How To Write Your Own Ticket With God

How To Write Your Own Ticket With God

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by Kenneth E Hagin

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This classic, inspirational message by Kenneth E. Hagin provides four principles for receiving whatever you need from God.


This classic, inspirational message by Kenneth E. Hagin provides four principles for receiving whatever you need from God.

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Kenneth E. Hagin ministered for almost 70 years after God miraculously healed him of a deformed heart and an incurable blood disease at the age of 17. Even though Rev. Hagin went home to be with the Lord in 2003, the ministry he founded continues to bless multitudes around the globe.

Kenneth Hagin Ministries’ outreaches include The Word of Faith, a free magazine; Rhema Bible Training College; Rhema Alumni Association; Rhema Ministerial Association International; Rhema Correspondence Bible School; and the Rhema Prison Ministry. Rev. Hagin’s son and daughter-in-law, Kenneth W. and Lynette Hagin, co-host Rhema Praise, a weekly television broadcast; Rhema for Today, a weekday radio program; and Living Faith Crusades held around the world.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I shook my head, trying to get the annoying beeping noise I was hearing out, as I wandered through the forest. Then, in the backround of the beeping I hear leaves crunching. I whip around, and before I see anything Im in bed staring at the ceiling. And the beeping is my alarm clock. I frown and throw my pillow at it. It falls off of my dresser and unplugs. I rub my eyes and get up and walk downstairs. My mother sat in the dining room drinking tea. I walk past her into the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cheerios. I call out to my mom,"You know, I think dads sleeping still. I really dont want him to be late or anything." My mom chuckled. "Oh your father," She said walking up the stairs. As soon as she got to the top I heard. "JERRY!" I laughed and sat down at the table and picked my moms phone up. I dialed the schools number. Our school secretary picked up. "Yes, welcome to GlenWood High school student and parent service. How can we help." "Well," I said making my voice slightly nasal and very irritating. "I wanted to inform the main office that my daughter, Heather fields cant attend school. You see, shes been sick all weekend and we dont want the concern of others getting sick, or even think about the migrains she'll get. She was up coughing last night and sounded real bad and we just want to-" I smiled as i heard the reply,"Yes yes, thats enough we'll mark that in our attendence book." I cleared my throat. "Oh thank you. We'll try to get her back as soon as possible, dont want to miss to much learning, heh." The secretary sounded annoyed. "Yes, thank you Mrs. Fields." The call ended and I set her phone down on the table. I smiled as I finished my cereal, then put my dish away and went upstairs getting ready for school--( perspective change!!)----She walked out the front door and began walking her normal route then took a turn that took her to the park. She sighed and climbed a tree. She closed her eyes to blink and when she opened them, she was in the woods. And there was the person! Their face was shielded by a hood. "Who are you?" She called out. They didnt respond. Instead they set a small package down on the ground and vanished. She squinted and walked over to pick up the package. She opened it. It was a little thing that looked like a remote control with a screen. "Hmm..." she picked up the envelope that came with the package. There were two pieces of paper. A wierd permission slip thing and a letter. The letter read,"THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL ABOUT YOU, OR SO WE BELIEVE. WE THINK YOU MAY BE WORTHY OF HAVING A SPECIAL TALENT OR ABILITY. WE NEED YOU TO PASS A TEST THOUGH, TO PROVE THIS. THE DEVICE IS A TELEPORTER THAT WILL WORK WHEN YOU UNLOCK IT. TO PASS THE TEST YOU MUST UNLOCK IT AND USE IT TO TRAVEL TO 1 FIRL MOUNTAIN. THIS IS A SECRET DESTINATION THAT CAN ONLY BE FOUND WITH THIS TELEPORTER. HERE ARE YOUR ONLY HINTS: 4 letters. Starts with b. Many living things from a human perspective need it. Few from a larger perspective need it. (P.S. If you figure this out, which you should, the permission slip will work as an excuse for your absence over the summer. We have also hacked into the schools email so an email will be sent home to your parents to assure them. To you Heather, we wish good luck. -ASH." ----end of part one. Post comments and reviews at next result. I will continue soon.----