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Human-Made Disasters

Human-Made Disasters

by Steve Parker, David West

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Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
The man made explosion of a steam engine caused a huge explosion killing 35 people and leaving 50 suffering horrific burns. There is rich vocabulary in the "Science of Catastrophe" series such as horrific, or slowly decomposes, or embankment types. The reader is not talked down to. The sinister catastrophe of the poison leak in Bhopal India explains the problems of chemicals stored in improper containers and improperly labeled. As with the other books in this series, this is an engaging and readable book. The Hindenburg is a disaster that fascinates young readers. They will learn that it was three times longer than a modern Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet yet took only 37 second to burn up in a fireball. The building collapse of the World Trade Center is explained. The tube-frame structure mean that the intense heat and weakened outside pulled the perimeter inward, collapsing the building. The nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine is another example of the clear explanations found in this book. Controlled nuclear fission allows the nucleus of uranium to break apart slowly. Because of human error the control rods were inserted causing overheating, a large explosion, and radiation dust spreading all over the area. Of course, the Titanic is explained, but most readers know about it. They will probably enjoy reading about the airliner crash in Greece in 2005. Again, because of human error, air pressure inside the plane fell resulting in loss of oxygen and unconsciousness to the pilots. There is a diagram showing how the airplane is designed to seal and keep normal atmosphere at high altitudes, but without the correct pressurization, confusion, breathing problems and unconsciousness resulted in the death of many. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell

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9 - 12 Years

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