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How to Talk With Your Angels

How to Talk With Your Angels

3.6 3
by Kim O'neill


All human beings, whether they know it or not, have at least two guardian angels to guide them through life. To get in touch with your guardian angelic companions is to avail yourself of love, comfort, protection, and the ability to seize opportunities that will bring you peace of mind, success, and



All human beings, whether they know it or not, have at least two guardian angels to guide them through life. To get in touch with your guardian angelic companions is to avail yourself of love, comfort, protection, and the ability to seize opportunities that will bring you peace of mind, success, and happiness. In How to Talk with Your Angels, professional psychic and teacher Kim O'Neill shares her own extraordinary experiences with angels and shows you how you too can open the door to the spiritual communication that will transform your life.

  • Discover:
  • The nine steps to getting in touch with your angels
  • The art of listening to their heavenly wisdom
  • What they can tell you about finding your soul mate
  • How they can help you open your heart to joy and fulfillment
  • How their words can help you overcome sorrow
  • How they can point the way to life-changing opportunities
  • When their warnings can save your life
  • How they can help you communicate with lost loved ones
  • and much, much more

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Chapter One

How I Met My Angels

From my earliest childhood recollections I can vividly remember the presence of special, unseen companions who talked with me, played with me, guided me, comforted me, and protected me. As a child, I fully accepted and believed in the reality of their existence.

One day I became suddenly curious about why such special companions would choose to play with ordinary little me. My companions explained they were my guardian Angels who were sent from heaven to guide and watch over me.

Although I couldn't see them, I could always hear their voices whispering gently to me inside my head, and I began to develop a method of communication with them that allowed us to privately talk back and forth, as if we were communicating over a telepathic telephone.

Even as a small child, I would practice communicating with my Angels by thinking about a question, and moments later, they would reply with an answer that I could readily understand.

It was so effortless and so much fun to practice, 1 discovered it didn't take any time at all for me to fully develop this communication with my Angels, and soon we became the best of friends. '

Once I became confident of receiving information from my Angels, they began to expand our communication by providing me with psychic messages in the form of dreams while I slept.

Before the age of ten, I was having clairvoyant dreams that foretold births, deaths, final scores of professional athletics, natural disasters, plane crashes, and violent crime including kidnappings, rapes, and murders.

It was fascinating and very frightening as a child to have suchvivid and explicit nightmares. My dreams were filled with sound, color, smells, and clear images of people, places, and things involved with the day's current events. Sleep was very much like being hooked into a psychic CNN.

I would get out of bed each day, eager to read the morning newspaper and explore screaming headlines and feature stories that described the exact events I had dreamt about just the night before. My intuitive messages were proven time and time again to be so specific and accurate, I developed total trust and a sense of reverence for the information my Angels were providing me.

Although I was consistently receiving factual, detailed psychic information, I was too shy to share it with anyone. The unique relationship with my Angels began when -1 was so young and became so natural a process to me that, as a child, I believed everyone else was having the same experience and was receiving the same clairvoyant information as I was. It

never occurred to me that the communication with my Angels was in any way remarkable.

They continued to speak to me until I reached the age of eleven. Then my Angelic messages quieted, except for an occasional clairvoyant dream.

Surprisingly, I didn't miss receiving the intuitive information. With no psychic distractions, I could suddenly begin to focus all my attention on the "normal" girlhood interests of books, clothes, music, school, and boys. I'm sorry to say I soon forgot all about the special communication I had developed with my Angels.

My spiritual awakening didn't resume for many years. I didn't hear from my Angels again until I was in my early thirties and my life was in total chaos.

Professionally, I was the co-owner of a small advertising agency in Houston that was always teetering on the brink of insolvency. Plunging oil prices were completely devastating the Texas economy.

I was an emotional wreck, drowning in the stress and pressure of the highly competitive advertising industry. I tried to balance the financial concerns of meeting payroll with the creative challenges of working for demanding clients who complained about every invoice presented to them.

The labor-intensive, fast-track nature of the agency business was also affecting my physical health. Ignoring my once-healthy eating habits, I gulped down fast food carry-out at My desk over brainstorming sessions with agency colleagues. My sleep was continually interrupted by perpetual tossing and turning as I worried frantically about meeting monthly business expenses.

Each day I knew I was killing myself with stress, but I had no earthly idea what else I could do if I left the advertising industry. I felt hopelessly trapped, like an animal caught in the glare of oncoming headlights.

My personal life was also in shambles. I had no real relationships outside of the agency, because the long hours made it impossible to carry on any kind of consistent friendships.

My partner in the advertising agency was my husband, and we fought constantly over differing business philosophies and broken commitments. As a married couple, we carried the stress from the business home with us each night, making it impossible after-hours to relax, recharge, or unwind.

Feeling like a total failure, it took all the strength I could muster to put one foot in front of the other to survive each day as best I could.

Suddenly and without warning, at the lowest point of my life, the intuitive messages began again from my Angels. But this time, instead of gently bubbling into my consciousness as the messages did when I was a child, the intuitive information exploded inside of me.

It had been such a long time since I had any communication from them, I had completely forgotten about the Angels from my childhood. This startling, newfound intuitiveness created an enormous amount of confusion and distraction for me, dramatically adding to the stress I was already feeling.

I was "picking up" psychic energy from everyone and anyone who came near me. The intuitive information from my Angels came into my head loud and clear, just as it had when I was a child.

The girl standing next to me in the frozen food section of the grocery store was getting a divorce because her husband was unfaithful. The...

Meet the Author

Speaker, channel, and author of How to Talk with Your Angels, Kim O'Neill is one of the country's most respected authorities on spiritual topics including destiny, reincarnation, past lifetimes, and communicating with angels. Her philosophy of guiding clients one-on-one to greater empowerment and self-awareness has led her to establish seminars on developing channeling ability, understanding destiny, and creating soul mate relationships. Kim O'Neill lives with her husband in Houston, where she is at work on her third book.

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How to Talk With Your Angels 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've read many books about contacting your angels and spirit guides and this one is by-far the best. Step by step instructions. It is a must read for those who want to learn to channel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you looking to find a book with insight on how to start comunnicating with your Angels this is it.Very simple instructions but yet efective atleast they were for me.This is a must buy .I loved it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kim O'Neill is a 'very' gifted individual and I consider her an angelic inspiration for all mankind. Kim's book is very easy to understand and is wonderfully funny. I immensly enjoyed her book and recommend it as a MOST have. By the way, you will want to also share this book with all of your family and friends!