How the Reindeer Saved Santa

How the Reindeer Saved Santa

by Carolyn Haywood, Victor G. Ambrus

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Haywood and Greenaway medalist Ambrus have teamed up for previous Christmas books; this most recent effort shows Santa's sleigh in a state of decay and the reindeers whining for improved benefits. Santa acts decisively when he donates the sleigh to a museum, puts his eight mates out to pasture, and snaps up a helicopter. Unfortunately, there are problems: helicopters don't perch on roofs the way reindeer can; when Santa loses the key to the ignition of his whirlybird, he's sure Christmas is doomed. The reindeer help Santa deliver all the presents on time, and the helicopter is retired. Somehow, even to suggest that Santa's immortal chariot has a few rusty spots could be easily misconstrued by readers. No harm done, since his tango with technology is just a passing fancy, and Ambrus's illustrations, though a bit dated, are cheerfully bright. (4-8)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 2-4 This is a very modern Santa indeed. Finding his old sleigh rusty and his runners dented, and tired of the complaining reindeer who only want the mash advertised on TV, Santa decides to order a new helicopter with a custom paint job. His sleigh is donated to the children's museum, and the reindeer turned out to pasture. Santa quickly finds out that the helicopter doesn't fit the bill because of falling off of steep roofs, losing keys in the snow, and tradition-minded children. Somehow the pat story line just doesn't fly, with or without reindeer. Ambrus tries hard to create some interest with his cheery red drawings, but even here there is a lack of care evident. The text clearly reads, ``Santa gave the sleigh bells to Joey and he fastened them to the door handle,'' yet the illustration shows the bells wrapped around the helicopter blades. Judith Gloyer, Milwaukee Public Library

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