Hotel Chill

Hotel Chill


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Water Music Records

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Disc 1

  1. Mind Expansions
  2. Samba 1000  - Ursula 1000
  3. In the Waiting Line  -  Zero 7
  4. Ballet Lane  -  Underworld
  5. Sound of the Samba  - Victor Davies
  6. Peg  -  Radiophonic
  7. Radio Sol  -  De-Phazz
  8. Honey  -  Tosca
  9. North Pole Transmission
  10. Stiff Jazz
  11. Cosmic Odissey  -  Spacestar
  12. Dance-All
  13. In-Laws  -  Emotive Blue

Disc 2

  1. La Segretaria
  2. L' Art d'Arracher  -  Urban Chill
  3. Jazz Music  -  De-Phazz
  4. I Love You  -  Lemongrass
  5. Please, Please, Please (Let Me Get What I Want)
  6. Mind, Body & Soul  -  Hossegor
  7. I Wake Myself
  8. Rhythm Music  -  France & Dom
  9. Shine
  10. Less Ugh!
  11. Intercitydriver  -  Map
  12. Memphis
  13. Telepathy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hilde Drange   Vocals
Maiya James   Vocals

Technical Credits

Julee Cruise   Composer
Joseph Morissey   Composer
Sandy Solomon   Mastering
Richard Dorfmeister   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Rupert Huber   Composer,Producer
Ohm Guru   Producer
Kenny Dope   Producer
"Little" Louie Vega   Producer
Dzihan   Composer
Victor Davies   Composer
Brad Pressman   Executive Producer
Dale Voelker   Graphic Design
Roland Voss   Composer,Producer
Christian Watkins   Composer,Producer
Hilde Drange   Composer,Producer
Pit Baumgartner   Composer,Producer
Ole Roar Granli   Composer,Producer
Julia Messenger   Composer,Producer
René Breitbarth   Composer,Producer
Daniel Snow   Composer,Producer
Radiophonic   Composer
Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald   Composer
Roberto "Roby J.C." Colella   Composer
Pierluigi Zito   Composer
Alex Gimeno   Composer
J.J. McGeehan   Composer,Producer
Rick Smith   Producer

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