Human Adaptation and Accommodation / Edition 1

Human Adaptation and Accommodation / Edition 1

by Andres Roberto Frisancho

A text that explores how humans adapt to conditions of physical stress
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A text that explores how humans adapt to conditions of physical stress

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University of Michigan Press
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Enlarged and Revised Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Study of Human Adaptation3
Ch. 2Principles of Temperature Regulation23
Ch. 3Acclimation and Acclimatization to Hot Climates: Native and Nonnative Populations53
Ch. 4Thermoregulation and Acclimation to Cold Stress79
Ch. 5Acclimatization to Cold Environments: Native and Nonnative Populations101
Ch. 6Biological Responses, Acclimatization to Solar Radiation, and Evolution of Population Skin Color Differences147
Ch. 7Evolution of Population Skin Color Differences163
Ch. 8Respiratory Function and Gas Exchange in the Lungs and Tissues175
Ch. 9Cardiovascular System201
Ch. 10Biological Effects and Tolerance to High Altitude219
Ch. 11Adult Acclimatization, Developmental Acclimatization, and the High-Altitude Native243
Ch. 12Prenatal and Postnatal Growth and Development at High Altitude281
Ch. 13Accommodation to the Energy Demands of Pregnancy311
Ch. 14Accommodation to the Energy Demands of Lactation335
Ch. 15Accommodation to Acute and Chronic Malnutrition During Growth357
Ch. 16Accommodation to Experimental Starvation and Chronic Undernutrition381
Ch. 17Accommodation to Industrialization of Dietary Habits and Disease Expression399
Ch. 18Obesity: Accommodation and Adaptation to Variability In Dietary Supply427
App. A. Conversion Factors for Measurements Used In the Biological Sciences459
App. B. Conversion Factors461
App. C. Glossary485

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