How Free Are We?: What the Constitution Says We Can and Cannot Do

How Free Are We?: What the Constitution Says We Can and Cannot Do

by John J. Sexton, Nat Brandt

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Described modestly by Sexton, professor of constitutional law at New York University Law School, and Brandt, former editor-in-chief of PW, as ``a guide to the Constitution,'' this volume is much more. Written for the general reader and organized with a question-and-answer structure that adds greatly to its readability, the book covers the antecedents and development of the document on which the U.S. government is based and examines the powers of and curbs on the legislative, executive and judicial branches as they evolved over two centuries. Then the authors turn to specific rights and liberties, posing questions about whether women have as many rights as men (they don't), whether homosexuals are victims of legal discrimination (they are) and whether freedom of speech is unlimited (it isn't). Each statement is buttressed by citations from court decisions. Readers who imagine this implies ponderousness are in for a delightful surprise. (June 12)
Library Journal - Library Journal
As its bicentennial approaches there is sure to be increasing interest in the U.S. Constitution. This book is a useful overview for the layperson, examining many aspects of the subject in question-and-answer format. It actually delivers much more than its title suggests, since it covers not only individual rights and liberties, but also the history and development of the Constitution and the structure of the federal system. Appendixes include the text of the Constitution, a ``calendar of commemorative dates'' for the celebration of the bicentennial, and a subject index of leading Supreme Court opinions. The book is well written and up-to-date, although because of its format it tends to be repetitive. Recommended for public libraries. Jack Ray, Loyola/Notre Dame Lib., Baltimore

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