Human Resource Management Handbook, Vol 3 / Edition 2

Human Resource Management Handbook, Vol 3 / Edition 2

by David Lewin

ISBN-10: 0762302496

ISBN-13: 9780762302499

Pub. Date: 01/01/1997

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

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Emerald Group Publishing
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Table of Contents

General Introduction: Organization and Collective Action1
Ch. 1Affectivity and Calculation: The Relativization of Rationality19
Ch. 2From Instrumental Organization to Organized Anarchies: Questioning Organizational Cohesion35
Ch. 3The Organization and Its Environment: Fuzzy Organizational Borders51
Epilogue to Part I65
Ch. 4The Structuration of Contexts of Action: Interdependence, Negotiated Exchange, and the Substitutability of Actors77
Ch. 5The Mixed Regulation of Fields of Action: The Notion of a Concrete System of Action99
Ch. 6Local Orders and Social Regulation119
Ch. 7Actors and their Rationality141
Ch. 8The Contingency of Actors: The Notion of System163
Ch. 9Power as Capacity of Action183
Ch. 10The Construction of a Grounded Theory: Induction and Pragmatic Value in Analyses217
Ch. 11The Importance of the Strategy for Change237
Ch. 12A Cognitive Orientation: The Gamble on Knowledge and Reasoning259
Conclusion: Another Way of Relating Theory to Practice283
Author Index305
Subject Index309

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