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How To Attract Women: Stand Out and Be Noticed

How To Attract Women: Stand Out and Be Noticed

3.8 7
by Stephen Williams

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Be the guy that women puts attention to!

The secret to the need to attract women is here!

Do you have a crazy but good idea wherein you want to attract any woman like a magnet?
“This book on how to attract women is a must have for any man!” – Riku N.
The need for getting attention and a good impression to women is a


Be the guy that women puts attention to!

The secret to the need to attract women is here!

Do you have a crazy but good idea wherein you want to attract any woman like a magnet?
“This book on how to attract women is a must have for any man!” – Riku N.
The need for getting attention and a good impression to women is a common dilemma of men. One must find a way to get that needed boost in confidence to make women get attracted.
This book provides you that needed boost to improve your ways. It makes you get that wanted attraction from women the soonest possible time.

In this book, you can find attraction tips such as:

Tips on leaving a mark in a social place to be fit
Tips on having that confidence
Tips on doing the right body language
Tips on being "the man"
Tips on maintaining the conversations flowing
And lots more!

This book may seem short but it is fit for the man that needs a quick guide. Get this book now and attract women in no time!

And also, you can get answers to questions such as:

"Are the ideas in this book require a lot of resources?"
"Will this make me get an attraction to any girl?"
"Is this helpful for any kind of situation with a girl?"

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Meet the Author

“Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” Sylvia Plath

Use our step by step process to learn and grow both professionally, and personally. And don’t worry you won’t end up putting your head in an oven like Sylvia Plath. The end result will be more akin to the brilliance of a quote like that, not the end result of its author’s life. Wizards Books self-help series is the thing you need to educate you on a variety of topics.

However Sylvia Plath was right in her assertion about the ways of the world, most things in life need to be done step-by-step. We have enhanced that age old rule, and with step-by-step wizard books we teach the masses to rein in their creativity in all types of fields, and take it a step at a time.

Have you often thought, your imagination is spent, you’re sick and tired of never achieving your real potential, you’re stuck in a rut, where do you go from here? The Step-by-step series can help you get out of all that, and achieve positive real world results in any field.

We distill information, so you get a concise picture of what needs to be done. Unlike any other self-help book out there, step-by-step guides you through whatever process you seek to learn, and instead of just giving you information, they help you grow as an individual.

Just think, you will no longer need to seek out advice on any subject ever again.
Step-by-steps how to guides will show you how it’s done, and then how to do it right. It’s the last self-help tool you will ever need, think of us as your own personal self-help guru, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How To Attract Women: Stand Out and Be Noticed 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Lizzy81 More than 1 year ago
Approaching is not a problem Looking for some new good and interesting books to read, I've accidentally discovered this one, that contains different pearls.  Well, I decided to start knowing this author and his style: the reader will immediately fall in love with hin; infact, it seems that he perfectly knows human beings and their secret passions... the ones you'd never dare to tell anyone.  The plot of the story can look like a user's manual, but this is really untrue! The style of Stephen Williams knows well how to capture your heart , and it will certainly stimulate your mind, taking you to face  some aspects of life you have never considered. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. It will make you discover a different way to look at the relationships between women and men, almost helping them in their research for love, passion and happiness. These three elements are necessary in relationship of this kind, but "How To Attract  Women" will reveal a new path to a complete satisfaction, through secrets and words  which can hardly be spoken. This book can really help people find happiness in a way never discovered before, judging life from a new point of view. The reader who will start reading this book, will meet the characters, feeling their fears and emotions, almost identifying with them: he will feel the same under his skin!For these reasons I guess that every reader should have this book in his private collection, and I'm sure he will never be able to stop until the last page. 
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
Once again Stephen Williams has made a book that you will want to read that is chalk full of good advice. He is one of those authors that you just want to read everything he writes because it is put together so well. How To Attract Women: Stand Out and Be Noticed (Positive Thinking Series). Okay so I am a woman and I don’t really need advice on attracting them however because I love this author so much I like to read everything I can. The book really does have a lot of practical advice in it and from a woman’s point of view I think a lot of these tips would actually work. I also think that you can use some of the tips for other purposes you don’t have to use them just to stand out and attract women. You can use them to stand out in general and get more friends or stand out at work and move forward. A lot of what is in the book is really about having better confidence and letting it show. So if you’re searching for a book that would be good to help you in attracting a woman or just want to stand out more I would recommend this for reading.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Chick magnets Standing out and being noticed is an age old strategy on branding and visibility. The introduction  of marketing strategies within the dating and mating domain. The competition sure is stiff in achieving high targets especially amongst  the  high yield ones. The power game is full of first impressions and nuances. It all depends on the quality and visibility of the plumes. Did someone say it is a jungle out there? Stephen Williams has taken upon himself the challenging task of guiding the novices and the not so novices on the first steps of catching the eye of the women. Peacock country, here they come. He has drawn  up some neat and well sounding advice which will definitely get check listed all the way by any woman in her right mind. He has taken the views of the criteria women are looking for,  other than well developed abs. Confidence and a high-self esteem will win the game any time. Include a caring nature, kindness, neatness and good social behavior. Yes, women are particular about how you chew and open doors. Plus women need attention so be prepared to listen and listen intelligently.  I found this to be an informative book and fun to read. Most of the advice made sense and  will be welcome  and reassuring advice for those looking to get some attention from women. There were some editing issues in the  book.
TanyaO More than 1 year ago
Some tricks to become a sex symbol. I have some conflicting filings about this book. On the one hand, the whole idea of this book is great! I’ve never thought before – what does it means “a very attractive man”? Stephen Williams, traditionally, writes in a great easy manner, which makes this book relaxing and funny. On the other hand, I just have some uncertainty – could it be so easy?  Some of tips and tricks in the book are really useful and can help men to understand women better. Actually, I was impressed of author’s ability to write from behalf of woman. He definitely knows women very well. We like self-confident men – true! However, it’s not everything and there are much-much more in expectation of every woman and they are usually different from one another. This book is useful for everyone, who needs to improve his awareness of an art of first impression. At the same time, I wouldn’t hope for these tricks in building relationships with someone you love. It’s always important to be yourself and to love and respect your couple. There are the main things to be the most attractive man in the world. Is it possible to make “a macho” of a very shy and modest man? I don’t really believe in this, but you could try – this book is a good decision for that goal. 
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
Playing on the power of positive thinking, ‘How to Attract Women’ is a useful little book that aims to turn even the shyest wallflower into a budding Romeo. Williams uses practical tips on self awareness and self improvement to help guys approach and attract women anywhere, anytime. This is one of the ‘Positive Thinking’ series books that offer advice in a friendly and easy to read format that any guy will find useful, even those who feel they are already a hit with the ladies. The book focuses on helping guys improve their confidence and self esteem so that they can become more attractive to the members of the opposite sex. I think it has some great points, especially when the author indicates that women are naturally drawn to confident, charming guys. It is a fine line between confidence and cockiness, and the author also discusses the ways a guy can be confident without being too ‘in your face’ cocky. It is a great book for those guys who are just foraying into the dating world, but it is also useful for those who may have had some success with women but want to refine their dating skills. I liked the insight the author provides into the female perspective. He is pretty accurate when he explains that women prefer someone who believes in themselves but is not overly self promoting. Trust me when I say a lady can always tell when a guy is just bragging to get attention! This book helps navigate those choppy waters of meeting and dating women by taking away some of the mystery and confusion from the process. I would probably give this to my teenage son to read when he is ready to start dating because I agree that the most important way you can attract members of the opposite sex is to be confident and caring, and Williams explains this all in a way that even a teenager could understand. His friendly tone makes the book a useful tool for any guy looking to win the attention of the women around him. I enjoyed the scenarios the author used to explain how to put the tactics into practice. Some were even a little funny! Humor aside, the information was useful and easily obtained. I can see this book being a useful tool for occasional reference, maybe used as a predate pep talk to one’s self? The only thing that kept it from being 5 stars for me is the way the author phrased some of the tips in the book. It wasn’t anything that took away from the content, rather just a preference of mine that some other words should have been used. Still, a great book for guys everywhere!
MaryAbigail More than 1 year ago
Men Should Read This! As a woman I feel as though it is my duty to vet the books out there that offer men advice on how to attract my gender. Reading this book, I could help but think of the show 'Millionaire Matchmaker' because most of the advice Stephen gives sounds a lot like somethings Patti Stanger would say to her clients. It's good advice, no doubt about that but it is so basic and practical that men should just know this naturally and not have to rely on someone telling them that this is what they need to do.  It all goes back to self-confidence at the end of the day and its very hard to exude it, if you have to learn it from a book. This should come naturally and women have a knack for reading men who are putting on a show. The challenge in following the advice in this book is to be believable. I think the best lie detectors in the world are the eyes and intuition of a female. I could see a lot of men getting into quite a pickle trying to employ some of the advise and make it look as natural as possible. For example how do you get 'soulful eyes' when you are a nervous wreck trying to check off a list in your head. When men fidget they think that women do not notice but our ability to detect weaknesses in the opposite sex is so advanced, it is impossible for us not to see through the act. I did not like that the book focused so much on enhancing the physical attractiveness of the male when the inward is what really keeps a woman interested. I think the  first advice that Stephen should have given was to be 'honest' be brutally honest not only about yourself but how you act. Putting on a façade to impress a women can only run you into problems in the future because we would expect that you keep up the antics. Being honest gives the woman a genuine opportunity to decide whether or not she wants you.  When I met my husband, he was so down to earth, I thought it was ridiculous. He did not try to fool me, instead he showed me exactly who he was and I then decided to let him in. The focus of this book should have been more on helping men to become more grounded mentally and emotionally. Men need to get it together before they even attempt to attract the opposite sex. All men can't afford to have someone Patti Stanger put in a good word for them and select the best prospects. They have to go out and seek a mate using all the tools that they are naturally blessed with. The advice in this book although well written and concise, is not an exact science and cannot guarantee success. Being successful in attracting women depends on the ability of the man using the advice from this book and ensuring that every ounce of output is genuine.  Certain things can be left out for obvious reasons. This isn't exactly the same as sticking coins into a vending machine and getting the drink you requested. Lots of trials and errors should be expected. Men should read this book for mostly self awareness not to go around playing dress up.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty." ---John Keats, from "Ode on a Grecian Urn" I remember having to read this poem many moons ago in middle school. (Notice that I stress 'having'---reading Keats was not a priority for a thirteen-year-old. Still, I gamely made it through English period for a couple of days.) Nearly three decades later, the significance of the aforementioned line is evident: even in our philistine world, there exists a shard or two of that which can be construed by our subjectivity as being beautiful. I am no Keats scholar, but I'd venture to say that, even in his day, while ravaged by tuberculosis, Keats was able to find solace and significance in the simplicity of a molded, decorated vase that spoke to humanity of that which we would proclaim pleasing to our collective eye. I mention tuberculosis because only in recent decades has science and medicine been able to effectively combat this dreaded diease, which invariably meant a death sentence for all who contracted it. Keats was only 25 years old when he died; perhaps it was because he knew he was dying, and that his life on earth was limited, that he sought out all that his seventeenth-century world offered. The guy thirsted for knowledge; had he the ability to redefine our definition of time, he might declare a day to be seventy, eighty, one hundred hours. Knowing that a second which has passed can never be recaptured can fuel finding beauty in what otherwise is mundane and ordinary; hence, urns and landscapes and people and plants that would not normally elicit impassioned responses might inspire someone to put paintbrush to canvas, or pallet knife to clay, or pen to paper---hence Keats's soliloquy to his favorite Greek pottery. Perhaps, if we took the same approach towards finding a lifetime partner, we might treasure our relationships more highly than we do now. In this fluid world, where relationships seem more grounded in the shallowest and softest of loam, it is imperative that we strive to build solid and sturdy relationships that can withstand the inevitable dacay of ennui and neglect. This is where Stephen Williams's "How to Attract Women: Stand Out and Be Noticed" is applicable. Our intrepid author has proceeded to compose yet another tome that highlights the importance of seeking out a woman's beauty that goes deeper than her Nivea-enhanced skin. Williams urges his (male) readers to be themselves. While this is straightforward, simple advice, he also advocates them to utilize their emotions to find a way to connect with their potential partner: "Be considerate of (a woman's) needs and preferences but don't be submissive." (intro.) While it's always good to be assertive, it's also important to seek compromise. All give and no take doesn't make for a powerful dynamic---rather, it transforms someone into a masochist and a martyr. "Women" applies the Golden Rule to the prospective relationship. The author stresses the importance of being a nice person and comporting oneself well in all social situations. In plain talk, don't be a jackass. You'd be surprised at the sheer number of men who do this when women are present. Recently, I was at a local watering hole where many attractive women were present. I made small talk with several of them and made it a point of inquiring about their professional lives, their interests, and what they valued in a relationship. Of course, this was