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Humble Pie: A Gift from God

Humble Pie: A Gift from God

by Kollin L. Taylor

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Humble Pie: A Gift from God is a poetic look at how people fall from grace; the lessons we can learn from each other; and how humility can help us recover from life's challenges. Oftentimes, people fall from grace or find it hard to recover simply because of pride. Some people would literally prefer to die rather than do things like ask for help or apologize.


Humble Pie: A Gift from God is a poetic look at how people fall from grace; the lessons we can learn from each other; and how humility can help us recover from life's challenges. Oftentimes, people fall from grace or find it hard to recover simply because of pride. Some people would literally prefer to die rather than do things like ask for help or apologize.

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Humble Pie

A Gift from God


AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-7383-0


    Bended Knees

    You left me on bended knees,
    Singing that old song called "Baby, Baby, Please."
    But there's only one reason why I'm single.
    You didn't want me to fight for us; you wanted to be free
      to mingle.


    When you give something everything you've got
    And then you lose, you learn what it was and what it was

    On the Run

    Have you ever noticed, when you're on the run,
    That He won't set you free until the job is done?
    In the same way, many who commit a crime
    Have to do some prison time.

    You may think that it's an epic fail
    When a criminal doesn't go to jail.
    No matter how fast you run,
    You can't escape the shining sun.

    Even when you destroy all the evidence you can find,
    You can't lose what's locked in your mind.
    Even when you move to a different place,
    The truth is something you'll have to face.

    I can't believe my hearing or my sight.
    Escaping these reminders is a losing plight.
    Even when I put on the blinders,
    He sends me constant reminders.
    A day doesn't go by
    Without His reminding me why.
    Even without reminders in this place,
    He sends me images of your face.

    It doesn't matter if it wasn't a crime.
    The victim and perpetrator both do time.
    It doesn't matter who's on the run.
    We live with what we did and what was done.


    Give it a break!
    Give it a rest.
    Take your time
    So you can do your best.

    The Heat

    Waiting until marriage to have and to hold
    May seem to create a life that is cold.
    But waiting builds passion with heat—
    And this keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    How many times have you regretted whom you dated?
    And how many times have you wished you had waited?
    Maybe the past is something you choose to forget,
    But there're some things you'll live to regret.

    Happily Never After

    You've got me hook, line, and sinker.
    But that's a bad move for one who's a thinker.
    I saw the writing on the wall,
    But I pretended never to have seen it at all.
    I thought this would be marital bliss,
    But then I woke up after death's kiss.
    What in the world was wrong with me?
    Why didn't I react to what was plain to see?
    Now, we have a beautiful package in the carriage
    While the wheels fall off our marriage.
    We should have started off with three,
    As in, God, you, and me.

    Too Late

    You call it insecurity,
    But you fail to see what you did to me.
    While I placed you among the stars,
    You preferred to hang out in bars.

    The thing I really hated
    Was how poorly we communicated.
    When you refused to come out of your shell,
    You shut me down and put me through hell.
    No wonder I walked around so defeated.
    You gloated because you were conceited.

    But since I died sooner than anticipated,
    You're now showing the love I would've appreciated.

    Tangled Web

    There's a price to pay for our sins.
    This is why a divorce attorney is the one who wins.
    While you fight over who keeps a blouse or a shirt,
    The children are the ones who are hurt.
    Why spew such vicious hate
    To someone you had chosen as your life mate?
    We said, "Till death do us part,"
    But in court, I let the attorney rip out your heart.

    You liked to have the occasional drink.
    In court, it looks worse than you think.
    I hid my phone and I was slick,
    But my subpoenaed phone records were inches thick.
    I said that you were insecure and that I should be
    But the records and the witnesses left me busted.

    The tangled web I continued to weave!
    The Lord revealed what I had up my sleeve.
    One thing that's now plain for me to see:
    You were a gift from God, a blessing to me.


    Pregnant and dating,
    Meet celibate and waiting.
    This may seem like a hot mess,
    But I can see her in a wedding dress.
    This is not how I envisioned my life,
    But she is my future wife.

    The Scene

    This may sound somewhat mean,
    But I can't stand the dating scene.
    I am disturbed by this fact:
    Sometimes it's really just an act.

    People spend time getting ready and then break out in a
    Only to find out that the other is just there for what he or
      she can get.
    After a few hours, when the date's done,
    You may want more, but your date only wants fun.

    When people go by looks and who packs the heat,
    Someone is usually treated like a piece of meat.
    You wonder if the person is into you
    And why the date feels like a job interview.
    You may not expect to go on a date with a Quaker,
    But you look for any red flag to become the
    The date may end with a great person being defeated
    If you find out that the person once cheated.
    Or, you may think the date worked out great,
    But a second chance is not part of your fate.

    What if you love the conversation you carried
    And then find out that your new love is married?
    It's sad when you spend time chasing after someone who's
    Only to find that sadness is all they've got.

    It's sad when you date someone who's out to have fun
    And then learn that this means they're getting ready to
    Just remember: the actors who simply play a part
    Can never compare to those who speak from the heart.

    One of the keys to getting satisfaction
    Is finding someone who speaks through action.


    The devil will draw your blood with a million pricks.
    He'll even send someone "special" as part of his tricks.
    When you're the person, who used the devil's beating
    The Lord will hit you back with a ton of bricks.

    He will let you walk away feeling proud and strong.
    Then He'll humble you and prove you wrong.

    Megan Good

    Baby, I tell you, I wish I could
    Show you a love that's oh-so-good.
    But there's nothing else I can do,
    Because you already know that I love you.
    I fought and fought from the start,
    But I fell deeper in love with you, despite my broken
    I patiently loved you and waited.
    Even when your wall fell, we remained ill-fated.
    Thinking of all of the love I provided,
    I see that the love and affection was one-sided.
    Even though we're still apart,
    God has kept you in my heart.
    I see reminders of your face and name,
    And I wonder if you experience the same.
    You were the one who said we were through,
    But God has other plans for me and you.
    Stop loving you? Sometimes, I wish I could.
    That's when He sent me a message that said, "Megan

    So, even though it's obvious, painfully,
    That I loved you, I see that you didn't love me.
    But there's one way for us to be:
    You should fall deeply in love with me.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to pray
    And wait for the Lord to make my day.

    Humble Pie

    Sweet is the taste of victory
    When something happens that reverses history—
    For example, when the one who was dissed
    Becomes the one who's loved and missed.
    Sometimes, simply because of pride,
    This little morsel becomes something to hide.

    It could be over and viewed as lost,
    Even though true love may come at a cost.
    Or, maybe, because it didn't end well,
    The one who was dissed will say, "Go to hell."

    The Lord may strip your pride, force you to your knees,
    And move you to ask the one you dissed, "Take me back,
    It finally hit me, and now I can see:
    I took you for granted. You're the one for me.
    My heart was hardened, so I cut you no slack,
    But now the Lord has softened it, and I want you back.
    Every day, for as long as I live,
    My heart is yours. You won't have to ask me to give.
    The way I treated you was a shame,
    And I wouldn't blame you if you never loved me the

    When feelings change, how long should you wait?
    The answer is, simply, before it's too late.
    When you make someone wait longer than anticipated,
    Instead of being in the future, you'll just be someone who
      was dated.
    But, then again, if the Lord planned for and ordained it to
    You'll get back together, despite your convoluted

    So, before you say you're not someone I want or need,
    Check your heart to see if God already planted love's

    Time Will Tell

    Time is very revealing,
    Shedding light on what once was appealing.
    What used to make sense
    Is not the same in the past tense.
    It's said that hindsight is 20/20
    When you realize you had plenty.
    If only somehow
    We could have known then what we know now.

    Remember the person you thought was great?
    Now that person is someone you hate.
    Remember the person you rejected?
    Now that person is someone God perfected.
    Remember the job of your dreams?
    Now that dream is not as good as it seems.
    Remember the days when you worked and ran wild?
    Now you regret not having a child.

    The best decisions don't always turn out well.
    But, in time, God will tell.

    The Ugly Swan

    It was fate, not luck,
    That the swan was an ugly duck.
    But to the swan, it was real,
    Because sometimes reality is based on the feel.
    The swan swims around with grace.
    Don't be fooled by the look on its face.
    The swan is black and white
    To represent its internal fight.

    Just imagine someone who was once overweight
    And had never heard that they looked great
    Until the weight change.
    To that person, compliments still sound strange.
    Now, the swan gets compliments every hour,
    But it doesn't know how to handle this new power.


    The things people do to cut us in half
    Are things you can use to make yourself laugh.

    If someone made you feel used,
    It was God who used them, so don't be confused.

    People come into our lives during the seasons;
    God uses them for some of the following reasons:

    To draw you closer to Him.
    To make you wiser.
    To make you stronger.
    To make you better.
    To show you what you don't want or need.
    To show you that you deserve better.
    Because you had to be dissed so that you could be missed.
    To show you that no one loves you more than He does.
    To let you know that He'll never forsake you.

    Shop Around

    The things some will only do for a fee
    Are things that someone else will gladly do for free.

    Ice Lake

    I'm trapped in a lake covered by ice.
    Taking one breath would be nice.
    On top of the lake, as far as I can see,
    I'm being watched by my friends and family.
    No one helps. I'm trapped.
    My frozen heart will need to be zapped.
    The conditions will soon dictate
    That I'll need the Lord to resuscitate
    Me. Sometimes I wish I knew
    How much more I'll go through.
    I'm sure there's more I can take;
    I see ways out, but I'll wait for Him to give me a break.


    He cracked me wide open until everything came loose.
    I tried to resist, but it was no use.
    Lord, what do You want from me? Again, I must ask.
    I thought I did everything you wanted, down to the last
    You know the subject of my desires that even come to me
      in dreams—
    The source of my weakness, the source of my streams.
    As time goes by and I feel like I'm doing well,
    I get knocked down and dragged to what feels like the
      gates of hell.

    The Speaker

    Sometimes, what we say seemingly falls on deaf ears.
    It's like speaking to an audience of empty chairs.
    It doesn't matter if we preach or teach.
    There's a certain audience we'd like to reach.

    Sometimes, we believe our message is profound,
    But there is no feedback, not a sound.
    We may think that our message is music to the ears,
    Only to find out that no one cares.


    Feeling dejected, I have to come to grips
    With the pain that comes from rejection. How it rips
    Deep into my soul and heart.
    To rebuild us, He sometimes takes us apart.
    And, while suffering may seem pointless and get old,
    It's a tool for us to grow as He shapes us from a new


Excerpted from Humble Pie by KOLLIN L. TAYLOR. Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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