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How To Get Pregnant Fast: Helpful Tips To Ensure Parenthood In No Time

How To Get Pregnant Fast: Helpful Tips To Ensure Parenthood In No Time

3.8 6
by Stephen Williams
So, what are you waiting for? Download this book and let it work miracles for you. Relieve yourself from the stress brought about by infertility. Rule it out before it rules out your marriage and potential parenthood. Go through this book and find out the benefits that are yours to take. Don’t delay the realization of your plans. Do it now!


So, what are you waiting for? Download this book and let it work miracles for you. Relieve yourself from the stress brought about by infertility. Rule it out before it rules out your marriage and potential parenthood. Go through this book and find out the benefits that are yours to take. Don’t delay the realization of your plans. Do it now!

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Meet the Author

“Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” Sylvia Plath

Use our step by step process to learn and grow both professionally, and personally. And don’t worry you won’t end up putting your head in an oven like Sylvia Plath. The end result will be more akin to the brilliance of a quote like that, not the end result of its author’s life. Wizards Books self-help series is the thing you need to educate you on a variety of topics.

However Sylvia Plath was right in her assertion about the ways of the world, most things in life need to be done step-by-step. We have enhanced that age old rule, and with step-by-step wizard books we teach the masses to rein in their creativity in all types of fields, and take it a step at a time.

Have you often thought, your imagination is spent, you’re sick and tired of never achieving your real potential, you’re stuck in a rut, where do you go from here? The Step-by-step series can help you get out of all that, and achieve positive real world results in any field.

We distill information, so you get a concise picture of what needs to be done. Unlike any other self-help book out there, step-by-step guides you through whatever process you seek to learn, and instead of just giving you information, they help you grow as an individual.

Just think, you will no longer need to seek out advice on any subject ever again.
Step-by-steps how to guides will show you how it’s done, and then how to do it right. It’s the last self-help tool you will ever need, think of us as your own personal self-help guru, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How To Get Pregnant Fast: Helpful Tips To Ensure Parenthood In No Time 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
Whether you are thinking of having kids, already have kids and want to add to the family, or simply interested in the subject matter, this is a book to add to your collection. Stephen Williams’ “How to Get Pregnant Fast” is a chest of information, ideas and tips that will help any couple as they try to get pregnant. As the title states, this book is a how-to book that will list everything that you need to do, and more, in order to create that little human being. Since some couples are unlucky enough to have a really hard time trying to conceive, this book can be used a resource to make ‘trying’ a little less challenging. To add to that, the book is an easy read. With all the information you will be soaking up, you will be amazed at how quickly you go through the book, and the wealth of information that you would have gained. I suggested this book to my sister who is now trying to start a family and she was happy to find that there are things in there that she had never thought of trying. Hence, now, her chances of getting pregnant have increased significantly. I never knew that Williams could write a how-to book on pregnancy, but he has, and it’s good. I was more used to his books on other aspects of sex. I was happy to find this book as it showed me a different side of the writer. And, he hasn’t disappointed me. He still demonstrated that he is really good at what he does.
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
Having been familiar with some of Stephen Williams’ other great, short books regarding sex and relationships, I was a little surprised, but pleased to see him tackling such a deeply emotional subject as planned pregnancy. ‘How to Get Pregnant Fast: Create Your Own Family Right Away’ is the perfect guide for couples that want to start with some good, basic advice in easing the way for pregnancy. Before you rush out and buy a scientific manual on the female and male reproductive systems, and get bogged down by the technical mumbo jumbo, relax, take a deep breath, and read this book! Williams highlights some great advice that a lot of couples could really benefit from. His approach to procreation focusing on keeping a good mental state is critical to any couple looking to start a family, not just those that have preexisting fertility issues. While it’s true that some couples will have a more difficult time conceiving, due to medical or physical problems beyond their control, Williams highlights some things that anyone can try in order to get pregnant more quickly. He tackles the subject in a sensitive manner, addressing his readers in a friendly, easy to read writing style. He speaks to you more like a good friend than a doctor in a stiff white coat. I also liked the way the book addresses just what to expect when you do finally receive the blessing of a little bundle of joy. Many people focus on the idea of a perfect conception, pregnancy, easy delivery, and angelic baby who sleeps through the night and hardly interferes at all with a couple’s relationship and life; this is almost never the case! As someone who never had a problem conceiving my children, I was fortunate enough not to need a book like this. However, I have two family members that tried for several years to get pregnant before successfully conceiving. I know what a stressful, uncertain time that can be…and books like this can help would be parents navigate those unknown waters a little easier. Although the advice given in the book was relatively straightforward, many stressed out couples may not necessarily think of it on their own. This book helps push them in the right direction to help get their family started quickly, barring any serious medical issues. It would have been nice if the book were longer, and could go into a little more detail on a few of the suggestions. But, overall, it was a great source of information in a quick, easy to read format. I would recommend this, or any of Williams’ other ‘how to’ books, as his easy style and friendly tone are easy to follow, and generally offer some good advice.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
Reading this book will help you add to your family or start one. When you are looking for some help on how to have kids fast then you will love this book. Stephen Williams actually gives some good advice when it comes to this book and you will learn a lot from it. You will be amazed at how long it will take you to read the book and I will say that you will go through the book with ease and then be able to grasp all of the information that you read. This is a nice book that will help you start and add to your family. Yes many struggles with having kids, so there are other things that they will need in order to start a family and or if have one then add to it. This book has a lot of information and you will love the fact that you learn more than what you may already know. I recommend this book to all my friends that want to start a family or just add to their new one. This is a great read and you will find that it will take you no time to read the book. If you would like to try it out then go for it, because you will not be disappointed. I read it and liked the information so I share it with others that need help and or looking for more information. A great book to read in my opinion.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
What springs to mind when you hear the word "baby"? Booties? Formula? Diapers? Running to your local Rite-Aid at three-thirty in the morning to get a jug of Pedia-lyte because the kid can't stop puking their little guts out? Been there, done that. As the father of one child, I can attest to making all these aforementioned associations with "baby"... and then some. Don't get me wrong. Such cavalier answers are only meant to demonstrate my own individual experience (and, at the risk of speaking for others, my ex-wife, who is an excellent mom) with tending to a small creature who was created out of the timeless union between a man and a woman. Raising a child is fraught with many challenges and countless frustrations---but also provides the potential for unbridled joy, pride, and growth as a parent. For many single adults and couples within a loving, committed relationship, being able to plan ahead for having a child is a noteworthy, laudable goal. For many responsible adults out there who already have children and are thinking of having another, or who are presently childless but have been debating about whether to have one or not, Stephen Williams's "How to Get Pregnant Fast: Create Your Own Family Right Away" provides several practical, yet highly enjoyable, approaches to maximizing opportunities for conception at nearly any time. Of course, there are important aspects of the getting-pregnant mentality that pose some real challenges to certain individuals and couples. One issue concerns fertility. Fact is, there are some individuals who, for whatever reason, have an incredibly difficult time conceiving. These folks may have been trying for months (at times even years) to have a baby, but have not been successful. Other people may have physical infirmaries or may be chronologically at risk for having children, which may pose a physical risk to both the fetus and prospective mother. Many women who are either single or in a relationship with a significant other have tended to postpone having children these days; consequently, the number of first-time parents who are of middle age has been increasing. The factors for this trend can be correlated with attaining higher levels of education and/or professional development; fulfilling career goals and thus increasing personal income level; caring for elderly parents and relatives; and dealing with frayed social networks that either do not necessarily exist anymore, or if they do, they are nowhere near as strong or as developed as they once were when these prospective parents were children themselves. The cumulative tone presented throughout "Pregnant" is optimistic and playful, as is reflective of most of Williams's works. He stresses the importance of having fun and to maintain a level head and, if you don't already have one, to cultivate and develop a sense of humor. Since all of these approaches involve maintaining a solid sense of communication with one another, the author encourages social, emotional, psychological and sexual intimacy that precludes the actual sexual act itself. By assuming this approach, the times when one or both parties may not feel like making love will be softened by taking advantage of this continuous communication, which in turn will help any couple be able to ride these ups and downs that are inevitable in any relationship. "How to Get Pregnant Fast" is an informative, fast-paced tome that
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Any one want to have sex with a 14 year old.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ive been having trouble getting pregant for the past two years and am wondering if this has worked for anyone please type back ASAP