Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Applications and Services: 12th International Conference, HCI International 2007, Beijing, China, July 22-27, 2007, Proceedings, Part IV / Edition 1

Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Applications and Services: 12th International Conference, HCI International 2007, Beijing, China, July 22-27, 2007, Proceedings, Part IV / Edition 1

by Julie A. Jacko

ISBN-10: 3540731091

ISBN-13: 9783540731092

Pub. Date: 08/17/2007

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Here is the fourth of a four-volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2007, held in Beijing, China, jointly with eight other thematically similar conferences. It covers business applications; learning and entertainment; health applications; work and collaboration support; web-based

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Here is the fourth of a four-volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2007, held in Beijing, China, jointly with eight other thematically similar conferences. It covers business applications; learning and entertainment; health applications; work and collaboration support; web-based and mobile applications; as well as, advanced design and development support.

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Programming and Software Engineering Series, #4553
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Table of Contents

I: Business Applications.- The Experiential Preferences of the Online Consumers in Different Internet Shopping Lifestyles Towards Online Shopping Websites.- Guidelines of Quality for Industrial Online Tourism.- Provide Context-Aware Advertisements with Interactivity.- Skills Matter: A Tale of the Anxious Online Shopper.- ATM Advertisement and Financial Preferences with Sensory Analysis.- Multi-users and Multi-contextuality – A Mobile Tourism Setting.- “My Money in E-Purse” Searching Problems in Self Service User Interface.- Traffic Classification - Towards Accurate Real Time Network Applications.- First Impressions with Websites: The Effect of the Familiarity and Credibility of Corporate Logos on Perceived Consumer Swift Trust of Websites.- Online Ad Intrusiveness.- An Examination of Online Product Comparison Service: Fit Between Product Type and Disposition Style.- Measuring Service Quality of Online Bookstores with WebQual.- Designing Product List on E-tailing Websites: The Effect of Sorting on Consumer Decision.- Analysis of Web Page Complexity Through Visual Segmentation.- An Investigation of Online Group-Buying Institution and Buyer Behavior.- Challenges and Solutions of Multilingual and Translingual Information Service Systems.- The Antecedents of Online Consumers’ Perceived Usefulness of Website: A Protocol Analysis Approach.- A Study on the Characteristics for the Day and Night Time Consumer Groups of Internet Shopping Malls.- II: Learning and Entertainment.- Interaction Design Patterns for Classroom Environments.- Predicting the Outcome of a Computer Literacy Course Based on a Candidate’s Personal Characteristics.- An Essay About the Relevance of Educational Interactive Systems in the Learning Process.- Interacting Play—Design as a Metaphor for Developing Interactive Games.- Usability Assessment of an E-Learning Courseware for Basic Cataloging.- Suppressing Competition in a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning System.- A Study of Acteme on Users Unexpert of Videogames.- A Natural Language Interface for a 2D Networked Game.- Detecting Learning Difficulties on Ubiquitous Scenarios.- Synchronous Reading in Real-Time Environments.- Design and Development of Mixed Mobile Education System Based on SIFT Algorithm.- The Effects of Visual Versus Verbal Metaphors on Novice and Expert Learners’ Performance.- The Effect of Tangible Pedagogical Agents on Children’s Interest and Learning.- An Entertainment System for Improving Motivation in Repeated Practice of Musical Instruments.- What Makes Game Players Want to Play More? A Mathematical and Behavioral Understanding of Online Game Design.- Breaking the Traditional E-Learning Mould: Support for the Learning Preference Approach.- KaLeSy-CJ: Kanji Learning System Focusing on Differences Between Chinese and Japanese.- Towards an Effective Evaluation Framework for IMS LD-Based Didactic Materials: Criteria and Measures.- Mobile Game-Based Methodology for Science Learning.- Group Collaboration and Learning Through Online Assessments: Comparison of Collaborative and Participatory Online Exams.- A New Framework of Usability Evaluation for Massively Multi-player Online Game: Case Study of “World of Warcraft” Game.- A Study of Learners’ Perceptions of the Interactivity of Web-Based Instruction.- Perceived Usefulness and Usability of Weblogs for Collaborating Learning.- Support Case-Based Authentic Learning Activities: A Collaborative Case Commenting Tool and a Collaborative Case Builder.- The Practice of Combining Cinematic Narrative with 3D Gameplay.- Creating Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Activities with IMS LD.- Face to Face Communications in Multiplayer Online Games: A Real-Time System.- III: Health Applications.- Human Factors: User Experience Design Guidelines for Telecare Services.- Usability Issues in the Development of a User Interface for an Alerts and Reminders System for a Nursing Documentation Application.- Managing Group Therapy Through Multiple Devices.- Challenge for Preventing Medication Errors -Learn from Errors- : What Is the Most Effective Label Display to Prevent Medication Error for Injectable Drug ?.- A Study on Display to Improve the Visibility of PTP Sheets.- Persuasive Interaction Strategy for Self Diet System: Exploring the Relation of User Attitude and Intervention by Computerized Systematic Methods.- Augmented Virtual Reality for Laparoscopic Surgical Tool Training.- Integrating Technology into the Medical Environment of a Developing African Country.- The Analysis of Near-Miss Cases Using Data-Mining Approach.- Ergonomic Study of Medicament Packages for the Improvement of Safety in Use.- Industrial Design and Human Factors: Design Synergy for Medical Devices.- How New Technologies Can Help Create Better UI’s for Medical Devices.- The Usability Assessment of Pharmaceutical Package.- The Practices of Scenario Observation Approach in Defining Medical Tablet PC Applications.- Interfacing Safety and Communication Breakdowns: Situated Medical Technology Design.- Medication Errors Caused by Order Entry System and Prevention Measures.- Motivation in Home Fitnessing: Effects of Immersion and Movement.- Dependability and Security in Medical Information System.- IV: Work and Collaboration Support.- A Role-Based Multiple View Approach to Distributed Geo-Collaboration.- The Project Browser: Supporting Information Access for a Project Team.- Design and Implementation of a Personalized Business Activity Monitoring System.- Visual Feedback: Its Effect on Teleconferencing.- Document Management and Information Organizing Method Using RFID Tags.- Affordance Table - A Collaborative Smart Interface for Process Control.- Experimental Effect Estimation of an Integrated Decision Support System to Aid Operator’s Cognitive Activities for Nuclear Power Plants.- Designing an Ergonomic Computer Console on the Ship.- A Human-Centered Systems Approach to Ship Facility Design.- UX Office. A New Software Application for User Experience Services.- Some Empirical Results on a Multimedia Work Support System.- Experimenting Wearable Solutions for Workers’ Training in Manufacturing.- Excellence in Ease of Use with Rich Functionality How Enterprise Software Applications with Rich Functionality Can Be Built to Excel in Ease of Use.- Perspectives on Reuse Process Support Systems for Document-Type Knowledge.- ICT-Mediated Synchronous Communication in Creative Teamwork: From Cognitive Dust to Semantics.- Project Evaluation by E-Mail Communication Pattern.- E-Stores Design: The Influence of E-Store Design and Product Type on Consumers’ Emotions and Attitudes.- Design Discussion of the [braccetto] Research Platform: Supporting Distributed Intensely Collaborating Creative Teams of Teams.- Augmented Desk System: The Information Table of Collaborative and Cooperative (InfoTable).- A Framework for Mobile Services Supporting Mobile Non-office Workers.- Process-Oriented User Support for Workflow Applications.- Decentralized Information Aggregation and Central Control in Networked Production Environments.- With User Interface Design from Socio-Cultural Trend to a Innovative Office Phone Generation.- Complexity in Enterprise Applications vs. Simplicity in User Experience.- Focus+Roles: Socio-Organizational Conflict Resolution in Collaborative User Interfaces.- Information Complexity in Air Traffic Control Displays.- HOPE: Extensible System for Automatic & Periodic Diagnosis of Offshore Software Project.- Playwright Agent as Adaptive Scripts for Organization-Communication.- A User-Oriented Assessment of Enterprise Information Systems.- The Role of Cognitive Styles in Groupware Acceptance.- V: Web-Based and Mobile Applications and Services.- Effect of Physical Consistency of Web Interface Design on Users’ Performance and Satisfaction.- A Semiotic-Based Framework for the Development of Tailorable Web Applications.- Travelling Stories: Mobile Applications for Storytellers.- Analysis of Internet Users’ Interests Based on Windows GUI Messages.- Deconstructing Web Experience: More Than Just Usability and Good Design.- Report on Project to Identify Excellent Local Government Web Sites An Attempt to Educate Web Systems Developers on the Importance of Human-Centered Design Processes.- A Survey of Factors Influencing People’s Perception of Information Security.- Towards Web Services Oriented Unified Supervisory HCI.- Everyday Storytelling: Supporting the Mediated Expression of Online Personal Testimony.- Chat-Robot Based Web Content Presentation Interface and Its Evaluation.- Understanding Influence of Mobile Internet Services on Life Behavior of Mobile Users.- Interactive Design of Memory Sharing Applications for Families.- Personal Life Logger and Belonging Monitor Using Reliable ZigBee Networks.- A Three-Level Approach for Analyzing User Behavior in Ongoing Relationships.- Relevance Measurement on Chinese Search Results.- Multiple Viewed Search Engine for an e-Journal - A Case Study on Zoological Science.- Exploring Multi-dimensional Conceptualization of Social Presence in the Context of Online Communities.- Does the Web Design Disconnect the Emotional Connection?.- Ideas for Mobile Services Created and Explored in an Ethnographical Study.- The Effects of Mobile Service Quality and Technology Compatibility on Users’ Perceived Playfulness.- Emotional Web Usability Evaluation.- A Successful Field Test of a Mobile and Multilingual Information Service System COMPASS2008.- Love Dimensions on the Web.- VI: Advanced Design and Development Support.- A Replicated CSCW Framework for Multi-user Interaction in 3D Collaborative Design.- A Review of Possibilistic Approaches to Reliability Analysis and Optimization in Engineering Design.- An Interactive Evolutionary Design System with Feature Extraction.- Verification of Development of Scenarios Method and Visual Formats for Design Process.- A Camera-Based Multi-touch Interface Builder for Designers.- Design of Change-Absorbing System Architecture for the Design of Robust Products and Services.- A Multifunctional VR-Simulator Platform for the Evaluation of Automotive User Interfaces.- Stripe-Cache: An Efficient Cache Scheme for Building Multimedia Oriented RAID System.- DiFac: Digital Factory for Human Oriented Production System.- INT-MANUS: Interactive Production Control in a Distributed Environment.- 3D Modeling and Design Supported Via Interscopic Interaction Strategies.- Capturing User Interface Events with Aspects.- Research of Distributed Data Mining Association Rules Model Based on Similarity.- Applications of Virtual Reality in Product Design Evaluation.- Performance Evaluation for Automatic Protection Switching in a CDMA-TDD Wireless Communication System.- A Routing Algorithm for Random Error Tolerance in Network-on-Chip.

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