The Human Biology of Pastoral Populations

The Human Biology of Pastoral Populations

by William R. Leonard, Michael H. Crawford

A systematic evaluation of the biology and health of animal herding populations.See more details below


A systematic evaluation of the biology and health of animal herding populations.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology Series, #30
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.75(d)

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1The biological diversity of herding populations: an introduction1
2Genetic structure of pastoral populations of Siberia: the Evenki of central Siberia and the Kizhi of Gorno Altai10
3Genetic structure of the Basque herders of northern Spain50
4History, demography, marital patterns and immigration rate in the South Sinai Bedouins: their effect on the coefficient of inbreeding (F)64
5Uncertain disaster: environmental instability, colonial policy, and the resilience of East African pastoral systems99
6Changing pattern of Tibetan nomadic pastoralism131
7Human biology, health and ecology of nomadic Turkana pastoralists151
8Economic stratification and health among the Herero of Botswana183
9Ecology, health and lifestyle change among the Evenki herders of Siberia206
10Disease patterns in Sami and Finnish populations: an update236
11Yomut family organization and demography251
12Pastoralism and the evolution of lactase persistence280

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