Housing and Community Development: Cases and Materials, Third Edition / Edition 3

Housing and Community Development: Cases and Materials, Third Edition / Edition 3

by Charles E. Daye, W. Dennis Keating, James A. Kushner, Peter W. Salsich

ISBN-10: 0890897360

ISBN-13: 9780890897362

Pub. Date: 01/28/1999

Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

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Carolina Academic Press
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Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook Series
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Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
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Ch. 1Overview: The Social, Political, Economic, and Policy Matrix3
AThe Dimensions of the Housing Problem4
BThe Strategy of Social Response25
CThe Right to Housing40
Ch. 2The Legal Process and Intergovernmental Framework for Federal Programs75
ALegislative, Administrative, and Judicial Process77
BThe Intergovernmental Framework136
Ch. 3Governmental Housing Policies and Programs147
ATheoretical Framework149
BPublic Housing179
CAssisted Housing - Rental209
DMortgage Insurance Programs233
EInterest Subsidy Programs238
FHousing for the Elderly, Disabled, Homeless and Persons with Special Needs239
GDirect Capital Grants240
HFederal Responses to Homelessness243
ITax Policy and Housing247
JState Activity257
KNonprofit Housing Associations266
LHousing Trust Funds, Impact Fees, and Inclusionary Zoning Policies281
Ch. 4Consumerism and the Management of Housing289
APrivate Market Tenants289
BPublic Sector Tenants359
Ch. 5Community Revitalization399
ANeighborhood Revitalization and Preservation400
BA Theoretical Framework for Urban Redevelopment442
CThe Federal Community Development Program454
DAlternative Community Revitalization Strategies489
EDisplacement and Relocation520
Ch. 6Fair Housing: Issues of Race and Class545
AConstitutional Basis for Fair Housing: Equal Protection Theory, Methodology, and Limits552
BLegislative Fair Housing Policies: Governmental Duties561
CLegislative Fair Housing Policies: Discrimination in the Marketplace644

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