HRM Reality / Edition 2

HRM Reality / Edition 2

by Peter J. Frost, Walter R. Nord, Linda A. Krefting

HRM Reality provides readers with a reality based perspective on the practice of human resource management. The readings within provide current and classic reports of applications of HR in the workplace.Focuses on such topics as Developing Effectiveness in HR, Creating a Productive Work Environment, Fostering Employee-Management Relations,ImplementingSee more details below


HRM Reality provides readers with a reality based perspective on the practice of human resource management. The readings within provide current and classic reports of applications of HR in the workplace.Focuses on such topics as Developing Effectiveness in HR, Creating a Productive Work Environment, Fostering Employee-Management Relations,Implementing Compensation and Benefits, and Dealing with Diversity and Discrimination. For line managers and human resources professionals.

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Meet the Author

Peter J. Frost is a co-author of the "Reality" series of monographs on management: Organizational Reality, Managerial Reality, and HRM Reality. He has published two books on organizational culture and several articles on leadership and has edited a series of works on academic life, most recently two books: Rhythms of Academic Life and Researchers Hooked on Teaching. His most recent writing has been on compassion (published in the Journal of Management Inquiry) and on the management of pain in organizations (published in the Harvard Business Review). He has served as a senior editor for Organization Science and as Executive Director of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Management and has received the Academy's Distinguished Educator Award. Professor Frost currently holds the Edgar F Kaiser Chair in Organizational Behavior in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of British Columbia.

Walter R. Nord got his Ph.D. in Psychology at Washington University. He has published widely in scholarly journals and edited/authored a number of books. His recent books include: The Meanings of Occupational Work (with A. Brief), Implementing Routine and Radical Innovations (with S. Tucker), Organizational Reality: Reports from the Firing Line and Managerial Reality (with P Frost and V Mitchell), and Resistance and Power in Organizations (with J. Jermier and D. Knights). Dr. Nord is a recent past book review editor for the Academy of Management Review and is currently a member of the editorialboards of AMR and Organization. He has recently co-edited the Handbook of Organization Studies (with S. Clegg and C. Hardy), which received the 1997 George Terry Award. He is currently a Professor of Management at the University of Florida and is working on developing an "agnostic philosophical" framework for organization studies.

Linda A. Krefting got her Ph.D. in Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota. She has done research in such areas as human resource policies and practices, equal employment opportunity, and compensation for publications such as Industrial Relations, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Inquiry, and Journal of Vocational Behavior, among others. Her professional affiliations include the Academy of Management and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Business Administration at Texas Tech University and teaches survey and advanced courses in human resource management and organizational behavior.

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Table of Contents

September 11 and the Enduring Value of HRM
Pt. IGetting Human Resource Management Into Focus1
I-1Introduction from Employing Bureaucracy: Managers, Unions, and the Transformation of Work in American Industry, 1900-19455
I-2Introduction from Modern Manors: Welfare Capitalism Since the New Deal11
I-3Putting People First for Organizational Success18
I-4Human Resource Management: Leaders, Laggards, and Followers32
I-5A New Mandate for Human Resources45
I-6What Do CEOs Want from HR?56
Pt. IIMeeting Human Resource Requirements61
II-1A Modest Manifesto for Shattering the Glass Ceiling63
II-2Group Interviews among New Ways to Case Hires74
II-3Managing Temporary Workers: A Permanent HRM Challenge75
II-4Labor Board Allows Organizing of Temps86
II-5All in the Family88
II-6Ladha and Ladha (the "Entity"): Appointment of Sabrina Alia Ladha92
II-7Managing the Global Workforce: Challenges and Strategies92
Pt. IIICreating a Productive Work Environment111
III-1HRM and Service Fairness: How Being Fair with Employees Spills Over to Customers113
III-2Why Wages Do Not Fall in Recessions124
III-3Workplace Violence Experts See Lessons from Littleton126
III-4Excerpt from Walking Out on the Boys129
III-5All's Not Fair in Labor Wars130
III-6Academic Medicine Becomes a Target for Labor Organizing131
III-7Better Safe Than Sorry135
III-8Reinventing Workplace Regulation136
Pt. IVImplementing Compensation and Benefits147
IV-1How American Workers See the Rewards of Work149
IV-2Stock Options Have Their Ups & Downs153
IV-3Paying the People in Black at Big Blue: Compensation Management and Cultural Change at IBM157
IV-4Excerpt from Liar's Poker168
IV-5What, Me Worry? - Social Security Reform Could Impose Paperwork, Education Burdens for HR171
IV-6Pension Cuts 101: Companies Find Host of Subtle Ways to Pare Retirement Payouts176
IV-7Employers Pass Buck on Insurance182
Pt. VDealing with Diversity and Discrimination183
V-1Beyond Good Intentions: The Next Steps Toward Racial Equality in the American Workplace187
V-2Babel at Work: A 3Com Factory Hires a Lot of Immigrants, Gets Mix of Languages200
V-3Helping Asians Climb through the Bamboo Ceiling204
V-4Glass Ceilings and Glass Slippers: Still Stereotyping after All These Years?205
V-5It's Her Job Too: Shot Heard 'Round the Water Cooler213
V-6A Woman's Place Is ...: Men Frown on Female Execs Abroad222
V-7The Case of the Hidden Harassment: What Happens When a Manager's Responsibilities Clash with an Employee's Right to Privacy?223
V-8The Glass Table231
V-9More Companies Offering Same-Sex-Partner Benefits: Study Finds Tight Labor Market Is a Factor232
Pt. VIGrappling with Issues235
VI-1The Wild New Workforce237
VI-2HR Managers Are Urged to Guard Employee Data Privacy240
VI-3Beware Abridging E-Speech: Blanket Bans on Personal E-Mail and Internet Use at Work Can Lead to Trouble - for Employers242
VI-4Business Travel: The World Bank Gauges the Toll Travel Takes on Employees and Looks For Ways to Soften the Effect244
VI-5Addicted to Sex: A Primal Problem Emerges from the Shadows in a New - and Dangerous - Corporate Environment246
VI-6The One Clear Line in Interoffice Romance Has Become Blurred: Companies Change Policies to Deal with Bosses Who Date Subordinates255
VI-7The Case Against Employee Benefits260
Pt. VIIInterfaces of Work and Life263
VII-1"There Is No Shortage of Good Days ..."265
VII-2Home Life: Tradeoffs between Work and Family265
VII-3Time, Priceless Time267
VII-4Why the Law Should Adopt More Family Leave268
VII-5Hazardous to Your Career: The Risks of Taking Unpaid Leaves269
VII-6Why Willy Loman Lives270
VII-7Starbucks CEO to Attend Memorial for Slain Manager: Mayor Owen Proposes That Anthony McNaughton Be Given City's Highest Honor272
VII-8Jobs for Life273
VII-9The Question That Started It All283
Pt. VIIIHRM Reality: Anticipating the Future287
VIII-1Future Trends in Human Resources289
VIII-2Jettison Old Notions of Success, Says Internet Guru: "There Are No Experts"292
VIII-3The Future of Work and Career Evolution293
VIII-4A Lifetime of Generous Company: An Interview with Warren Bennis298
VIII-5Managing a Virtual Workplace305
VIII-6Congress Urged to Move on Genetics Legislation317
VIII-7Illegal Child Labor Comes Back319
VIII-8Excerpt from The Monster Under the Bed: How Business Is Mastering the Opportunity of Knowledge for Profit323
VIII-9The Quest for Lifetime Employability324
VIII-10Reconstructing Management Education as Lifelong Learning328

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