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How to Hook a Hottie

How to Hook a Hottie

4.1 18
by Tina Ferraro

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AGERANGE: Ages 15 to 18.

Seventeen-year-old Kate has big plans for her life. She�s the president of her school�s Future Business Leaders of America club and is determined to get straight As this year. But college isn�t next on her agenda. Kate hopes to be a self-made millionaire by age 20, and going to college would only slow her down. Her parents aren�t thrilled with this plan, but agree that she can have her college fund if she saves $5,000 by graduation. An unexpected business opportunity opens up when words gets out that one of the most popular boys in school has asked Kate to the football banquet. Suddenly, girls approach Kate and want her expert advice on reeling in a crush. Kate sees her chance to make the rest of the money she needs to save, and develops a six-point plan, or, as she calls it, a hottie-hooking hexagon. Kate�s matchmaking business blossoms, until she is dumped by Brandon. Now that she�s back to being a nobody, her peers are no longer interested in her services. Though Ferraro�s book is a quick read, there are a surprising number of storylines packed into the plot. Beyond Kate�s millionaire dreams, she is also dealing with an absentee mother, an annoying 12-year-old she�s paid to chauffeur around town, and unexpected feelings for Jason, her best friend. When Kate finally sees past the dollar signs, the story really takes off. Jason refers to her as �Complikate,� an apt nickname for someone with so little foresight and so much determination. Reviewer: Amanda MacGregor
March 2008 (Vol. 42, No.2)

School Library Journal

Gr 7-10- After Brandon asks 17-year-old Kate, the Future Business Leaders of America copresident, to be his date at the sports banquet, she enjoys popularity and notoriety. Surprised that she could land the school's most eligible bachelor, and certain that she has some kind of trade secret for scoring dates, her classmates begin asking her for advice. Sensing a business opportunity, Kate and her friend Jason launch a matchmaking service based on what Kate terms a "Six Point Plan: A Hexagon for Hooking Hotties." Ferraro's novel is a romance in the style of the offerings from Smoochya and "Simon Romantic Comedies." Secondary plots involve Kate's dream of becoming a millionaire by age 20, her relationship with her estranged mother, and her concern for the girl she babysits, who has problems with her own family. While these add variety to the story, the emphasis is on the dating business, and Kate's growing feelings for Jason. The first-person narrative moves quickly though superficially; the secondary plots are never explored in any great depth, making the conclusion-in which all of these narrative strands are resolved-feel a bit too pat. Still, romance novels are inherently fantasies of a sort and, as such, Ferraro's book is satisfying.-Amy S. Pattee, Simmons College, Boston

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Random House Children's Books
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5.29(w) x 7.98(h) x 0.46(d)
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12 - 17 Years

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How to Hook a Hottie 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
mrdarcy3 More than 1 year ago
Kate's always wanted to be a business woman, in fact she's made a deal with her parents that if she can earn 5000 before graduation, she's have full access to her college fun to invest. Kate's been working towards this goal but when the uber popular jock asks her out, she gains fame. Suddenly girls are asking her to them them her secrets and Kate realizes that this could be there start of a matchmaking business. Can she create successful relationships? A super addicting novel, Tina Ferraro pens a fast, fun, and entertaining novel. I can't wait to read more of her work.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
There are two main things that everyone has to know about Kate DelVecchio, specifically what she is and what she isn't going to be.

Businesswoman: YES College student: NO

Kate is basically all business when it comes to her future, literally. Her parents really want her to go to college, but since they know that Kate has no intentions to do so, they strike up a deal with her: if she is able to raise five grand by graduation, along with having straight As on her report card, then they will hand over every single penny in Kate's college savings account. Kate is almost there, earning most of the money by driving around a bratty rich girl to her ice skating practices. But that job is definitely not going to help her earn all of the $5,000.

Then something weird happens. Brandon Callister, the school's hottie, baseball hero, and Kate's lab partner, asks her go with him to a sports awards ceremony. Everyone, of course, is surprised that someone like Kate could snag someone like Brandon.

Fortunately for Kate, Brandon asking her out gave her the perfect opportunity to earn the rest of her money. Her fellow classmates are paying Kate to give them advice on how to hook their own hottie, even though Kate doesn't know too much on the subject -- but no one has to know that. Soon enough, Kate has a hexagonal plan and a partner in crime, Dal.

Aside from her new business, Kate has to deal with a mother who went off to college once again; Brandon, who she never should have said yes to, and Dal, her best friend who she is beginning to see in a whole new light, but who unfortunately already has a girlfriend. Yet, Kate will soon find out that helping others get the ones that they want isn't so easy and that maybe the future she planned out for herself isn't the best one.

HOW TO HOOK A HOTTIE definitely surprised since it was not just some ordinary teen novel. Sure, Kate may seem like one tough cookie, but, in the end, she learns and goes through some important things that not only her but the readers will find useful later on. Another great read from Tina Ferraro, following TOP TEN USES FOR AN UNWORN PROM DRESS.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At the young age of seventeen, Kate DelVecchio is determined to make a million dollars before she turns twenty. And only after this has been completed will she let herself think about starting a relationship or a family she doesn¿t want to end up like her mother. However, Kate somehow becomes the hottest guy in school¿s date to the sports banquet, to her surprise and that of the entire school. No one understands how Kate was able to hook such a hottie, but they figure she must¿ve don¿t something right so they start coming to her for advice on how to hook their own hotties ¿ for a fee of course. And thus Kate finds herself developing a Six-Point Plan for her new business and even closer to her goal. But when it comes to hotties, will Kate follow her own advice? How to Hook a Hottie was a cute, short, and romantic book. I will admit I didn¿t really like Kate¿s character towards the beginning of the novel, mostly because she was way too focused on cash, but as the story progressed, she grew on me. I especially liked how she came through in the end. I thought it was funny how Kate didn¿t realize what she really wanted (not her life plan) even when it was right in front of her, and I was glad that she wised up. My favorite part of this novel, though, was the hottie-hooking tips. Some of them were pretty random, and I have yet to test their effectiveness, but they did add humor to the story. All this made How to Hook a Hottie a very enjoyable story. If you¿re looking for a fast and fun read, I recommend How to Hook a Hottie. I look forward to reading Tina Ferraro¿s other novel, Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, as well as her upcoming one, The ABC¿s of Kissing Boys.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kate is ambitious. She has plans and goals and hottie-hooking hexagons. She wants to become a millionaire before she reaches twenty (twenty-five, at the maximum), but her parents have different plans for her. Her mom -- who's in Germany, disconnected from Kate's life -- wants her to go to college and get some degrees. But Kate has other plans -- and they don't involve more school. Now, to prove she'll be able to make it in the real world, she has to raise five thousand dollars on her own. And what better way than to come up with a get-rich-quick scheme? This book is fun and clever, kept me turning pages to reach the satisfying end. I'm not a fan of 'teenager-ish' writing, but other than that, I recommend this book for a fun, quick read with lots of heart behind it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I know!! When I was kid, my sister called me The Sabrinatops but, I prefer to not be named after a dinosaur.
Lovz-Books More than 1 year ago
Kate is a funny and ambitious character, presenting herself with a self-deprecating quirkiness and a fierce drive. Also known as “Complikate,” she absolutely will not allow anyone to stand in the way of her dreams. “Being popular and running with the ‘cool kids’ just didn’t get my motor running. Which either made me wise beyond my years or just plain weird.” (22) A plain brain with limited social skills (like me,) Kate has a goal: to be a millionaire by the age of 20. Ooookay. Yeah, that’s not too unrealistic. Suddenly, an epiphany: getting paid to teach girls how to hook a hottie. Not a bad idea, but I wouldn’t know what to do or say either. Still, Kate was never one to walk away from a challenge, and she did need the money. In the midst of this grand scheme, Brandon Callister, the most popular hottie, is into Kate, and, out of the blue, she was branded as his “girlfriend.” Was Kate really lucky to have such a narcissistic windbag? “People thought I was the girlfriend of I guy I could barely stand. And the only thing that had gotten me into this situation was just being myself.” (90) It was ironic how Kate takes up her own made-up advice at hooking the hottie. She SO liked Dal, but it was too bad he was already taken. Overall, the characters were okay, but not very memorable. Sometimes Kate can be too money-grubbing and tyrannical. Even though I knew that the “hooking-hottie” biz wouldn’t work out, it was interesting to see Kate grow and learn from her mistakes. A quick read you can get through in a matter of hours.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kate Delvecchio has a one-track mind: make a million before she hits twenty. Her kickstart to this plan involves earning five grand by graduation and earning straight As her senior year, so she can convince her parents that she doesn't need college to succeed. Not because her mom bailed on the family to pursue a PhD in Germany. Really. So, Kate's raking in weekly bucks toting a twelve year old 'boy can I sympathize with her on that hardship!' to and from skating practice, but she'll still wind up a thou short. When a disastrous situation--i.e. being forced to go out with the star baseball player just so she can get their Chem work done--turns into an Ideal Opportunity--i.e. classmates lining up to pay her 'yes, pay her' to hook them up with their crushes--she doesn't need The Donald to tell her what to do. But Kate doesn't take into account that people don't always act in accordance to spreadsheets and hexagon charts, and soon her Ideal Opportunity is turning into a complete mess. With her at the bottom of the social pile. Thankfully she has her best friend Dal--Jason Dalrymple--to pull her back onto her feet. Kate starts off in a world that makes perfect sense. Except for the missing mom, the snotty twelve year old, the unwanted jock boyfriend, and the jealousy over the best friend's overnights to visit his girlfriend. Wait, did Kate think her world made sense? By the end, she learns that not everything of value can be tabulated in a ledger and sometimes you have to stop reacting to the actions of others in order to make your own place in the world. Ferraro hits another homerun--oops, ixnay on the aseballbay alktay--with HOW TO HOOK A HOTTIE. It's fun, fast-paced, with characters you'll root for and a romance you'll be dying to see finally happen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
money, that is. If it did, Kate DelVecchio would be a happy camper. Kate would do just about anything to earn five thousand dollars so that her parents give her control of her college savings, even if it means giving dating advice when she can't figure out her own love life. You'll love this sweet tale of a girl who learns that money isn't everything!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've only read an excerpt, because I liked her previous book, but... I think this book will be great. The story is about a girl who wishes to be a millionaire by the time she's twenty, and she works odd jobs to make her money. After the most popular guy in school asks her to a banquet, a girl starts to ask her how she did it, and that leads to her asking Kate 'our main character' for help on hooking a hottie- thus, the title. Thats all I know so far, but I'm looking to find out.