How to Think About Algorithms

How to Think About Algorithms

by Jeff Edmonds

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Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged down in formal proof.See more details below


Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged down in formal proof.

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"Edmonds intends this text for use in advanced undergraduate courses in algorithms. The author encourages abstract thinking through exercises informed by real-world scenarios to help students access and master algorithm concepts, including proofs of correctness, with greater ease. Twenty-one chapters under the main themes of iterative algorithms and loop invariants (section one), recursion (section two), and optimization problems (section three) cover topics that include: measures of progress and loop invariants, abstract data types, binary search, iterative sorting algorithms, abstractions and theory, recursion on trees, recursive images, graph search algorithms, network flows and linear programming, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming algorithms. Seven additional chapters in the appendix consider specific algorithms such as those measuring time complexity and asymptomatic growth."
Book News, Inc.

"Reading this is like sitting at the feet of the master: it leads an apprentice from knowing how to program to understanding deep principles of algorithms. Presentation [is] informed and friendly."
Harold Thimbleby, Times Higher Education

"I believe this book could be considered a must-read for every teacher of algorithms. Even if he reads things he already knows, he will be able to view them from different angles and in the process get some very useful ideas on how to explain algorithms in class. The book would also be invaluable to researchers who wish to gain a deeper understanding on how algorithms work, and to undergraduate students who wish to develop their algorithmic thought... it has the potential to be considered a classic."
Kyriakos N. Sgarbas for SIGACT News

"All in all this is a great book to learn how to design and create new algorithms. The author teaches you how to think about algorithms step by step, building the necessary knowledge and illustrating the process with common algorithms. This is a good book that the reader will appreciate in the first and subsequent reads, it will make better developers and programmers."
Journal of Fuctional Programming

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