How to Write

How to Write

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by Gertrude Stein

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Not so much a "how-to" guide as an inspirational journey into the craft of writing by one of the 20th-century's most influential and unconventional literary figures. Also valuable as an entry into Stein's own writings. New preface and introduction by Patricia Meyerowitz.See more details below


Not so much a "how-to" guide as an inspirational journey into the craft of writing by one of the 20th-century's most influential and unconventional literary figures. Also valuable as an entry into Stein's own writings. New preface and introduction by Patricia Meyerowitz.

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How to Write

By Gertrude Stein

Dover Publications, Inc.

Copyright © 1975 Dover Publications, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-486-12176-5



Qu'est-ce que c'est cette comédie d'un chien. Que le dit train est bien celui qui doit les conduire a leur destination. Manifestement éveillé.

When he will see

When he will see

When he will see the land of liberty.

The scene changes it is a stone high up against with a hill and there is and above where they will have time. Not higher up below is a ruin which is a castle and there will be a color above it. Painting now after its great moment must come back to be a minor art.

Will be welcome.

We will be welcome.

Should be put upon a hill. Across which it is placed upon different hills. Lower hills have a mark they mean.

When a dog is no longer a lap dog there is a temporary inattention. Then they will seem to be sent together. It is a noise not of tapestry but of wood which when lighted in three logs makes a fire.

It makes it do that they do cry when in an assistance.

What is a sentence. A sentence is a part of a speech.

A speech. They knew that beside beside is colored like a word beside why there they went. That is a speech. Anybody will listen. What is romantic. I was astonished to learn that she was led by her head and her head was not with her head her head was leading when her heart stood still. She was certain to be left away with them. Dear Christian you are very sweet without hope. Hope is for you.

A blue sky can reflect in a lake.

Speeches are in answer.

We will enjoy with and without that it is said that they do present well.

Buy me a present.

Better than all for the best.

Now in thinking.

The scene opens and they have a valley before them.

Francine which is a name of a young woman who has changed very much in five years hoped to be married that is not hoped but attended to the waiting which was not intentional she was very well occupied. When it came to friendship she said after all marriage meant that they were eager and marrying. And they were without any pleasure in not arranging their wedding. Will it be soon. They will be married after waiting two years during which time they had not become acquainted with one another as they had as often met before. It is a failure in a way it is a failure.

A hill which we see before as often.

We are finally with me.

When this you see will he. A plain case of separation. Will she separate well from him. Well from him is what he thought.

Around Rome.

Rome is a capital. With pleasure in their insistence.

Linden trees do not grow only where there is a home. Linden trees do not grow only where there is a home.

There is a home in and around on account of a he meant well with out repaying. Without repaying who was whose. It would not do.

Four people accompanied by a caniche. They went where they had liked a well with. Whom were they known to be there.

It is ours.


Part of a mail.

The Saracens had been absent from this country. In beggary.

A chateau which from the later time had its roof taken off for cheapness had been made when they went away. Why did not Archie come with a pharmacist. It would not be in might be in time if they never answered.

How are how do you do to be discriminated. There is a mistake in a witness. Fog is wet when there is land and it is white. Fog is wet when there is land and it is white.

It was part of it before. And now. There is a little more. And so there is more than before. Water comes before butter. And moving around. Change butter and paper. What did he weigh in happen. Apart disposed deposed that he went. In a room with a fire that he had for his share. A chair. Following roses.

Now and then there is more to it within when they send for it then.

How is sentiment maintained.

A pause.

A rain makes transplanting following easy. Thank you for thinking of the rain. Once or twice they had left what is ours allowed. A welcome to following.

He in chopping a stick flew to the eye that is hand and clover. Which they had. He was pleased to have the sea of meadow which was below theirs. It was joined and generally resembled when it is and belongs to all which they rent. They were able to have half of it altogether. There were others who had heard more. They will be more for all. However it is kindly.

When they like help they like help. They have it. They like it for them. They have it. They make the most of it which is why they wish. They will wish to have it. Made for them what they have in the way of advising and they need hope. They will allow themselves all for it. They might without which wish. In a way. They must like whatever they do.

It is very old that they like a chateau. Oh well who can be better.

What is the interest in character by saying he understood others.

There is no use in finding out what is in anybody's mind. There is no use in finding out what is in anybody's mind.

What is the difference between sentiment and romance.

What are they leaving they are leaving.

There is some difference between sentiment and romance. Sentiment is awhile and weighed as a weight and romance is made to be authentic. There is no use in knowing why they went because it is made important by their means.

All talk of how well they thought of it.

She was right to be bright.

Edith was right.

Scenery is a valley in moon-light.

Scenery is left of a valley in moon-light.

Below there is a lightened mist.

There is on the height before it makes it come a light cross which is there.

She cannot see it because the sky is light. The sky when it is light is bright.

Explanations make me think of what do they think.

No mention of a little dog.

It is here that they are putting manure.

It is very nicely made that is offering a very small piece of apple not offering but from time to time giving a very small piece of apple pear a single grape to him. He is very obliging, he relinquishes something.

She is not made to be carefully advised when it is well-known as a considerable withdrawal.

A house with health and happiness.

After it is finished before with a smaller well made winding it as a time when they know. Think of an electric clock.

How can they think that they think that they mean theirs.

That is it.

Fortune is told.

For them to be always an amount.

It is gracious to have a cool evening and agreeable though not necessitating it.

What is it.

If they are to be known.

A time in which we will believe they know and marry me.

A setting, the influence of a hill and on which snow and woods are abundant.

If they had been able they would have gone to see it.

How can one know who links what are they with a chain. They are appropriate.

I would like very much to stay longer in the country.

If they look and see two grown where they went.

It is full of finally why me.

When this you see remember me. This is a very fine sentence.


When they were able to have it all their way.

A frog is just like Basket for all the world.

Never to give to him because it is very well to be made mine.

Each word has twenty-two beside.

Will they follow when they go she has let her scissors go so they fell.

Each sentence has adroitness as they decide.

What is a dog.

There is no answer to what they think.

Now in English they mean very well for once.

Now translate that to now in English they mean very well for once.

A hope.

Will be fed.

Now in which they had a pleasure in their having cried when their chimney had been on fire.

A sentence has wishes as an event.

To return to the hoping of pleasing.

They will not be interested in two for a cent.

It is pretty in the country.

Never follow before with them. This is what they mean.

Moonlight means rain.

Once they have the means of saying theirs when they like.

Will when they leave will they think that they will have it for them.

It is a hop from here to there.

Do they like him when they feel for them.

A management of traces of plainly strawberry and raspberry leaves of which there are plants.

Think well of having rested for awhile.

Accidentally met lieutenant Foreman.

A bishop likes a parcel.

This is not true because he is not a bishop

Awhile are they are better every once in a while.

They after all mean more to each other.

A chrysanthemum in bloom is more easily tied together.

Here is an effort.

It is of no use laying places for dinner since because of a turning settlement they will choose passes. In every direction they can as well see a hill as a box. A box is hedges. Little and low with news from without them. It is after that they went away.

I know who cried about Etta.

There is no difference between whether they cried or not.

Never believe that water is accredited to midsummer, or more of winter. We do know that it changes from day to day.

If opposites are equal.

If it comes one after the other furs are farther in fur bearing animals.

I do not know nor do I know if he thinks with them or without me.

What is a sentence for if I am I then my little dog knows me. Even if it is all tenderness. What is tenderness. First there must be a way of going without waiting. There are two things a dictionary and the country.

Think of reason.

It looks like it.

What looks like it.

Discouragement looks like it.

I have never been so sorry about anything as I was about Friday.

If they look like it.

They must fasten apples with quinces. Fatten a dog. Leave well enough alone.

Who has heard that they like it.

It is easy to say it another way. I will refuse.

They will not be heard when they feel well. If they accomplish anything. Still it is better.

Did anybody hear me sing to-day.

Who has whose head.

Did four leave four for long.

A thing that is discouraging is to come along. Five minutes to ten. It is very remarkable.

How are hours divided by themselves.

Four times fifty three leaves them alone.

Balance of quinces.

Five hopes that they had made them sing and left for them they are quite well if it does which means that they are alike for liking.

October is a name.

So is Basket a name.

Graves is a name.

Flowers is a name.

A dictionary.

A dog. If felt as a word it would mean that they approached and if you knew them as seeing then they leave and so there is no fear of not at all, why do they flush. This is a dog. He may have a sluggish liver.

Not found.

A noun is a name of anything. There is no hope of their pleasure.

It is very nice to change your mind about roses.

Please have it with all without it.

It is very strange but it is true that they did say it because however alike they found it.

There is no doubt that I like the thing they have for use for me.

It is an hour after they came.

May be with them.

No doubt may be with them.

No doubt may be with them no doubt may be.

May be with them may be. May be they may be.

It is easy to hide a hope.

Have meant.

A little goes a long way.

How many houses are there.

There is a house near where there is a bridge. They were willing to be there.

Hours out of it in adjoining them.

It is why forty is not arithmetic with wonder.

Any time that they go they stay. How are ours with lain for it.

It is not that it has been inhabited.

I have never been as proud of anything as I am of snow on the mountain opposite.

Betty is leaving her home or at any rate where she is.

What is it that they would have what is it that they would have gotten if they had it.

Hers and his the houses are hers and his the valley is hers and his the dog named Basket is hers and his also the respect of the populace is hers and his.

He has found something which is and has been his which has been left for him by him and by this time means something insofar as they say they hope that it is satisfactory.

What will it look like, it will happen so quickly although it is all there that it will not be left with them.

A scenery is romantic if there are steps about. Also a place to have marked as awhile. A place is romantic if there are not moments of welcoming having as much as theirs in the apportioning with without sent. It is difficult to remember. Will they miss her.

It was when he did behavior as a blessing. Yes not being with remembering that is what is going if it was not looked at. If having asked it to be put away. He put it away having asked it to be put away. If the weather is what is expected. Romantic makes herds better. One dog looks like a sheep because he trusts them.

Be beware.

Pour little soul.

A change in custom.

What is the difference.

One is generally told that they mean me.

How many sentences are there after all around me. How many sentences begin with at nearly four.

Thank you for the difference in me.

One thoroughly two thoroughly three thoroughly. Three is after all. They were there after all.


She impressed me.

What makes forty forfeit.

No man no men do.

Are three arrangements.

I made a mistake.



A Sentence is not emotional a paragraph is.

Dates of what they bought.

They will be ready to have him. We think so.

He looks like a young man grown old. That is a sentence that they could use.

I was overcome with remorse. It was my fault that my wife did not have a cow. This sentence they cannot use.

A repetition of prettiness makes it repeated. With them looking.

A repetition of sweetness makes it not repeating but attractive and making soup and dreaming coincidences. The sentence will be saved. He raises his head and lifts it. A sentence is not whether it is beautiful. Beautiful is not thought without asking as if they are well able to be forgiving.

George Maratier in America.

The sexual life of Genia Berman.

A book of George Hugnet.

The choice of Eric Haulville.

The wealth of Henri d'Ursel.

The relief of Harry Horwood.

The mention of Walter Winterberg. The renown of Bernard Fay. The pleasure of prophecy concerning Rene Crevel. Titles are made of sentences without interruption. Sucking is dangerous. The danger of sucking.

With them.

In itself.

Within itself. A part of a sentence may be a sentence without their meaning. Think of however they went away.

It looks like a garden but he had hurt himself by accident.

Every sentence has a beginning. Will he begin.

Every sentence which has a beginning makes it be left more to them.

I return to sentences as a refreshment.

Howard opposes them less.

That is nice.

George is wonderfully well.

How does he like ability.

A sentence should be arbitrary it should not please be better.

It should not be disturbed.

A sentence has colors when they mean I liked it as selling salt should be very little used in dishes.

That is one of the best I have done.

Pleasantly or presently.

How or have. A sentence is.

Made or make a meaning.

Now feebly commence a sentence.

How has he hurried. That is a paragraph because it means yes. How has he hurried.

Now for a sentence. Welcome to hurry. That is either a sentence or a part of a sentence if it is a part of a sentence the sentence is he is welcome to hurry. Welcome is in itself a part of a sentence. She prefers them. I have told her where the place which is meant is.

Welcome when they come. Are they welcome when they come. A sentence instead of increases. It should be if they are. Welcome when they come. That so easily makes a paragraph. Try again.

They made made them when they were by them. This is a sentence. It has no use in itself because made is said two times.

Way-laid made it known as quince cake. This is a perfect sentence because it refers to regretting. They regret what they have given. So far there is no need for a paragraph. I cannot see him. This is a paragraph.

Think of a use for a paragraph. A sentence is exhausted by have they been there with him.

A useful and useful if you add house you have a paragraph. He looks like his brother. That is a whole sentence.

Dogs get tired and want to sleep. This is not a sentence to be abused.

He has had his portrait painted by a Frenchman a Dutchman an Englishman and an American.

Pleases by its sense. This is a fashion in sentences.

A dog which you have never had before has sighed. This is a fixture in sentences it is like a porcelain in plaster. All this together has no reverses. What is the difference between reserve and reverse. They can be beguiled.

Beguiled and belied. It was famous that a woman who was a wife to him.

A veritable hope. Hurry with a sentence.

This are our announcements.

A sentence. She owes him to her.

A sentence. He ought to own mines.

He heard her come in. Laughed is a word.

If a word reminds you that is a preparation which they do in time so that it is with all.

Candied is a word we were mistaken she can have a lake.

There is no use in weapons of precision for them formerly.

Think of imagination as has to do for you. Door handles which he likes.

Now there is no use in stopping when they went in.

She mentioned edging edging is used in having sewing surrounding something. It is very difficult to think twice.

This is very well done because it does not stop.

Eggs are of fish and fowl. This is perfectly reasonable. Tell them how to finish.

Now this is a new paragraph. The ending tell them how to finish makes it an importance.

First-rate has relation to tires. How are they.

That is a way to please a paragraph. Think if you can. I find it difficult to know yes or no. I find no difficulty in yes I said no. I said I would and I did. I did not used to.

This is an ordinary paragraph made different by content.

As they asked for it. Why is as they asked for it a sentence.

Think of how do you do as very necessary.

He gave it to them to-day. Now think carefully of monstrosity. He gave it to them to give away. Which one threw it away.


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