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by Nicholas Stevensson Karas

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Hunky 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Come and get me" I taunted staying just out of reach in a tree. "Get down here you little -" and a arrow flew. In case you are wondering what is happening I am surviving in the woods for a "man hunt" that is basicly The Hunger Games. Another arrow came at me this time at my face. I ducked and fell out of the tree. "Got you Atler" I got to my feet and started running bow in hand. "Run when you can" said a voice and I turned around nocked a arrow and shot. Mr. Dawson,the hoster of this,came out with a evil glint in his eyes. "I'm armed and not afraid to use force or kill" I said "oh there will be only one death tonight and it will be you" with that he leaped at me and the only sane thought came to my mind. Shoot. The arrow left the string and shot at him but went threw him. "Stupid idiot I can't be killed with those idiotic weapons" and I ran. As I ran I heard branches snapping like somthing big was coming and wrecked their world. I looked back and saw a monstrous thing coming at me and I shot again. "I can't be killed with those " he bellowed but it had distracted him doing its purpose. "But what with my weapons" a voice said softly coming from the bushes. I dove into the bushes and saw a girl in them with a sword. "You again I thought I sent you to Hades ten times" complanied the girl." Mother Earth has opened the doors again". I figured that was a good time to run. The girl ran into combat with the giant Mr. Dawson. "Don't do it he can't be killed" I yelled "yes he can and stop distracing me" with that I shut up. They battled for I'd like to say five minutes while I has watching it with popcorn like it was a movie it was quite intertaning. At last Mr. Dawson got a lucky hit on the girl in the head."No" I cried still not knowing her I went grabbed her sword on started fighting Mr. Dawson. Thankfully I had taken fenceing so it wasn't hard. I got a lucky hit knowing he would bleed insted he disovled. The girl just came to her senses. "What happened" "I stabbed him and he died " "no he is a monster and minsters can't die they can be killed but not die come on lets go to my home". Well how did I do I would like a place but it isn't needed bye ~ Jack
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In first place, the one about the cyclops in brooklyn.