Human Relations in Organizations: A Skill-Building Approach / Edition 3

Human Relations in Organizations: A Skill-Building Approach / Edition 3

by Robert N. Lussier

ISBN-10: 0256162077

ISBN-13: 9780256162073

Pub. Date: 08/28/1995

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Table of Contents

Pt. IBehavior, Human Relations, and Performance Begin with You1
1Understanding Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance2
2Personality, Intelligence, and Perception36
3Attitudes, Self-Concept, and Values72
Pt. IICommunication Skills: The Foundation of Human Relations103
4Interpersonal Communications104
5Organizational Communications142
Pt. IIIOther Skills Influencing Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance173
8Transactional Analysis, Assertiveness, and Conflict Resolution248
Pt. IVBehavior and Human Relations in Groups and Organizations287
9Power, Politics, and Ethics288
10Groups and Problem Solving and Decision Making316
11Group Dynamics and Leadership350
12Managing Change, Culture, and Climate382
13Productivity and Participative Management422
Pt. VOrganizational Challenges457
14The Organizational Environment458
Appendix Unions489
15Equal Treatment for All492
Pt. VIPersonal Development527
16Time and Career Management528
Appendix Applying Human Relations Skills562

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