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4.0 205
by Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Kevin King (Narrated by)

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A mind-bending supernatural thriller from the creators of This Presesent Darkness and Showdown. Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker—two of today’s most acclaimed writers of supernatural thrillers—have joined forces for the first time to craft a story unlike any you’ve ever heard. Enter House—where you will find yourself


A mind-bending supernatural thriller from the creators of This Presesent Darkness and Showdown. Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker—two of today’s most acclaimed writers of supernatural thrillers—have joined forces for the first time to craft a story unlike any you’ve ever heard. Enter House—where you will find yourself thrown into a killer’s deadly game in which the only way to win is to lose . . . and the only way out is in. One game, seven players, three rules.

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One game; seven players; three rules. Monster author Frank Peretti and Circle trilogy author Tom Dekker combine to construct a suspense novel that snaps as tightly as a deadly steel trap. What happens when the unthinkable becomes real.

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WestBow Press

Copyright © 2007 Frank Peretti
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59554-362-2

Chapter One

5:17 PM

"Jack, you're gonna kill us!"

His mind jerked out of a daydream and back to the lonely Alabama highway in front of the blue Mustang. The speedometer topped eighty. He cleared his mind and relaxed his right foot. "Sorry."

Stephanie went back to her singing, her voice clear if melancholy, her inflection classic country. "My heart holds all secrets; my heart tells no lies ..."

That one again. She wrote it, so he never criticized it, but those awful lyrics, especially today-


The speedometer was inching toward eighty again.

"Sorry." He forced his foot to relax.

"What's the matter with you?"

"What's the matter-" Easy now, Jack. No fuel on the fire. "A little tense, okay?"

She smiled at him. "You should try singing."

His grip tightened on the steering wheel. "Yeah, that's your answer for everything, isn't it?"

"Excuse me?"

He sighed. He had to quit taking her bait. "Sorry." Always apologizing. He looked her way and forced a smile, hoping she would believe it.

She smiled back in a way that said she didn't.

She was beautiful, enough to capture the next man just as she'd captured him-blond, youthful, a real credit to those jeans-everything the guys in the lounges and bars could want in a country singer. No doubt those blue eyes could still sparkle, but not for him anymore. Right now they were hiding behind fashion-statement sunglasses, and she was craning to see out the back. "I think there's a cop behind us."

He checked the rearview mirror. The highway, which had narrowed to two lanes, curved lazily through late-spring forest and farmland, rose and fell over dips and rises, hiding and revealing, hiding and revealing a single car. It was gaining on them, near enough now for Jack to recognize the light bar atop the roof. He checked his speed. Sixty-five. That should be legal.

The police car kept coming.

"Better slow down."

"I'm doing the speed limit."

"You sure?"

"I can read the signs, Steph."

A few seconds more and the cruiser filled Jack's mirror as if he were towing it. He could see the cop's iron-jawed countenance behind the wheel, reflective black sunglasses obscuring the eyes.

Highway patrol.

Jack double-checked the speedometer, then slowed to sixty, hoping the cop wouldn't rear-end them.

The sedan inched closer.

He was going to rear-end them!

Jack smashed the gas pedal to the floor, and the Mustang shot ahead.

"What are you doing?" Stephanie cried.

"He was gonna hit us!"

The car fell back ten yards. Its red and blue lights flashed to life.

"Oh, great," she muttered, turning and flopping back against her seat. He could hear the blame in her voice. Always the blame. But you're the one who walked away, Steph.

The cruiser veered into the oncoming lane and pulled up beside them. The uniformed officer turned his face to Jack. Met his eyes. Or so Jack imagined. Black glasses. No expression. Jack forced his eyes back to the road.

The two cars were side by side, locked in formation at sixty miles an hour.

"What are you doing, Jack? Pull over."

He would if he could. Jack strained to see an opportunity. The forest, a thick tangle of maple, oak, and birch draped with kudzu, encroached like an advancing wall. "I can't. There's no shoulder. I can't just ..."

He slowed. There had to be a turnout somewhere. Forty miles per hour. Thirty. The cruiser matched his speed.

Jack saw a break in the foliage, a sliver of a shoulder, just enough room. He began to veer off.

The cruiser surged and left them behind, lights blazing in silence. Fifteen seconds later it was a dot on the road between the towering trees, and then it was gone.

"What was that about?" Jack asked, checking his mirrors, rubbernecking, and easing back onto the highway. He wiped a sweaty palm on his jeans.

"You were speeding." She fixed her gaze on the highway, fumbled with a map, avoided his eyes.

"He didn't pull us over. Why was he so close? You see how close he was?"

"That's Alabama, Jack. You don't do things their way, they let you know."

"Yeah, but you don't ram someone in the tail for speeding."

She slapped her lap, a release of frustration. "Jack, will you please just get us there, legally, in one piece? Please?"

He chose silence over a comeback and concentrated on the road. Save it for the counseling session, Jack. He wondered what she'd been saving up, what new claims she'd unload tonight.

She shook out her shoulders, put on a smile, and started humming.

You really think it will work, don't you, Jack? You really think you can save something you just don't have anymore?

If smiling and singing could bring back those days, he would laugh like a fool and even sing Stephanie's lyrics, but he was fresh out of illusions. All he had were the memories that stole his mind away even as his eyes remained on the road: her arms about his shoulders and the excitement in her eyes; the inner dawn he felt whenever she entered the room; the secrets they shared with a glance, a smile, a wink; all the things he thought life and love should be-

The accident changed everything.

He imagined himself sitting in the counselor's office, being honest about his feelings. I'm feeling ... like I've been had all my life. Life is pointless. If there is a God, he's the devil, and ... What was that? Oh, you mean Stephanie? No, I've lost her too. She's gone. I mean, she's here, but she's checked out ...

He couldn't put away the idea that this whole trip was only a formality, another nail in the coffin of their marriage. Steph would sing her way to Montgomery and back and still get the divorce she wanted, go on her merry way.

"Jack, you're lost."

I sure am.


With a start, he returned his attention to driving. The Mustang purred along at sixty-five, gobbling up the highway. The forest was breaking up now, giving way to crude homesteads and stump-filled pastureland.

She was scanning the map, studying all those little red and black lines. Did she say he was lost? Right. She was holding the map, but he was lost.

He caught the sarcasm before it escaped. Hurtful words came so easily these days. "What do you mean?"

"Didn't you see that highway marker? It said 5."

He glanced at the mirror, then twisted to see the back of the receding sign. "5?"

She studied the map, tracing a route with her finger. "We're supposed to be on Highway 82."

He leaned and tried to read the map. The car swerved. He shot his eyes forward again, corrected the wheel.

"We're going to be late," she said.

Not necessarily. "You see Highway 5 on there? Where does it lead?"

She dragged her finger over the map and stopped about three inches out of Montgomery. "Not to Montgomery, unless you have a week to sightsee. How could you possibly have gotten off 82?"

Dare he defend himself? "I was a little distracted by a cop eating up my bumper."

She pulled her cell phone out of a cupholder and checked the display clock. "There's no way we'll make it."

Was that hope in her voice? He checked his watch. If they turned around now, maybe-

"I canceled a gig to go to this appointment with you." Stephanie hunched in the seat, arms folded.

There it is again. My fault. She started humming. There it is again.

Red and blue lights flashed up ahead.

"Oh, great," Stephanie said. "We really don't need this."

Jack slowed as they approached the patrol car parked just beyond a turnoff. Orange cones and a sign blocked the road ahead. "Repaving Operation. Highway Closed to Through Traffic," Jack read. "Well, we have to turn around anyway." Jack pulled onto the gravel shoulder but had a second thought. "Let's ask. Maybe there's a faster way."

Jack eased the blue Mustang forward, up to the turnoff, and stopped a few feet behind the patrol car. The cruiser's door swung open and an officer-the officer-stepped out, aviator sunglasses still hiding his eyes.


Excerpted from HOUSE by FRANK PERETTI TED DEKKER Copyright © 2007 by Frank Peretti. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Frank Peretti's first novel, This Present Darkness, spent over 150 consecutive weeks on the CBA Best Sellers list. And with follow up novels like The Oath, The Visitation, and Monster, Peretti opened the public’s eyes to a new genre of literature—the supernatural thriller. Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline-laced stories packed with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil.

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House 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 205 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book so strongly! The only thing I want to clarify before you read this amazing story is that Ted Dekker is not trying to overwhelm you with the whole 'evil theme,' he is trying to say 'quote' ,'To understand the full power of our God, it is necessary to understand the power of the evil that he conquered. I believe the book House, clearly describes that! Not only does it have a great horror story line, but it also let's us watch God's great power come among us! I also love how he sets up the spiritual world in a way where we can all relate to it and have a great view of whats really happening down here on Earth!!! After I read this book, I felt deep satisfaction and I felt closer to the Lord! **Anyone out there that is trying to figure out if God is the real thing and the answer to your life, listen to this story my mom told me: Before you where born, you knew God!You might have been playing basketball with him or you might have been planting a garden with him! You loved eachother! You lived in a world with no sin what so ever! You were 'and still are' meant to be! When one day, it was your turn to seperate from God and join the human race. 'Mother's specific quote' 'He held you in his arms and cried because he knew that you may never choose him, love or ever be with him again on Earth.' That changed the way I totally looked at things! God allows us to live on this place of sin because he wants us to make the choice whether to love him or not! I hope that made a difference! If you want to chat with me, don't be afraid to email!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What would you do if you were locked in a house and forced to play a game that dealt with life vs. death? Which would you choose, your life or the life of a loved one? Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, two outstanding authors, have written a mind blowing novel. This book has everything from thrills to suspense to many unexpected twists. It is definitely one of those books that will give you the chills. These authors portray many concrete images that help the reader get the feel of the situation the characters are in. If you like a horror novel, then this is the right book for you. This book starts off with 2 couples coincidently ending up in the same house where they are first welcomed with warm hearts, but then tortured beyond their comprehension. An insane being (White) forces these couples and 3 others to play a game where one or more people may be killed, but the twist is that they must play by the rules and if someone disobeys the rules their life may be in danger. White plays with the minds of these 7 people and almost forces these people to kill each other. White is in search of little girl named Susan who in this book plays a major role. This book is and angel vs. the devil type. This book does have a message, so I'll leave that up to you to figure it out. I definitely recommend this book to those who love surprises. This book is fast paced, and it has the ability to play with your mind, so you should definitely give it a try.
jesse16 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book because of the suspense and thriller that Jack, Stephanie, Leslie, and Randy had to go through to survive. The mind games being played on the characters along with the physical side of the things happening with them and the house being somewhat alive. Supernatural books have always intrigued me and this would be my favorite so far. I first started reading the book and thought i had it figured out but i was very wrong. This books twists and turns as much as the hallways and rooms do in the basement of the house. I really hope to see the movie someday because the trailer looked like it followed the book pretty well and that the movie might be pretty scary to watch and be entertaining. I would recommend this book to anyone that wanted a thriller and something to mess with there minds a bet. Even at the end of the book you do not have everything figured out and keeps you guessing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Two couples find themselves stranded and staying at an inn, unwittingly becoming the subjects of a madman's scheme. Unable to escape, they find themselves subjected to mental and emotional torture, stemming from their own wrongdoing and regret. And according to the madman, the only way out is for one to die... Possibly one of the creepiest books I've read, and one of those books I would not recommend reading after dark. The perfect horror thriller, but with a welcome twist of Christianity. The ending is fairly predictable, yet that doesn't keep you from biting your nails and wondering what will happen next.
Sanders More than 1 year ago
I have always liked the suspense/thriller genre in fiction, and have read many Stephen King's books. I decided to pick up House, considering it is only 4 bucks right now, and thought it sounded interesting. As a Christian, I have struggled reading Stephen King because of his language, anti-Christian messages, and vulgarity, yet I keep reading his books because of the interesting plots and characters. I have found a good substitute. This book had characters that I could understand, and the story was very suspenseful. And to find out that a book like this can have Christian messages makes me look forward to reading more from these authors.
Keanes More than 1 year ago
In this action packed, suspense filled book, four main characters name Stephanie, Jack, Leslie, and Randy meet up at an inn after both of their car tires had been slashed. Not knowing that White a, serial killer, who likes to play mind games is going to trap them at the inn. The people who run the inn are "inbreds". Betty, Stewart, and their son Pete are completely insane. After a power loss and car crash into the side of the inn, and a frightening note scratched on a tin can thrown down the chimney, things get direful. The seven people become players in an unmerciful game that can only end when one or more of them dies. White's game last a few hours and if you don't play by his rules, they all die. "Rule 1. God came to my house, and I killed him. Rule 2. I will kill anybody who comes to my house like I did God. Rule 3. Give me one dead body and I might let Rule #2 slide. You have until dawn" White tries to force them into being crazy and trying to kill each other. White is looking for a girl named Suzan. They later find out that Suzan is an Angel and White is actually the Devil and wants to kill Suzan. As they press on White tries to make Jack and Randy insane by thinking them with many illusions and demons. If a horror book is what you like, definitely buy this book.
E_Rigby More than 1 year ago
The plot seemed to have such promise, but the storytelling deteriorated quickly- example: a character is referred to by name that hadn't yet been introduced and NOT in a way that ever made any sense - it was just sloppy editing. I kept thinking that surely if I keep reading this will be explained.... I rarely do not finish a book once I start, regardless of how bad it is, so maybe I'm not the best judge here, as I said, not the worst book, could have been a LOT better, if you have nothing else to read, why not? But buy in on sale or clearance, would irritate me to no end to pay full price for this
Unique33 More than 1 year ago
This book was extremely good. It is about four people who get trapped in this house and they can't leave it and there is this killer named the tin can who brought them there. I couldn't stop reading it because it was so suspenseful.
Awpeeler67 More than 1 year ago
I just finished this book a few minutes ago, and WOW! Crazy exciting! Almost every time I finished a page, I couldn't wait to turn to the next one to see what happens. I writing made me feel I was there with them through the whole ordeal. (That the characters went through) I recomending it to everyone. Which Peretti or Dekker book should I start next?
DoctorBOOK More than 1 year ago
First Dekker book I read, and I have to tell you it's amazing, like all of his other works! Once again its a Dekker must read!! It has an underlying moral to it, and I guess you could say its a different version of a story in the Bible. After readin I suggest you read the other Dekker books connected to it! Yes, yes there is more to the story...but its not the same...it isn't about a house with a murderer. Showdown, Saint, and Sinner will explain some. Skin is another book similiar to this. And the lost books and the circle trilogy are also connected. Read it!! And definitely read it if you have read the books listed above. There is a movie based on this book but it doesn't do it justice. Read the book!
yens More than 1 year ago
This book starts off with two couples who have a flat tire and have to look for help. I did not find this book to be one that I would read more than once, but I will say that this book was different. It definitely has an original theme to it; meaning that it did not make me think of any other book I have read. The writing style was predictable and had an obvious formula to it which I found to be disappointing. The book did, however, portray the message it was trying to get across to the readers - which was that good wins over evil. If you want to read a book that is a little different, but not necessarily the most enthralling then this book is good for you.
Marsuvees More than 1 year ago
Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.... icons of the Christian thriller world. Incarnating the epitome of spiritual warefare, both of these authors are purely amazing. When they come together... don't read this book at night if you know what's good for you. I'll be honest, about a fourth through the book I almost set it down permenantly. It's oddly cliche at the beginning and you almost find yourself wondering if you're reading the usually original works of Mr. Dekker and Peretti, respectively. It took me a while to get hooked. But when I was hooked, I was hooked HARD. House takes the usual mundane theme of haunted houses and twists it into a fantasmic tale of raw evil and pure good, both of their natures muddled by the confusion and horror of the House. The House is alive, and it wants you. Dead. The killer, Barsidious White? Well, the part he plays is... minimal. You're focused less on the killer and more on the characters own internal struggles that the killer brings out, and the lines of protagonists and antagonists become blurred. I implore you, read this book, and get past the feeling of cliche at the beginning. By the end of the book, you'll be shaking and unable to sleep without the lights on for a few days.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4 people lost in woods come upon an 'old' house. Lots of running around in dark underground tunnels with a completely hokey ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book kind of starts out very cliche' but it ends up getting pretty wacky as the story unfolds. once you get into the meat of the story, you don't want to stop reading. it's fun to guess and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. liked it a lot:) very entertaining.
denverbroncosgirl More than 1 year ago
This is one of the worst books I have ever read. I couldn't wait to be done with it. I try my best to always finish a book once I start it. Mission accomplished...I read it but it was all I could do to keep turning the pages....blah!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the first book by Peretti that I have read and I couldn't read it fast enough. I gained so much from this book, it was awesome.....
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book lasted for ever and ever and was full of psycho babble. I was bored and irritated
Guest More than 1 year ago
...that such a terrible book could come from Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I am a huge fan of Peretti. My father and I between us own almost all of his books. He has such talent, and I feel it was completely wasted this time. I was so disappointed that I couldn't read more than a third of it. It's like a watered-down version of a sick and twisted horror film.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I waited patiently, paying for it a month ahead of time before the actual release because it sounded so interesting. Very disappointed. I really enjoyed 'The Oath' and 'Three', but I cannot get through this book. Still trying. I have skipped ahead just to see how it comes out.
Anonymous 8 months ago
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Anonymous 8 months ago
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Anonymous 8 months ago
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Anonymous 8 months ago
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Anonymous 8 months ago
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Anonymous 9 months ago
Awsome book! The audiobook is funny and keeps you listening all the way to a beautiful conclusion where our Creater steps in when all hope is lost and saves the day. Evil is defeated, the marriage saved, and Jehovah gets the glory!!! Amen! GREAT book! Thanks and cudos to the authors. Keep the fight. We win in the end! Thomas