Humanism and the Northern Renaissance

Humanism and the Northern Renaissance

by Kenneth R. Bartlett

ISBN-10: 1551301784

ISBN-13: 9781551301785

Pub. Date: 10/28/2000

Publisher: Canadian Scholars' Press, Incorporated

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Canadian Scholars' Press, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Diary of the Council of Constance3
Ch. 2The End of the Saintly and Reverend Master John Hus19
Ch. 3First Book of the Commentaries (excerpt)33
Ch. 4Of Wedded Men and Wives and of their Children also41
Ch. 5The Imitation of Christ (excerpt)53
Ch. 6Letter to the Professors and Masters of the University of Oxford65
Ch. 7Oration Delivered Publicly in the University of Ingolstadt73
Ch. 8Letter to Jodocus Jonus on Vitrier and Colet; June 13, 152187
Ch. 9The Life of Sir Thomas More (excerpt)101
Ch. 10A Pilgrimage for Religion's Sake115
Ch. 11The Paraclesis127
Ch. 12To the Christian Nobility139
Ch. 13Act in Restraint of Appeals, 1533 and Act of Supremacy161
Ch. 14Consilium de Emendanda Ecclesia, 1537175
Ch. 15The Institutes189
Ch. 16Letter on Obedience213
Ch. 17Spiritual Testimonies225
Ch. 18The Trial of Mary and Joseph, from Ludus Coventriae: or The Plaie called Corpus Christi239
Ch. 19Utopia: Book One (excerpt)255
Ch. 20Prologue of the Translation of Eneydos273
Ch. 21Don Quixote: Dedication of the Duke of Bejar and Prologue277
Ch. 22Story Four, Story Seven and Story Twenty from The Hemptameron285
Ch. 23The Expedition of Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba301
Ch. 24General and Natural History of the Indies313
Ch. 25Part 1. Question 6. From Malleus Maleficarum325
Ch. 26Letter to King Henri II of France337
Ch. 27The Fugger Newsletters (excerpt)347
Ch. 28To John Asteley357
Ch. 29Motion of the Heart and Blood371
Ch. 30Gargantua and Pantagruel (excerpt)379
Ch. 31Don Quixote (excerpt)397
Ch. 32On the Writing of Letters421
Ch. 33Advice to his Son (Philip II)431

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