How People Change: Inside and Outside Therapy / Edition 1

How People Change: Inside and Outside Therapy / Edition 1

by Rebecca C. Curtis, G. Stricker

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The Springer Series in Social Clinical Psychology
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1: How People Change: Introduction.- I. Perspectives from Clinical Psychology.- 2: Questioning the Sacred Cow of the Transference.- 3: The Role of “Accomplices” in Preventing and Facilitating Change.- 4: Transtheoretical Ingredients in Therapeutic Change.- 5: Emotion in the Change Process.- 6: Davanloo’s Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Cross-Theoretical Analysis of Change Mechanisms.- 7: Change in the Change Agents: Growth in the Capacity to Heal.- II. Perspectives from Social, Family, and Organizational Psychology.- 8: How to Change Behavior.- 9: Changing Attitudes and Reducing Tensions between People.- 10: The Two Faces of Change: Progression and Regression.- 11: Individual Change in Organizational Settings.- 12: Conflict, Negotiation, and Change.- III. Integration and Conclusions.- 13: How People Change with and without Therapy.- 14: Toward an Integrative Theory of Psychological Change in Individuals and Organizations: A Cognitive-Affective Regulation Model.- How People Change: A Brief Commentary.

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