How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories.

How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories.

by Rhonda Byrne

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An awe-inspiring compilation of the most uplifting and powerful real-life stories from readers of the worldwide bestseller The Secret. Discover how everyday people completely transformed their lives by applying the teachings of The Secret.

Since the very first publication of The Secret a decade ago, Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book has


An awe-inspiring compilation of the most uplifting and powerful real-life stories from readers of the worldwide bestseller The Secret. Discover how everyday people completely transformed their lives by applying the teachings of The Secret.

Since the very first publication of The Secret a decade ago, Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book has brought forth an explosion of real people sharing real stories of how their real lives have miraculously changed for the better. How The Secret Changed My Life presents a selection of the most heartwarming and moving stories in one inspirational volume. Each story provides an authentic, real-life illustration of the pathway that leads to success in every area of life: money, health, relationships, love, family, and career. The people in How The Secret Changed My Life show time and again that no one is excluded from living the life of their dreams.

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How The Secret Changed My Life

  • The great secret of life is the law of attraction, which says that like attracts like. What this means for you is that you are attracting into your life the experiences and circumstances that are like the thoughts and images you’re holding in your mind. Whatever you constantly think about, you will attract into your life.

    If you think about what you want, and continue to think about it, you will bring it into your life. Through this most powerful law, your thoughts become the things in your life. Your current thoughts are creating your future life, and so by changing your thoughts now, you can change your life.

    Once you understand The Secret, you can then use the Creative Process to attract whatever you want and live the life of your dreams. The Creative Process is made up of three simple steps: Ask, Believe, Receive.

    The law of attraction responds to any consistent thought you hold in your mind. Even if you ask for something extremely specific, you needn’t have any doubt that you’ll receive exactly what you asked for.


    Hi all, my name is John Pereira, and this is how The Secret worked for me. First of all, at the time I wasn’t doing too well, I was depressed and angry, mainly with a business partner my sister and I had. My sister had been pestering me to watch The Secret, and one day she made us all stop what we were doing and watch the movie. From that day on, I decided to give it a go and just practice it.

    Two days later, I was at the gym reading the paper and noticed a concert date for Stevie Wonder on the 22nd of October, which is also my birthday. I said to my sister, “This is it. I’m not going to just meet him; I’m going to sing with him!”

    I told everyone that I had met George Benson, I had partied with Jamiroquai, and now I was going to sing with the head honcho himself, Stevie. Everyone thought I was crazy. The next day when I was visiting my brother, I got up to make him coffee and asked him to pause the program we were watching on television. When I came back into the room, the screen was paused on WIN THE CHANCE TO SING LIVE ONSTAGE WITH STEVIE WONDER. I couldn’t believe it!

    I went straight home to enter. You had to write in twenty words why you wanted to sing with Stevie, and words just flew out of my brain. After I submitted it, I asked my girlfriend if I should submit again. Just at that moment the computer crashed and never worked again. “Don’t worry,” I said to her, “this is mine, I don’t need to enter it again!”

    A week or so had passed, and I was out having drinks with some friends. I looked over at one of my mates and said, “Do you know I’m going to sing with Stevie Wonder?” Again, another person looking at me as if I’m crazy.

    The very next day I went home after work and said to my sister, “What am I going to do when I sing with him?” She said, “Just remember to take your time, because it will be over before you know it, so savor the moment.” I was about to have an afternoon nap when my phone started ringing. I answered it, and the guy says, “Is this John Pereira? And did you enter a competition?” I replied, “Yes.” He said, “Well, congratulations, you’re the national winner!” I screamed and started throwing my girlfriend in the air. I called my parents and screamed. I called my sister and started screaming. I called my brother and started screaming. And the friend I’d told the night before just replied, “Yeah, yeah” when I told him. He could not believe it.

    So, if anyone doesn’t believe, BELIEVE! I’m living proof, and if you would like to watch it, here is the YouTube clip:

    – John P., Sydney, Australia

    Here’s another amazing example of someone attracting a very specific desire using The Secret.


    I found out about The Secret from The Oprah Winfrey Show. I truly believed every single word written in the book and spoken on the video. Then I received an email from The Secret giving me a link to download a check from the Bank of the Universe. So I downloaded the check and wrote an amount of one hundred thousand ringgit [Malaysian currency equaling about $25,000 U.S.] on it just for fun, and I pinned it to the small vision board near my dressing table.

    Then I took a one-ringgit bill and added zeros with a marker. I wanted to write 100,000.00, but the space was so small that I managed to add just five zeros. It ended up looking like 1,000.00, but I didn’t want to throw it away, so I just put it up there on my vision board with the check.

    I looked at it every day and told myself that I believed it would happen. I didn’t really know whether my visualization exercise was correct, but I just did it every once in a while. And to be frank, as time went by, I kind of forgot about it.

    Then, in early October, when I was paying my credit card bill at the service counter, I saw a pamphlet about a contest called “RM100,000.00 Dream Catcher SMS contest” that the credit card company was running. It started on July 5 and ended on October 15, but this was the first I’d heard about it. Then I thought, Well, I still have two weeks to send my entry; better late than never. So I did.

    Then, at the end of the month, I received a call from the credit card company telling me that I had won second prize for the month of October. For that, I would get a cash prize of RM1,000.00. I was thrilled, because I’ve never really had much luck in big contests. I told my husband, and we were jumping with joy.

    Two months after that, I received another call from the company, saying that I had been selected as one of eleven finalists to compete for the grand prize of RM100,000.00 and that the winner would be decided the following week.

    That night I was sitting at my dressing table when I noticed my vision board. There was the RM100,000.00 check I had written three months before. My heart was beating fast as I noticed the one-ringgit bill that looked like RM1,000 rather than RM100,000.00.

    I took the note and the check into the living room to show my husband. I said, “Sweetheart, I think I know why I won second prize for RM1,000. It’s the RM1 bill! Even though I ordered it by accident, God still delivered it to me! It’s The Secret in action!”

    Then I was crying tears of happiness. The little voice inside of me kept saying I’d be the winner of the grand prize, that God (the Universe) had arranged the event, people, and circumstances to deliver my RM100,000.00 check to me.

    Then I read the chapter on The Secret to Money and watched the video again. Every time I had a doubt that the prize was mine, I quickly replaced it with the image of me on the stage, smiling and holding the big mock check for RM100,000.00.

    Before we left the house on the morning of the grand finale, my husband said to me, “Take the RM100,000.00 check that you wrote; you’re going to claim the real one today.” So I did.

    Before entering the room, I took a last look at that check, visualized winning, and tried to cast off doubt. Then I noticed the remittance advice on top of the check: FEEL GOOD. I quickly grabbed my husband’s iPhone and opened the photo albums of my beautiful two-year-old daughter. Seeing her sweet smile made me feel so happy inside that I knew I was on the right track. Throughout the whole event, I just thought about my daughter’s smile and visualized winning.

    And YES I DID!

    I won the grand prize of RM100,000.00. When they announced my name, I felt as if I were having a déjà vu experience, because I’d had the same pictures rolling in my mind so many times before.

    After delivering the mock check, the judge said to me, “When you walked into this room with the other ten finalists, you looked the happiest of all. Maybe that’s because you knew that you were going to win.”

    So it really is a miracle. I wrote a bill for RM1,000.00 by accident and a check for RM100,000.00 on August 18, and on December 12, they both came true.

    When I told my friends and family what had happened, those with doubts became believers.

    – Enny, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    It may feel as if what you want is almost impossible to receive. But for the law of attraction, nothing is impossible and everything is possible, even if you’re asking for a miracle, as was the case with the story of Popeye, the runaway pug.


    My twenty-one-year-old daughter and her dog, Popeye, a four-year-old male pug, had been living with us for four months, and I was Popeye’s caretaker during that time. When my daughter moved out, she took my beloved Popeye with her, and we didn’t hear from her for about two months. When I asked about Popeye, she told me that he had escaped from the yard at the house where she was staying and she could not find him.

    I made up a flyer, took it to the copy shop, and had a hundred copies made. I put up posters all around the area where Popeye went missing. When I asked how long he’d been gone, my daughter said a month. I was shocked that she had not told us sooner. Statistics will tell you that if you don’t find an animal within the first three weeks, you most likely will not find him at all.

    I received several phone calls about a pug in the area, and I always ran to wherever the caller said they had seen him. Then one day a caller said they had a male pug, so I rushed to the address only to find that it was not my baby. As time went by, I put up more and more flyers but got fewer and fewer phone calls. I put an ad in the paper and searched the neighborhood, spoke with people, and handed out more flyers.

    Until then I did not know about The Secret. It came into my life when I took my son to Mississippi State University for a college visit and went to the bookstore on campus. The first time we went in, I purchased several items but not The Secret. I didn’t even see the book. But later that day my son wanted something else, so we went back to the store, and as we were getting in line to check out, I saw The Secret. I had no idea what it was, but the cover struck me, so I purchased it. After the weekend was over, I took the book home and began reading it. Then I realized why Popeye was not home yet. When he left, I put his bed in the garage. It had been in my closet, but it hurt me to look at it. I put the bed back in the closet, and I went to the vet and got his food. I still put up posters, but I also said thanks daily for Popeye being home. I so believed he was home that I would cry because I was so thankful.

    For a couple of weeks, there were no calls of any kind, yet I never lost faith. Then one day I got a call from someone saying they had seen a pug in the area. At the time they saw him, Popeye had been lost only a couple of weeks, but they just wanted me to know there was still hope. I thought that was wonderful of them. Then a few hours later I received another call, and this man told me that Popeye was in Texas with his niece. He said that she had been visiting at the time Popeye went missing and had found him by the school, which was very close to where he escaped. She had walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone knew him but found no one. So when it came time for her to go home, she took him with her. Her uncle had been traveling for several months, so when he came home and saw my flyers around town, he called his niece and told her that Popeye’s family was hunting for him. He gave me her number, and I called and asked if the dog she had did Popeye’s trick, and sure enough, he did.

    Now, you may be wondering how I would get Popeye back when he was in Texas and I was in Mississippi. Well, the rest of the story is that she lived fifteen minutes from my father, who picked up Popeye and is bringing him home to me when he comes for my son’s graduation!

    – Marta, Mississippi, USA

    Marta knew she had to get herself to the place of believing Popeye was home, which is no easy feat when a dearly loved pet is lost. She chose to take specific actions that were very powerful – such as bringing his bed back into her closet and buying his food – because those actions said that Popeye had returned home. Marta’s belief became so strong that it even caused her to weep with gratitude that Popeye had returned. That kind of belief is the second vital step in the Creative Process.

    Ask, believe, receive – just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult, yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.

    When you master believing, you have mastered your life.

    – The Secret Daily Teachings


    About six months ago, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to move to another city where he had lived before. He went ahead and moved in with his friend so that it would be easier for him to look for a job. It was hard for me, of course, because I missed him so, but I had already given notice at my job and planned to follow him a month later.

    As time went by, however, nothing seemed to be working out. My boyfriend did not get the job he wanted, so he had been out of work for nearly a month. I had not found a new job either, and on top of that, I couldn’t find anyone to take over my apartment. If I didn’t find someone who could move in the day I was moving out, I would have to pay another three months’ rent, which we could not afford. My boyfriend and I were miles apart. I was lonely and almost desperate. Time and money seemed to be running out on us.

    One weekend when I was visiting him, we found an apartment. But then we learned that the family who still lived there wouldn’t be able to move out until a few days after we were scheduled to move in. We had already scheduled the movers and couldn’t change the date. It all seemed to be a mess.

    When I was really desperate and in tears one night about a week before the final move, I read The Secret. I chose two stones to be my gratitude stones, and while holding the stones in one hand, with the other I wrote down everything I was thankful for in my life and everything I wanted, especially for moving into my new life. I wished for a job, and for a vacation too. I wanted to find a job immediately, but I also wanted to have time to get to know the city and settle into our new apartment. I wished for a job for my boyfriend, and I wished that we could move into our apartment on the weekend we had planned and not one day later! I printed out two pictures of the house we were supposed to be moving into and wrote in big red numbers the date I wanted to move in. I carried one picture with me and put the other beside my bed. Also, I wished for a nice girl to move into my apartment on the day I would be leaving.

    I started carrying the stones in my jeans pocket so that every time I touched them, I thought about the list of things I had written that night.

    And guess what happened! A girl called me about five days before I was going to leave, saying that she wanted to move into my apartment. And she even bought my washing machine, which I couldn’t take with me and wanted to sell. My boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment on the weekend we had planned, and we had two weeks to feel at home in our beautiful new city before we both signed contracts for new jobs on the same day!

    I am so grateful for getting to know The Secret and myself better. It does work; all you need to do is believe, especially in yourself. It continues to help me every day. Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing The Secret with us. I’ll keep on sharing it too.

    – Nia, Germany

    You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask. You must have complete and utter faith. You must act, speak, and think as though you have it now. That is what it means to believe.

    Nia used the pictures of her new house with the move-in date written on them to reinforce her belief that she already had it. Whenever you get yourself to this place of believing, the Universe must move all people, circumstances, and events for you to receive! How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you. When you try to work out how it will happen, you are emitting a frequency that contains a lack of faith – that you don’t believe you have it already. You think you have to do it, and you do not believe the Universe will do it for you.


    In January 2011, I bought The Secret at a tiny bookstore at the airport while I was waiting to board my flight back to the USA from my hometown in Kerala, India. Reading it on the plane back to L.A. changed my life forever. I had struggled with negativity my entire life, but the teachings of The Secret helped me to change my outlook and take control of my future.

    But I still fell off the wagon many times. I often overlooked the blessings of my new job, beautiful new home, and great new relationship, and focused on the things I did not have – in particular, a permanent green card that would allow me to continue living in the States.

    I had a temporary green card based on my short-lived marriage, but to get a permanent one I would have to prove that the marriage was real and still valid. The marriage had been real enough – I had the emotional scars to prove it – but my husband and I had separated barely a year after our wedding and were on our way to finalizing the divorce.

    I had to hire an immigration lawyer, which was expensive, and all I did was gripe about how much all this was costing and the fact that I was going to be deported. As a result, the law of attraction ensured that my problems continued.

    Things were going from bad to worse when I decided to visit The Secret site and read some of the testimonials to change the funk I was in. I was inspired by the many people who had written about their personal miracles and decided to get back on the wagon right away. I printed two color copies of my current green card and changed the expiration date from 2011 to 2021. I pinned a copy to my corkboard at work where I could see it and put the other one in my wallet.

    And then I did something that ensured the success of my wish: I forgot all about it! I did not spend another minute thinking about the process, what the lawyers were up to, whether I had given enough supporting documents – not a single negative thought. I also did not try to “help” the process along, as I normally would have done. I did not imagine my interview with the immigration officer going well; I did not spend any thought on my lawyer providing brilliant arguments in my favor. I quite simply let it go. Whenever someone asked me how it was going, I shrugged and said my application was being processed. I refused to follow up with my lawyer’s office or fret over the date by which I should have heard back about an appointment with the immigration officer.

    With my understanding of how the visa process works, logically, I would have at best envisioned a brief interview, a successful meeting with an immigration officer who was inclined to like me, and so on. But the law of attraction gave me more than I could ever have imagined! On the first day of June, two months before my current card expired, I received my new green card in the mail. No interview, no immigration officer, no meeting, no follow-up, just the card with the expiration date 2022 printed on it: one year MORE than I had written on my inspiration copy!

    What I learned from this experience is that often the answer is not to strive constantly to think only positive thoughts about something we want; it’s the ability to ask, believe, and then let go. Trusting that the Universe has received my wish, being confident that I have articulated it clearly, and believing that my wish will be granted are the three steps I have mastered. I am still working on resisting the urge to keep trying to fine-tune my request or help it along by adding more positive vibes.

    – Ambika N., Los Angeles, California, USA

    As Ambika came to realize, when you’re feeling good, it’s much easier to believe you’ll receive your desire than if you’re not feeling good. That’s because believing is a positive emotion, and it’s on the same frequency as feeling good. So don’t try to practice believing if you’re feeling down in the dumps. Get yourself feeling good, then do the visualizing and practices that will help you believe.

    If you are complaining about things in your life, you are on the complaining frequency, and you are not in a position to attract what you want.

    Get on to the frequency of good with your thoughts and words. Firstly you will feel good, and secondly you will be on the frequency of receiving more good.

    – The Secret Daily Teachings


    My husband and I had decided to purchase a new home and leave our current home empty until it sold. It was a very big gamble given the crash of the real estate market, but we were feeling optimistic. However, after more than twenty open houses in seven months with no offers, I was getting very discouraged and really stressed about having to carry two mortgages.

    I first learned about The Secret while watching The Oprah Winfrey Show. Shortly after that, I encouraged my husband to watch the movie with me on our computer. That was on a Friday. On Sunday I had to go over to the empty house and clean out the garage, and at that point I decided to use what I had learned by watching The Secret. I asked once for the sale of the house, I visualized a sale-pending sign, I felt grateful, and I let it go.

    As I was closing the garage and about to return to my car, I saw a gentleman picking up a flyer from the for-sale sign on my lawn. The next day my Realtor called to let us know that we had three offers on the house. We closed escrow 45 days later.

    – Tricia, Brentwood, California, USA


    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel. In my opinion, there is no greater blessing than to see the world and experience everything the earth has to offer. I remember journaling about it when I was in high school, basically declaring that I was going to travel someday. I realize now that back then I was using The Secret but just didn’t know it. My first goal, however, was to finish college.

    Living during the recession in the USA was very spirit-crushing and at times very frustrating. I never would have guessed that I would be graduating college during the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression! I had no money, I had student loans, and I couldn’t find a job in my little college town to save my life. Either nobody was hiring or my school schedule didn’t fit with the job. I was starting to feel really discouraged.

    I had read The Secret and applied it to some things, but I don’t think I really and truly believed in it with all my heart. So I decided to read it again, and this time it really hit home.

    I had three and a half months before graduation to manifest traveling while the world around me screamed, “You will never be able to travel!” Even my parents, who are amazing and supportive people, told me, “Get those dreams of travel out of your head . . . it’s not going to happen for a long time. You have no money, and we aren’t paying for it!” At times it was hard not to just give in and say, “Oh, they’re right.” Instead I shook my head and decided to stop talking to them about it, because they were being so negative. Meanwhile I kept telling myself every single day, “I am going to travel. I don’t know how or when, but it will happen.”

    I made a vision board with pictures of places I wanted to go. I journaled every single night, listing everything in my life I was grateful for – things I loved about people, things I loved about myself, etc. I would write about how grateful I was to get the opportunity to see the world, and what great things it would do for my soul. After weeks and weeks of journaling, it really helped me to feel as if I had already received it. I honestly believed with a full heart that it would happen for me.

    Then, about a month and a half into practicing this, I got an email from an old friend offering me a position in Italy – a cultural exchange to live with a family! The family then contacted me and offered to pay me to live there. I couldn’t believe it. This opportunity literally fell into my lap.

    After that I thought, Okay, so once I am there, I’ll have money. Now I just need to figure out how to get there! I kept telling myself I was going for sure; I just needed money for my plane ticket.

    A few weeks later, I graduated college, and lo and behold, people started sending me graduation money. All the money added up to the exact amount I needed for my ticket.

    After that, I realized that I couldn’t go all the way to Italy and see only Italy. I wanted to see a lot more of Europe. So I decided that I would spend my last month backpacking around. My friends and family were concerned, asking, “How will you save that much money? Are you going to go alone? Who’s going to go with you?” But I kept insisting, “I will figure it out when the time comes. I will have someone to travel with, and I will save enough money. I just know it!”

    So I booked my return ticket based on staying that extra month, and the very next day my best friend, who was living in another state, called me to catch up. We hadn’t talked in a long time. When I told her about my plans to travel in Europe, she immediately said, “I’m going with you. I am booking my ticket now . . . See you in Rome!”

    My entire trip was manifested through using The Secret. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that something so wonderful can happen to you just by changing your own thoughts! My trip was a life-changing experience, I had more than enough money to do it, and by the end, I even had money left over!

    It really is true: Ask, Believe, Receive. It really does work.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good blessings to all.

    – Ashley S., Seattle, Washington, USA

    Ask once, believe you have received, and all you have to do to receive is feel good. When you are feeling good, you are on the frequency of receiving. You are on the frequency of all good things coming to you, and you will receive what you have asked for.

    A fast way to get yourself on that frequency is to say, “I am receiving now. I am receiving all the good in my life now. I am receiving [fill in the blank] now.” And feel it. Feel it as though you have received.

    That’s what Ashley did with her journaling, and acting as if she had received made her both a believer and a receiver!

    Most people can manifest the small things quickly. This is because they do not have any resistance around the small things, and because they don’t think thoughts that contradict them. When it comes to the bigger things, however, people often emit thoughts of doubt or worry that contradict those bigger things. This is the only difference in terms of the time it takes for something to manifest.

    Nothing is big or small for the Universe.

    – The Secret Daily Teachings


    After reading The Secret, I decided I’d start with something small, like the man in the book who imagined the feather. I decided to imagine a penny, and I made sure the penny in my mind was special. My penny would be heads up when I found it, it would be very shiny and new, and most importantly, it would be dated 1996. This year is very special to me, and it was very important that this be the year on the penny.

    I imagined this penny four days ago, and I thought of it several times for the last few days. A few times I found myself scanning the ground in parking lots and on sidewalks, searching for the penny. I had to remind myself that I did not need to look for the penny because it would find me.

    I’m not sure if I thought of the penny at all today. I had not seen any penny at all since I imagined this one. Tonight I went to the movies, and as I was leaving the theater, for some reason I glanced at the ground, and there was a shiny penny. I immediately thought it was my penny, but I made sure it was heads up before touching it. Sure enough, it was. I snatched it up and literally cried when I saw that the date was 1996!

    I am so glad I decided to start small, because that was what I needed to truly believe. Now I know I can do anything and have anything, and I just want to buy this book for everyone I know! Thank you so much, I truly am so grateful!

    – Amanda, Connecticut, USA

    It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. Any time delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the place of believing, knowing, and feeling that you already have it. It is as easy for the Universe to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars, and the only reason why one may come faster and the other may take longer is because you thought that a million dollars was a lot of money and that one dollar was not very much. When you think something is really big, in effect you’re saying to the law of attraction, “This is so big it’s going to be difficult to achieve, and it’s probably going to take a really long time.” And you will be right, because whatever you think and feel is what you will receive. Therefore, starting with something small is an easy way to experience the law of attraction working for you. Once you’ve seen it at work, any doubts you might have had will disappear.


    I first heard about The Secret through a friend. She kept telling me that everything that happened in my life was because of The Secret. I kept thinking, What the heck is The Secret? She wouldn’t tell me; all she said was, “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret!” So I just kind of shrugged it off and thought nothing of it.

    A few months later, my cousin from Canada visited me. In the course of conversation, we stumbled across the same topic, The Secret. He kept telling me how The Secret had changed his life and how many wonderful things had come his way by practicing it. By that time I figured, Okay, let’s see what this Secret hype is all about. Eventually I ordered the DVD online and watched it. I thought, Hmm . . . interesting. So what can I do to see if this works? I figured I’d start with something very simple yet something I really wanted. It was my funny little way of trying to prove The Secret wrong.

    It may seem weird, but at the time I was really craving this little Chinese dumpling called har gow. I was living in a mostly Caucasian community where it was hard to find an authentic Chinese restaurant. But The Secret said to visualize what I wanted, so I did. I also searched high and low to find har gow. I didn’t mention anything about The Secret or about asking for those dumplings. I just kept thinking about it for a good week or so, but nothing was materializing for me.

    Then, one night before falling asleep, I told myself, I will eat this dish one way or another. I don’t know how, but I will. The next morning I went to work having totally forgotten what I’d said the night before. I started to do the things I normally did at work, and then my coworker came over and said, “Let’s go into the kitchen; the other department has provided breakfast for everyone.” I followed her in, and guess what I saw? My har gow! Ha-ha! Who would have thought? It was so random. And nobody eats this for breakfast! Yet it was there.

    Once I truly believed, it happened! I asked the girl who had brought it in why she got it for breakfast, and all she said was, “It was the only thing open near my house at 6:00 a.m.!”

    After that moment, I was a true believer in The Secret!

    – Laarni R., California, USA

    It’s not unusual for people to “test” the power of The Secret by asking for something small “just to see if it really works.” In the next story, Jason also decided to start with something really small. And he chose something so rare and specific that there could be no doubt if it manifested.


    I had been studying the law of attraction for a year before The Secret was released. Nothing had really worked for me, but I was excited about the movie.

    When I received the movie, it was really inspiring. I watched it several times a week; I really enjoyed it!

    In one section, they say that to start, “attract a cup of coffee” to you. On the audiobook, they tell the story about a man attracting a feather to him to prove the law of attraction was real.

    I decided to “prove” to myself the law of attraction was real. And I wanted to do this by attracting something totally off the wall for me. I decided on a red thimble. Every day I would write that in my goal book. I would picture it, close my eyes, look at my finger, and imagine the red thimble was there. I even wrote an email to myself, very similar to what I’m writing here, telling the story I would submit once I attracted the red thimble.

    Two weeks went by and nothing happened. In the movie, they said that you could attract a cup of coffee in a day, and the guy attracted the feather to himself in two days. It had been two weeks, and I had nothing!

    Then one day, in an improvisation class I was taking, we were doing a skit where people had to enter and exit on a certain word. The word I was given was thimble.

    It was a great feeling, as I could feel it was a message from the Universe saying, “Keep on doing it, it’s on its way to you!”

    I did, and for the next month, nothing happened.

    I got discouraged, frustrated, and forgot about it. Obviously, the law of attraction did not work. Well, that’s not what I believed. I believed it did work and I just did not know how to use it. Two and a half months and I couldn’t even attract a thimble? I must not know what I am doing.

    Then I went to a magician’s convention in Las Vegas. At the end of the convention, our teacher asked us to sign his guest book and then reach inside his “treasure chest” and take out a little item he had used on the road.

    Another magician signed the book and came back. “Look at this rock!” he said. “I’m going to use it as my gratitude rock!”

    “Oh, you’ve seen The Secret?” I asked. He said he had. And then it hit me: My red thimble was in that treasure chest. Here was another sign. I went over, signed the guest book, opened up the chest, and right on top was a red thimble. I could not believe it! I searched through the entire box. Not another thimble in there. There was only one, and it was the color I had chosen, red.

    Now, just as I told myself when I was wishing for it, I carry that thimble with me everywhere. It’s in my pocket right now. Whenever I feel it, I remind myself that my belief in the law of attraction is in that red thimble. There is no way this was luck or a coincidence; it is because I created it.

    I don’t know why it took so long for a little thimble to come to me. I don’t know yet if I completely understand how to use the law of attraction. But every time I touch that red thimble in my pocket, I am a believer. I was not a total believer, but now I am. The law of attraction is real!

    – Jason, Michigan, USA

    Once you have personally experienced the power of The Secret and truly believe in the law of attraction, you will find that, as you put its practices to work for you, everything in your life will change for the better.


    About a year and a half ago I was living in Los Angeles for a few months with my two little girls (a five-month-old and a five-year-old) while my husband was in South Africa. We were living apart because in South Africa we just couldn’t survive financially anymore, so my husband and I had decided that it would be best if I took the girls to L.A., where I had family to help us for a while. Being apart from my husband and the girls being apart from their dad was traumatic, but I knew we all would survive.

    Three different people told me about this movie called The Secret, and how watching it changed their lives. I went online and paid the money to watch the film. After watching it, I realized that I was actually living The Secret. I had been writing in my journal about all the things I was grateful for. I really believed that financially we would be okay, and I knew that we would see my husband again.

    I also realized that when my husband and I were in the same place, something was not working, and it was because he was not living The Secret and I was. I knew that I had to get this film to my husband.

    I ended up receiving a large sum of money, and I headed back to South Africa. I handed my husband the film and told him that it would change his life. At that point he had been living without his girls, on bread and water. Our dogs were starving, and he couldn’t get a job or pay any of his bills. When I returned to South Africa, I had enough money to pay all the bills and buy good food, and I had the key that changed the life of our entire family.

    My husband watched The Secret and fell asleep with it on every night for weeks and weeks. He concentrated on what he actually wanted from life instead of what he didn’t have.

    We wrote down on a piece of paper the life that we wanted, including the house we wanted. We cleared our life in South Africa and moved to the life we knew we wanted in Los Angeles. We have exactly the house we envisioned, our older daughter is in the best private school in Los Angeles, and my husband has not stopped working, so we have financial security. Every day of our lives we see miracles happening, miracles that are bigger than we imagined. We can see the perfection in having lived in South Africa and the time we spent apart, but now we can see a future that is glowing with white light. And it has been only a year since my husband watched the film!

    The Secret has changed the lives of everyone in my family, and it will continue to do so forever! We all know now that we just have to Ask, Believe, and we will Receive. The more you use the tools, the faster the manifestation happens. IT IS GLORIOUS! And now, by sharing our story, we have helped change many lives around us. Thank you.

    – Alex, Los Angeles, California, USA

    No matter where you are, no matter how difficult things might appear to be, you are always being moved toward magnificence. Always.

    – The Secret Daily Teachings

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    Rhonda Byrne is the creator behind The Secret, a documentary film that swept the world in 2006, changing millions of lives and igniting a global movement. Later that year Rhonda’s book, The Secret, was published, which has been translated into over fifty languages and remains one of the longest-running bestsellers. Rhonda has written three more bestselling books: The Power in 2009, The Magic in 2010, and Hero in 2013. For more information, visit