How Teachers Taught: Constancy and Change in American Classrooms, 1890-1990, 2nd Edition / Edition 2

How Teachers Taught: Constancy and Change in American Classrooms, 1890-1990, 2nd Edition / Edition 2

by Larry Cuban

ISBN-10: 0807732265

ISBN-13: 9780807732267

Pub. Date: 03/01/1993

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition
Foreword to the Second Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Reforming Schools and Classrooms3
Explanations for Constancy and Change14
Pt. IProgressivism and Classroom Practice, 1890-1990
Ch. 1Teaching at the Turn of the Century: Tradition and Challenge23
Elementary School Classrooms24
High School Classrooms31
Similarities and Differences in Instruction37
Student-Centered Instruction38
Ch. 2Behind the Classroom Door: New York, 1920-194046
Classrooms in the City50
New York City Schools51
Organizational Context for Classroom Teaching55
Social Context for Classrooms61
Implementing Progressive Practices64
Ch. 3Behind the Classroom Door: Denver, 1920-194076
The District Setting78
The Eight-Year Study83
The Classroom86
Ch. 4Behind the Classroom Door: Washington, D.C., 1920-194092
The Social and Organizational Setting for Classroom Instruction95
Summary of Classroom Practices in Three Cities112
Ch. 5Rural and Urban Schools: 1920-1940115
Rural Michigan Classrooms117
Rural Classrooms Across the Nation120
Rural Black Schools126
Photos and Written Accounts of Rural Classrooms128
Prevalent Teaching Practices in Rural and Urban Schools130
Pt. IIOpen Classrooms and Alternative Schools: Progressivism Revisited, 1965-1975
Ch. 6Informal Education, 1965-1975149
The Setting for Informal Classrooms: The 1960s150
Open Classrooms: The 1970s154
New York City162
Regular and Alternative High Schools173
Washington, D.C.180
The National Picture196
Ch. 7Local and National Snapshots of Classroom Practices, 1975-1990205
Arlington, Virginia, 1974-1981208
National Data on Classroom Practice, 1975-1990222
Teaching Practices in the 1980s229
Pt. IIIConstancy and Change in the Classroom, 1890-1990
Ch. 8Explaining How They Taught: An Exploratory Analysis243
Phases and Levels of School Reform243
Applying the Criteria to the Arguments256
Situationally Constrained Choice260
Ch. 9So What? Implications for Policymakers, Practitioners, and Researchers272
Overall Implications for Those Who Seek to Reform Classroom Teaching276
About the Author359

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