Human Rights Ethics

Human Rights Ethics

by Clark Butler

ISBN-10: 1557534802

ISBN-13: 9781557534804

Pub. Date: 04/30/2008

Publisher: Purdue University Press

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Purdue University Press
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Purdue Human Rights Studies
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Foreword Steven V. Hicks Hicks, Steven V.

Pt. 1 Concepts of Natural Rights and Human Rights 1

1 Equal Human Rights 3

2 Natural Rights, Human Rights 25

3 Natural Law-Based Human Rights Theories 37

4 Procedural Human Rights Theories

Pt. 2 The Justification of Human Rights 75

5 Habermas's Procedural Justification of Human Rights 77

6 Human Rights in the Open Society 105

7 A Dialectical Justification of Human Rights 115

Pt. 3 Human Rights Ethics 127

8 The Ethics of Respect for Human Rights 145

9 The Standard of Dialogical Rationality 145

10 Human rights Ethics vs. the Classical Normative Theories 155

11 Getting Around the Conflict of Rights 165

Pt. 4 Human Rights and International Law 179

12 The Right to Freedom of Thought and its Internationally Declared Conditions 181

13 The United Nations Universal Declaration 191

14 World Governance, World Government 223

15 Conclusion 247

Bibliography 279

Index 287

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