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House: the Vocal Session - Move Your Body

House: the Vocal Session - Move Your Body


Product Details

Release Date:
Zyx Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rob Maddox   Rap
Roberto Mirto   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Chris Isaak   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Ralph Falcon   Composer
Phil Fearon   Composer
Casey James   Composer
Chaz Jankel   Composer
Jens Lissat   Composer
Shannon Rubicam   Composer
Rodney Jerkins   Composer
Jason Alexander   Composer,Producer
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Max Martin   Composer
Pras   Composer
Tom Novy   Composer,Producer
Maxim   Producer
D.O.N.S.   Producer
Shalamon Baskin   Composer
LaShawn Daniels   Composer
Toni Estes   Composer
John Ewbank   Composer,Producer
Oliver Wallner   Composer
Isaac Phillips   Composer
Marcella Woods   Composer,Producer
Christophe Chantzis   Composer
Seamus Haji   Producer
Niels Van Gogh   Composer
Richard Grey   Producer
Martin Solveig   Composer,Producer
Ivan Gough   Composer,Producer
Martina Sorbara   Composer
Bernd Johnen   Composer,Producer
Jens Ophälders   Composer,Producer
Sam Obernik   Composer
Romain Tranchart   Composer
Federico Scavo   Producer
Luke Steele   Composer
DJ Fist   Composer
Leroy Martez Bell   Composer
Nick Littlemore   Composer
Keeling Lee   Composer
DJ Falk   Producer
Picco   Producer
Madita   Composer
Grant Smillie   Composer,Producer
Claude Kelly   Composer
DBN   Producer
Sunloverz   Producer
Jens O.   Producer
Chris Kaeser   Composer,Producer
Plastik Funk   Producer
Cosmo Klein   Composer
Chris Montana   Producer
Robert "Eniac" Garg   Composer
Rene Scholl   Composer
Yves Murasca   Composer,Producer
Erik De Koning   Composer,Producer
Darwin   Producer
Christopher Groove   Composer,Producer
Falko Niestolik   Composer,Producer
Daddy's Groove   Producer
Zoë Badwi   Composer,Producer
Vera Böhnisch   Composer,Producer
Jonathan Sloan   Composer
Rob Maddox   Arranger,Producer,Remixing
D. Leoni   Composer
Jessica Cornish   Composer
Laurent Wery   Composer
Etienne Ozborne   Producer
Tommy Clint   Composer
Oliver Goedicke   Composer
Yann Destagnol   Composer
Dave Longmore   Composer
Marco Wolters   Composer
Diana Gordon   Composer
Erik Vanspauwen   Composer
J. Vaughan   Composer
Frank Bülles   Composer
Jenson David Aubrey Vaughan   Composer
D. Dzihan   Composer
Olli Wallner   Producer
Luke Van Scheppingen   Composer,Producer
Nathan Cross   Composer,Producer
Volker Heinrichs   Composer
Philippe Heithier   Composer
David Jones   Producer
Roman "El Tocadisco" De Garcez   Composer
Christian Bernhardt   Producer
Ezzy Safaris   Composer,Producer
George Robert Merrill   Composer
Sascha Linde   Composer,Producer
Roni Meller   Composer,Producer
Chris Fabich   Composer
Tobias Zwiefler   Composer
Ryan Housewell   Producer
Charles Edward Salter   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Fred Jerkins   Composer
Rosette Anita Sharma   Composer
Christopher Spörri   Producer
K. Snelle   Composer
Maurizio Inzaghi   Composer
Ton Van Empel   Composer,Producer
Feenixpawl   Producer
F. Antoniali   Composer,Producer
Georgi Kay   Composer
Roberto Mirto   Programming
Daniel Pigou   Composer
Patrick Baptiste   Composer
Jean-Michel Santiago   Composer
Dancecom Project   Producer
Chrizzo   Producer
Yannis Patrac   Composer
Mattie Gardner   Composer
Robbie Miraux   Arranger,Producer,Remixing
Josh Soon   Composer
Aden Forte   Composer
Str8jackets   Producer
Seneca Keith Lovejoy   Composer
M. Pozzi   Composer
C. Velho   Composer
Kenny Young   Composer
Backwall   Producer
Davin Star Talles   Composer
Paul Benoit   Composer
Mark Robinson   Composer
Keon Jermaine Alleyne   Composer
Richard Hall   Composer
Henry Walter   Composer

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