Hottest 100, Vol. 16

Hottest 100, Vol. 16


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Disc 1

  1. Sex on Fire
  2. Kids
  3. Walking on a Dream
  4. Talk Like That
  5. White Noise
  6. Never Miss a Beat
  7. Jungle Drum
  8. Jimmy Recard
  9. Lights & Music
  10. Skinny Love @@Bon Iver
  11. Young Love
  12. My Delirium
  13. Dance Wiv Me @@Calvin Harris
  14. Something Is Not Right with Me
  15. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked @@Ida Maria
  16. Flippers @@Art Vs. Science
  17. Coca Cola @@Little Red
  18. Eye of the Storm
  19. Gobledigook @@Sigur Rós
  20. I Will Never Love You More @@Soko
  21. L.E.S. Artistes
  22. Farewell Rocketship
  23. Bird of Feather @@Cog

Disc 2

  1. That's Not My Name
  2. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
  3. Broken Bones
  4. That Beep
  5. Oxford Comma
  6. I Will Possess Your Heart
  7. Embrace
  8. Dawn of the Dead @@Yeah Does it Offend You
  9. Where the City Meets the Sea
  10. Burn Bridges @@Grates
  11. The Lighthouse Song
  12. The Festival Song
  13. Half Full Glass of Wine
  14. I Said I'm Sorry
  15. The Fear
  16. Propane Nightmares
  17. Breakout
  18. The King Is Dead @@Herd
  19. Ghosts
  20. Window and the Watcher @@Butterfly Effect
  21. Stay with Me Bright Eyes

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Nick Cave   Composer
Bradley Cook   Artwork
Alex Gray   Composer
Anthony Jackson   Composer
Greg Kurstin   Composer
Kevin Parker   Composer
D.J. Williams   Composer
Pascal Gabriel   Composer
John MacKay   Composer
Emiliana Torrini   Composer
Chris Cheney   Composer
Dan Carey   Composer
Chris Walla   Composer
Ben Gibbard   Composer
Riho Aihara   Composer
Caleb Followill   Composer
Nathan Followill   Composer
Jared Followill   Composer
Matthew Followill   Composer
Scott "Skippy" Chapman   Composer
Jason McGerr   Composer
Sam Littlemore   Composer
Luke Steele   Composer
Kim Moyes   Composer
Nick Littlemore   Composer
Cameron Bird   Composer
Nick Detnon   Composer
Ricky Wilson   Composer
Simon Rix   Composer
Nick Baines   Composer
Nick Hodgson   Composer
Hannah Robinson   Composer
Ash Grunwald   Composer
Patience Hodgson   Composer
Mystery Jets   Composer
Julian Hamilton   Composer
Lily Allen   Composer
Cold War Kids   Composer
Josh Pyke   Composer
Ian Kenny   Composer
Laura Marling   Composer
Justin Vernon   Composer
Matthew Wright   Composer
Dan Whitford   Composer
Tim Hoey   Composer
Mitchell Scott   Composer
Rostam Batmanglij   Composer
Flynn Gower   Composer
Ben Goldwasser   Composer
Andrew VanWyngarden   Composer
Chris Baio   Composer
Christopher Tomson   Composer
Pip Brown   Composer
Peter Mayes   Composer
Katie White   Composer
Jonathan Sloan   Composer
Tom Hobden   Composer

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