Peter Asher   Dialogue
Emilio Castillo   Tenor Saxophone
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Sharon Celani   Vocals,Dialogue
Sam Clayton   Percussion,Conga,Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Roy Estrada   Bass,Vocals
Frank Zappa   Piano,Vocals
Mic Gillette   Trombone,Trumpet
Kenny Gradney   Bass,Vocals
Richie Hayward   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Milt Holland   Percussion
Danny Hutton   Vocals
Elliot Ingber   Guitar
Wayne Jackson   Trumpet
Martin Kibbee   Bass
Warren Klein   Dulcimer,Guitar
Stephen "Doc" Kupka   Baritone Saxophone
Bobby LaKind   Vocals
Lee Lawler   Vocals
Darrell Leonard   Trumpet
Deborah Lindsey   Vocals
Andrew Love   Saxophone
Shaun Murphy   Vocals
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar
Bill Payne   Accordion,Keyboards,Marimbas,Vocals
Fran Payne   Vocals
Lenny Pickett   Alto Saxophone
Steve Porcaro   Drums
Bonnie Sheridan   Vocals
Joe Sublett   Tenor Saxophone
Fred Tackett   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro,Mandolin,Trumpet,Vocals,Mandocello
Fran Tate   Vocals
Joel Tepp   Clarinet
Texacali Horns   Horn
Russ Titelman   Percussion,Vocals
David Woodford   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Robin Ford   Acoustic Guitar
Greg Adams   Trumpet,Horn
Neon Park   Dialogue
Pierlugi "Piero" Mariani   Percussion
Stephanie Spurville   Vocals
Freddy White   Drums
Denny Yeager   Synthesizer
Tower Of Power Horns   Horn

Technical Credits

Van Dyke Parks   Producer
Paul Barrére   Composer,Producer
Lowell George   Producer
Robert Appere   Engineer
John Arrias   Engineer
Michael Boshears   Engineer
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
Ed Cherney   Producer,Engineer
Warren Dewey   Engineer
Frank Zappa   Producer
Gregg Geller   Executive Producer
Kenny Gradney   Composer
Wally Heider   Engineer
Rudy Hill   Engineer
Steve Hodge   Engineer
James Isaacson   Engineer
Erik Jacobsen   Producer
Bob Kovach   Engineer,Remixing
Nathaniel Kunkel   Engineer
Donn Landee   Engineer
Darrell Leonard   Horn Arrangements
George Massenburg   Producer,Engineer
Peggy McCreary   Engineer
David McLees   Executive Producer
Richard Moore   Engineer
Bill Payne   Composer,Producer,Horn Arrangements
Gary Peterson   Producer,Tape Vault Research,Discographical Annotation
Sharon Rice   Engineer
Ted Templeman   Producer
Ray Thompson   Engineer
Russ Titelman   Producer
Bobby Hata   Engineer
Bill Wray   Producer
Michael Ochs   Cover Photo
Greg Adams   Horn Arrangements
Andy Block   Engineer
Neon Park   Paintings
Ron Pendragon   Engineer
Dick Bangham   Illustrations
Linda Gibbon   Illustrations
Shawn Amos   Editorial Coordinator
Daniel Goldmark   Editorial Research
Bill Robinson   Engineer
Tim Bernett   Executive Producer
Eddie Bracken   Engineer
Gil Morales   Engineer

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