House Nation: Today's and Future Trax

House Nation: Today's and Future Trax


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House Nation

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Disc 1

  1. Push It  -  Tasmoni
  2. Shake That Boo Boo  -  Modana
  3. Between the Music  - Sound De-Zign
  4. Back Again  - Andy B. Jones
  5. Rainforest/What's Going On  - Paul Hardcastle
  6. Magic Melody 2011  -  Familia
  7. Hernado's Hideaway  - Marc Reason
  8. Rock the Bass  -  Mikro
  9. Beat of Zen 2K11  - Shrink Reloaded
  10. White Lines  - Celina Lewis
  11. International Style  - Real el Canario
  12. Be My Lady  - CL Tunez
  13. Gotta Have You  - Dennis Wonder
  14. Remember  - Marc DeSimon
  15. Love Strings  - Walter Native
  16. Venus Vs. Mars  -  Hi-Mode
  17. Next Generation  - DJ Sonic
  18. Walk Out On Me  -  Block
  19. Can't Stop  - Ryan Housewell

Disc 2

  1. My Passion  -  Pulsemaster DJ Team
  2. Feel Alright  -  Saby
  3. House You!  -  Dekay
  4. Bringin' the Funk  -  Shemian
  5. Don't Wanna Be  -  Mallorca DJs
  6. Good Time  - Dirty Ztylerz
  7. Feel Free  -  Moto
  8. Trumpet  - Ron Ravolta
  9. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)  -  Female In2ition
  10. Ibiza  - Keith Sanders
  11. Keep Rising Up E  - Petros T.
  12. Letting Go (Piano In The Dark)  - Roger M
  13. Heavy Session 2K11  -  Pheel
  14. Can't Control It  -  Franksen
  15. Stereo Mexico  -  Ph Electro
  16. Freefall  -  Fio
  17. Make This Party Nice  -  P.S.Y.
  18. Electric Sunrise  - Roni Meller
  19. Under The Radar  -  QPID
  20. Vienna Calling 2011  - Jake Dile
  21. No More  -  Tosh

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Paul Hardcastle   Composer
Brenda Russell   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Jerry Ross   Composer
Richard Adler   Composer
Scott Cutler   Composer
Jeff Hull   Composer
Errol Reid   Composer
Albert Castillo   Composer
Paul Hutsch   Composer
Tom Wax   Composer
Lewis Dene   Composer
Michael Urgacz   Composer
Carsten Zintel   Composer
F.A. Klinkert   Composer
M.C. Slager   Composer
Stephan Endemann   Composer
M.A.S. DeVries   Composer
Reinhard Lankes   Composer
Tom Pulse   Composer
Ronald Fiolet   Composer
Andy B. Jones   Composer
Arnold Seif   Composer
Paul Cope   Composer
Darin   Composer
Santoshi   Composer
Stephen Pickup   Composer
Ferdinand Bolland   Composer
Herby Azor   Composer
Linda Bredschneyder   Composer
Tony Nilsson   Composer
L. Rana   Composer
F. Balliana   Composer
Christian Iberle   Composer
Michèl Carosella   Composer
Teddy Sky   Composer
Warren Myers   Composer
Stephen Luke Massa   Composer
Sammy Juice   Composer
Roni Meller   Composer
Mathew Meyers   Composer
Stacey S. Seedorf   Composer
Rene Ornetzeder   Composer
Simon Theophil   Composer
Jens Wensing   Composer
Rudi Schwamborn   Composer
Dennis Nicholson   Composer
Szabolcs Oláh   Composer
Armand Corneille   Composer
Varbelov Antoine Montana   Composer
Robert Bolland   Composer
Nina Hall   Composer
Robert Batta   Composer
Petra Dobrik   Composer
Aleksandra Kur   Composer
Frank Eckert   Composer
Peter Albertz   Composer
Henrik Münchow   Composer
Cor Sangers   Composer
Walter Edlington   Composer
Heiko Reiger   Composer
Stephan Spieker   Composer
Jason Durrant   Composer
Antony "Glaze" Haynes   Composer
Kevin Sebastianpillai   Composer
Jonathan Da Spiegeleire   Composer
Johann Hoelze   Composer
Jean Charles Rousselle   Composer
David Van Hoorebeke   Composer
Bernd Loorbach   Composer
Bernard Ansong   Composer
Adri Block   Composer
Moto   Composer
Marian Clysters   Composer
Marcin Jandy   Composer
Marcel D. Bakker   Composer
Marc Guilliard   Composer
Maarten Nap   Composer
Simon Purssell   Composer
Sebastian Pirkl   Composer

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