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How to Publish and Promote Online
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How to Publish and Promote Online

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by M. J. Rose, Angela Adair-Hoy

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Everything you need to know about profitable online publishing and promotion

From Stephen King to authors who haven't become household names quite yet, authors are increasingly turning to the Internet as a way of taking charge of their own publishing destiny. The opportunities are vast, but also confusing: Should you publish an e-book, a conventional


Everything you need to know about profitable online publishing and promotion

From Stephen King to authors who haven't become household names quite yet, authors are increasingly turning to the Internet as a way of taking charge of their own publishing destiny. The opportunities are vast, but also confusing: Should you publish an e-book, a conventional print book, a Print On Demand book, a CD-ROM, or all of the above? What do you need to know to create an e-book? How do you set up a website, and how can you actually get people to visit that website? Where can you sell your books on the web? And how can you use the Internet to generate massive free publicity?

M. J. Rose and Angela Adair-Hoy provide the answers to all of these questions and more. When she self-published her first novel, Lip Service, as an e-book, M. J. Rose became a "cyber pioneer" (PW Daily) and attracted so much publicity that she sold the rights to a major book club and a New York publisher. As the co-owner of a highly successful e-book publisher, Booklocker, and the publisher of Writers Weekly, an e-magazine featuring markets for freelance writers, Angela Adair-Hoy also learned all of the possibilities that online publishing could offer. Using their own experiences-combined with insiders' tips from other authors on the web-they published an e-book, The Secrets of Our Success, that became the underground bible for online authors and publishers.

Now thoroughly revised and expanded, this book is an indispensable guide to navigating the publishing jungle from you own personal computer.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Anyone interested in e-books or e-publishing should read this informative--and ground-breaking guide.” —Publishers Weekly
Writers Write
Anyone who is considering self-publishing, epublishing or promoting a traditionally published book on the Internet will find this book to be an invaluable reference.

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While I'm humble enough to say I'm not yet a success, I do believe that I'm doing everything that an author can and should do to become a success — and I'm seeing the fruits of that expanding each and every day.

When I sold my first book to an electronic publisher, I faced the fact that 1) I didn't know anything about this medium, 2) I didn't know how to promote in this medium, and 3) I didn't know if there was even an audience for it. So I made some decisions. I would educate myself about e-publishing, I would educate my fellow writers about it, and I would educate the public and get myself an audience. Success, as an e-published author, sometimes requires that an author first tell the readers what electronic publishing is and then why they should read your e-book.

These are just some of the numerous methods I've used, and advise other authors to use, to reach success:

1. Have a personal web page, somewhere you can send readers to find everything they need to know about you. An e-author without a Web site is like a cat without claws. No way to climb up. Very few e-authors succeed without one.

2. Promote heavily on the web. Search the Web for places to promote yourself through interviews, live chats, reviews, title listings, and so on. Never let an opportunity pass by to get your name out there. You want to be as many places as you can possibly be at the same time.

3. Establish a presence for yourself in your chosen medium. If the authors know you, the publishers know you. There's a very good chance that opportunities will arise for you, and that could lead to more readers.

4. Traditional methods of promotion almost never work for e-authors especially new ones. These should be saved until later in your career or for in-person functions (book signings, conferences, etc.). Be creative in your promotion. A new, exciting medium invites new, exciting methods of promotion.

5. Write outstanding books that transcend mediums. Very few people will look at a book that's received lavish praise and say, "I don't read e-books on principle." They'll be too curious for that. Set high standards for yourself in this vein.

6. The humble writer is the loser in most cases. Promotion of oneself is a conceited business, but it's absolutely necessary. To be a success, you must look like a success and sound like you really know what you're talking about. Believe in yourself enough to go out there and say, "Hey, I'm good. I'm worth reading!"

7. Never limit yourself to one medium. Writers have a whole world of options-print, electronic, audio, screenplay. Use all of your rights to expand your resume. You never know when you'll hit the jackpot.

8. Don't limit yourself to a single publisher. I believe strength in numbers in this medium will come from having as many books out there as possible, in as many arenas as possible.

9. Don't neglect your fans. Each and every person who takes the time to sign my guestbook and write to me receives a personal reply. Someday it may not be possible to have time to respond personally, but when you're just starting out, these people are your fan-base. They are one part of a chain that will spread the word-of-mouth about you. Later, you may only be able to honor them with a great story, but never forget them.

Karen Wiesner is the bestselling author of Falling Star and Electronic Publishing: The Definitive Guide.

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From the Publisher
“Anyone interested in e-books or e-publishing should read this informative—and ground-breaking—guide.” –Publishers Weekly

Meet the Author

M. J. Rose, called the "e-book queen" by Publishers Weekly, continues to write on this subject for Wired and Writer's Digest. Using the strategies in How to Publish and Promote Online, her e-published debut novel, Lip Service, established her as a "cyber pioneer" (PW Daily).

Angela Adair-Hoy is co-owner of Booklocker.com, a highly successful e-book publisher, and publishes Writersweekly.com, an e-magazine featuring markets for freelance writers.

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How to Publish and Promote Online 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all, this book was published in 2001 and a lot of technology and sources has changed since then. However, there is still a lot of good information to be taken away on the generalities of promotion on-line. I just wish that when it said it was an updated version, that it had meant that it was a current update, not 2001.
YvonnePerry More than 1 year ago
With technology changing as fast as it does, I was a little hesitant about spending time in a book published nearly eight years ago. However, there is some timeless marketing advice in this book that makes it well worth reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has saved me hours of trying to find good web sites to promote my own book. It has to be one of the best books on web sites around, and it is filled with accurate information. Excellent information on web site and web hosting strategies, using email, electronic newsletters, and selling your book online. If you are in self-publishing or thinking about writing a book, buy this one first!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ditto to the praise and compliments given to the authors of How to Publish and Promote Online. Practical advice told in a common sense manner that prompts one to think creatively towards publishing. The book sets the standards in helping others accomplish their goals without feeling intimidated by the process. In a line ¿ it¿s not a book but a bible for those looking to self publish, promote and find the time to keep writing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jam-packed with practical suggestions, this book is essential for every writer who has a computer! In addition to the chapters by M.J. Rose and Angela Adair-Hoy, the book includes success stories from other prominent online authors. These 'how-I-did-it' essays are inspiring for both new and experienced writers. I found many new resources and unusual ideas in this book (it contains over 500 links). The 58 chapters plus author comments are short and focused, and the index is extensive so you can easily flip to topics such as 'author chats' and 'book reviews.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
The VA Festival of The Book changed the direction and momentum of my livelihood; that is where I met MJ Rose, co-author, of `How to Publish and Promote Online'. This meeting was long before this current book came out, and I began researching all I could find on how MJ Rose did what she did regarding publishing and promoting her own writing and achieving such success from it. MJ was, and continues to be, even in the current book, exceedingly generous in her help to all of us pursuing the business end of our writing. I followed her suggestions and ideas. They worked and continue to work. It was while reading and printing the many pages of Internet information on MJ , that I was then introduced to Angela Adair-Hoy and Booklocker.com. Angela in her own right, also extemely successful. Once again, I studied Angela, and followed her suggestions and ideas....They worked, and continue to do so. And now these two women, have co-authored a book, giving all writers interested in publishing their own words, especially online, with off line application as well, the how to's and the inspiration to do so ! It is quite clear, within the reading, that these two writers, followed their own instincts to their success, some against the norm; they share it with us in this offering. They have given us a template to success in our own writing, self-publishing endeavors. A template flexible enough to fit our own ideas within it, streamlined by MJ & Angela. `How to Publish & Promote Online' is presented with the sensitivity towards the writers of us , who choose the business of our writing to be as exciting and creative as the creating of the writing. Other leading writers, self publishers give their experience, within this book, which only adds to the already wonderful flavor of Rose & Adair-Hoy. In one condensed offering, we are given places to go to promote online, how it works, and continues to work for others. Real experiences from both MJ and Angela, leave no doubt in the readers mind, that as this information is applied, success is emanate and with momentum. I personally attest to the fact that the information contained within these pages is excellent, factual, extemely inspirational, efficiently presented and helpful. I have been applying some of it prior to the release of this edition, only due to my in-depth' research of these authors. And now to have it all plus so much MORE that I did not have, and did not even know I should be looking for ....it is quite a literal writing , publishing gold mine. If you want a college course in success in Online publishing and promoting yourself, while having the fun and affection of the business end of your writing. This Book is One to Have ! My Momentum has catapulted. To Your Success ! Susan James, Author of: `Manifesting 101 :Essays & Tools for Creating' (Paperback) & Soon to be released from Booklocker.com in E-book & Paperback, `17 Seconds to Wt.Loss/The Guide'.