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How Toys Float

How Toys Float

by Helen Whittaker

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Julia Beiker
Floating toys consist of rubber ducks, kayak, and even animal type floatation devices found in swimming pools. Each one of these utilizes a different or the same kind of force including air resistance, gravity and impact force. Simple sentence and uncomplicated text helps future physicists to understand these concepts which are the foundation of learning force while further on in the book household items are needed to do experiments showing how all this works. Brilliant photographs showcasing young people using all type of floating toys with text boxes explaining what is happening and gives it a realistic viewpoint. Boldfaced vocabulary gives the readers a reference point on unfamiliar technical words which are defined in the glossary at the back of the book. Be sure to explore the index or content pages to zoom into specific items or topics explored in the book. This book is part of the "Toys and Forces" series. Reviewer: Julia Beiker
Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
Each book in this series has the look of a magazine with inviting features listed on the front cover. Young readers will find these books inviting. Each book is comprised of about half pictures or photos and half text. There are many information side boxes that allow the reader to learn information without being bogged down with lots of text. In this book you will read why your stomach rumbles when you are hungry (no food to absorb the sound as it churns), how long it takes to digest a banana or cereal (about four hours), and that chewing your food puts less of a burden on the digestive system. It is not a book on how to diet but on learning how to have a healthy diet. The calculations for body mass index are given so one could figure out their BMI. The caveat is given that the BMI is for adults and isn't accurate for children, young people or older adults. The section about body image is terrific. "Your natural weight and body shape are what make you who you are—be proud of your physique!" The book is upbeat, positive, and accurate. Part of the "Healthy Lifestyles" series. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell

Product Details

Black Rabbit Books
Publication date:
Toys and Forces Series
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
6 - 9 Years

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