How to Be Punk, Vol. 1

How to Be Punk, Vol. 1


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  1. Lesson 1
  2. Intentions
  3. Mutual
  4. Another Sappy Song About Hate
  5. Trinidad @@Potatomen
  6. Haywire
  7. My Favorite Show Is 90210
  8. Lesson 2
  9. This Rooms Regular
  10. Winter Comes Agains @@J. Church
  11. You @@Shrooms
  12. Untitled Hip-Hop Slam Jam
  13. Hip Like Us
  14. I Never Wanted Anything to Change @@Nobody's
  15. Sharpen the Edge
  16. Lesson 3
  17. Banknote
  18. 745
  19. Green @@Polk High #33
  20. Education, Not Execution @@Operation Cliff Clavin
  21. [Untitled Track] @@Bobba Fett
  22. Upside Down
  23. Lesson 4
  24. Filler
  25. Small Town Cops
  26. Teenage Punks on Talkshows @@Connie Dungs
  27. S&M Party
  28. Chemical Courage @@Nonsence
  29. John Jordan
  30. Lesson #5

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Fifteen   Track Performer
Squirtgun   Track Performer
Schleprock   Track Performer
Automatics   Track Performer
F.Y.P   Track Performer
Sinkhole   Track Performer
Discount   Track Performer
Everready   Track Performer
Tiltwheel   Track Performer
Pinhead Circus   Track Performer
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp   Track Performer
Shoegazer   Track Performer
Moral Crux   Track Performer
Co-Ed   Track Performer

Technical Credits

James Parker   Composer
Alison Mosshart   Composer
Bill Nesper   Composer
Ryan Seagrist   Composer

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