Human Intimacy / Edition 6

Human Intimacy / Edition 6

by Frank D. Cox

ISBN-10: 0314018905

ISBN-13: 9780314018908

Pub. Date: 03/01/1993

Publisher: Wadsworth

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Studying Successful Relationships
Ch. 2Human Intimacy, The Family and Its Meaning
Ch. 3American Ways of Love
Ch. 4Dating, Sexual Mores, and Mate Selection
Ch. 5Marriage, Intimacy, Expectations, and The Fully Functioning Person
Ch. 6Communication in Intimate Relationships
Ch. 7Role Equity: The Converging of the Sexes
Ch. 8The Family as an Economic System
Ch. 9The Dual-Worker Family: The Real American Family Revolution
Ch. 10Human Sexuality
Ch. 11Family Planning
Ch. 12Pregnancy and Birth
Ch. 13The Challenge of Parenthood
Ch. 14Family Life Stages: Middle-Age to Surviving Spouse
Ch. 15Family Crisis
Ch. 16The Dissolution of Marriage
Ch. 17Remarriage: A Growing Way of American Life
Ch. 18Actively Seeking Marital Growth and Fulfillment

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