How They Built the Statue of Liberty

How They Built the Statue of Liberty

by Mary J. Shapiro, Huck Scarry

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Shapiro consulted sources of the 19th century, including Bartholdi's story about his great achievement, and her text is also based on interviews with experts on Liberty's construction. They are John Robbins, Historical Architect for the National Park Service, and Jean Wiart, of the French team working on the statue's restoration, as well as others involved in the monumental task. The title here is apt. The author concentrates on the actual steps involved in building the Statue of Liberty, rather than on those who made it possible, although she does present, briefly, information about these people in her interesting account. This book is remarkable for Scarry's splendid drawings. These skillful illustrations in perfect perspective are arresting, impressive indications of Liberty's immense size and the dedication of her advocates. (10up)

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