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Hugs to Brighten Your Day: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire

Hugs to Brighten Your Day: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire

by Korie Robertson, Ashley Moore, LeAnn Weiss (Other)

When the skies of your life are gray and you feel as if the rainbow will never appear after the rain, Hugs to Brighten Your Day is the perfect remedy to clear away your gloom! Bursting with page after page of uplifting messages, encouraging stories, and poignant sayings, this delightful little book is sure to turn your gray skies blue! Part of the


When the skies of your life are gray and you feel as if the rainbow will never appear after the rain, Hugs to Brighten Your Day is the perfect remedy to clear away your gloom! Bursting with page after page of uplifting messages, encouraging stories, and poignant sayings, this delightful little book is sure to turn your gray skies blue! Part of the best-selling Hugs series, this pick-me-up will energize your spirits and light up your day.

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Howard Books
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Hugs Series
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Hugs to Brighten Your Day

Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire
By Korie Robertson

Howard Books

Copyright © 2004 Korie Robertson
All right reserved.

Chapter 3

Back to School

Kim Matheny's alarm screamed in

her ears. Although she knew it was

time to get up, the thirty-five year-old kindergarten teacher lay

motionless, head still swimming

from the recent turn of events. It

had been just seven days since she

received the devastating news.

She had cancer.

She'd spent the previous week

away from her classroom in a

whirlwind of doctor visits, Internet research, and life-ordeath

decisions. Today was Monday, and she was due back

at school. Although she loved her students dearly, she could

hardly bring herself to get out of bed, let alone face their

questions about why she'd been gone, what was cancer, was

she going to die.

Kim forced herself to sit up, knowing she had to keep

moving to ward off the looming depression over her diagnosis.

She never thought this could happen to her, reminded

herself that no one ever does, and wondered how the kids

would handle her illness.

Maybe another teacher would be better for them. No, I'd

miss them too much. But what if teaching is more than I can handle

right now? I need their cheery faces and sweet hugs. She

plopped back down, thoughts racing and panic rising. What

if they've already gotten used to the substitute and don't care if I

comeback? Kids forget quickly. Maybe I don't matter as much as

I think -

"Stop it!" She scolded herself aloud. "Get a grip." She

slammed the snooze button again and let her arm just drop

onto the nightstand. Her hand landed on a colorful note she

had received the day before.

She picked it up and unfolded it again. The drawing was

of a rainbow, a bright yellow sun, and two stick figures. The

larger one was labeled "Ms. Mateny" and the smaller one

"Me." One figure's arm reached out toward the other's, and

the two lines were joined at the bottom with one large,

round scribble representing the holding of hands. Then, in

purple crayon, "You briten my day, Ms. Mateny. I miss you.

Come back soon." It was signed "Luv, Macy." Tears filled

Kim's eyes. My kids need me. She got out of bed to get ready

for school.

On the drive to Southwood Elementary, Kim thought of

numerous ways to greet her class. Her usual song, "It's a

beautiful day, it's a beautiful day, the birds are singing, let's

shout hooray," didn't seem fitting. The sun was shining and

the birds were singing, but she just didn't think she could

form those words on her lips today.

The thirty-minute drive and her walk to the classroom

seemed to drift by in a fog. Kim usually was in high gear

before class, adjusting the weather chart and setting out the

first activity to make sure everything was ready when the

students arrived. Today she sat at her desk, perfectly still

except for the distracted tapping of her pencil on a stack of


"Hi, Kim." The sympathetic tone belonged to Sarah

Richardson, who taught the first-grade class across the hall.

"The children will be here shortly. If you need anything

today, please come and get me."

Kim looked at her friend nervously. "I don't know if I can

do this."

Sarah nodded assurance. "You'll make it. And like I said,

I'm here if you need me."

The kind support nearly shattered Kim's resolve not to

cry, but she swallowed hard and blinked to clear her eyes.


One by one the children began arriving. Samuel, always

eager for school, came running in first. "Ms. Matheny, what

are we doing today?" It didn't seem he'd even noticed her

week-long absence.

Kim was disappointed but tried not to let it show. "We

have a lot planned for today. I'm so glad you're excited

about school," she said with all the enthusiasm she could

muster. Her one buoy - the special place she thought she

had in her students' hearts - was sinking fast. Had the children

even missed her at all?

Nathan arrived next, clutching his mother's pant leg as

he used to do. Kim had made such progress with him, but

now he treated her like a stranger again.

"He was like this all week last

week," Nathan's mother said.

"Oh, Nathan." Kim gently

rubbed his back, trying to ease her

own anxiety as much as his. Had

she lost all the ground she had

gained since the beginning of the

school year? She just didn't have

the heart to start over. "I'm so glad

you're here. I sure need my little

helper today." Her voice quavered

a little, and she stopped, afraid

she'd be completely engulfed by


Then, suddenly, Nathan

released his mother's leg and turned

for his teacher to pick him up.

As Kim hugged him tightly, he

whispered, "I'm so glad your back."

Next came Sadie. She didn't

say a word, but her dimples flashed

as she embraced her teacher shyly

before scurrying to her desk.

The rest of the class had arrived, but where was Macy?

She usually arrived about twenty minutes early to help Kim

by setting out scissors or crayons or whatever she asked her

to do. Macy hadn't missed a day of school all year. She loved

being there and always had a smile to share with a friend.

Kim suddenly realized just how much she'd missed Macy's

good cheer during the most difficult week of her life. She

needed Macy to be there today.

Just as Kim was calling the class to attention, Macy

walked into the classroom, slowly, with her head down. Not

even a hint of the smile Kim so desperately needed. Her

spirits sank to a new low. Was Macy not even happy to have

her back? Near tears, Kim forced herself to try to sound


"Well, hello Macy!"

Macy jerked to attention, looking up for the first time

since she'd entered the room.

"Ms. Matheny! It's you!" Macy squealed with delight,

running to squeeze her teacher's leg as tightly as she could.

"Of course, it's me," Kim giggled, bending to return the

hug and thank Macy for her wonderful note.

"I didn't think you were coming back." Macy's eyes were

as round and bright as the big yellow sun she had drawn on

her picture.

"Yes, Macy, I'm back. I need you little munchkins. Did

you miss me?" Kim asked hopefully.

Macy made a face and answered almost indignantly.

"Yes! Who else would teach us to count, and write, and


"Who'd teach us those silly songs?" another student

joined in earnestly.

"Who would tell us who gets to be the line leader or the

door holder? That other teacher didn't know anything

about that," Samuel added.

"I'm sure your substitute teacher was very good," Kim

protested - but not too strongly. She was enjoying this outpouring

of affection.

"Not near as good as you," Sadie countered.

"Yeah," Macy said adamantly. "And no one can give as

good hugs as you!"

At this the entire class ran to the front of the classroom,

nearly tackling their beloved teacher as they jostled to get

one of her warm hugs and to give one in return.

"Well!" Sarah interrupted from the doorway, smiling

approvingly at her friend. "I guess

you have everything under control."

Kim laughed. "I don't know

about that. But I know this is

exactly where I needed to be

today. I think we'll be just fine."

"I know you will," Sarah

responded confidently.


Excerpted from Hugs to Brighten Your Day by Korie Robertson Copyright © 2004 by Korie Robertson. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Korie Robertson is a New York Times bestselling author, the wife of Duck Commander® CEO Willie Robertson, mother of six, and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Korie balances family life and her role at Duck Commander with several ventures of her own, including overseeing licensing for the family’s brands, retail store Duck and Dressing, speaking around the country, and philanthropic work as a board member for: Help One Now, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, Legacy Collective, and Drive Adoption. Follow her online @BossHogsWife and visit DuckCommander.com.

Korie Robertson and Ashley Moore are sisters and lifelong friends. Ashley graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a degree in health and human performance. A stay-at-home mom, she spends most of her summer as recreation coordinator at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca. Ashley and her husband, Josh, have three children.

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