Human Abilities in Cultural Context

Human Abilities in Cultural Context

by S. H. Irvine

ISBN-10: 0521142113

ISBN-13: 9780521142113

Pub. Date: 01/20/2011

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This study offers a re-evaluation of ability theory and different approaches to the measurement of intelligence.  See more details below


This study offers a re-evaluation of ability theory and different approaches to the measurement of intelligence.

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Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgements;
Part I. Human Abilities in Theoretical Cultures; Section 1. Holistic Theories:
1. The abilities of mankind: a revaluation S. H. Irvine and J. W. Berry;
2. A triatchic view of intelligence in cross-cultural perspective Robert J. Sternberg; Section 2. Biometric Fundamentalism:
3. The biological basis of intelligence H. J. Eysenck;
4. Speed of information processing and population differences Arthur R. Jensen; Section 3. Structural Psychometrics:
5. The factor model as a theoretical basis for individual differences Joseph R. Royce;
6. The meaning of item bias in ability tests Ype H. Poortinga and Henk van der Flier;
Part II. Cultural Responses to Ability Measurement; Section 4. Europe and North America:
7. The British 'cultural influence' on ability testing Paul Kline;
8. Cultural influences on patterns of abilities in North America Philip Anthony Vernon, Douglas N. Jackson and Samuel Messick;
9. Human abilities in the Eastern Mediterranean Cigdem Kagitcibasi and Isik Savasir;
10. The Norwegian tests and measurements in cultural context Knut A. Hagtvet and Johan O. Undheim; Section 5. Africa, Asia, and Australia:
11. Human assessment in Australia Daphne M. Keats and John A. Keats;
12. Test performance of blacks in Southern Africa I. M. Kendall, Mary Ann Vester, and J. W. Von Mollendorf;
13. Individual differences among the peoples of China J. W. C. Chan and Philip E. Vernon;
14. Japanese abilities and achievements Saburo Iwawaki and Philip E. Vernon;
Part III. Cultural Limits Upon Human Assessment; Section 6. Minorities and Enclaves:
15. Native North Americans: Indian and Inuit abilities Damian McShane and J. W. Berry;
16. Aboriginal cognition and psychological nescience L. Z. Klich;
17. Testing Bushmen in the Central Kalahari Helmut Reuning;
18. Caste and cognitive processes J. P. Das and Amulya Kanti Satpathy Khurana;
19. Educational adaptation and achievement of ethnic minority adolescents in Britain Gajendra K. Verma;
20. The diminishing test performance gap between English speakers and Afrikaans speakers in South Africa J. M. Verster and R. J. Prinsloo; Author index; Subject index.

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