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by Cheryl Rainfield

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Children's Literature - Julia Beiker
Our young heroine, Caitlyn, lives the life of a nomad as she and her mother travel along the underground to avoid being captured due to her paranormal abilities. Then the unthinkable happens when fate lands them in a town where a large population of anti-paranormals and pro-paranormals takes center stage; and a showdown of epic nature explodes inside her high school. Luckily, she has time to form lasting bonds with two friends and a librarian, so she does not have to battle the evil alone. The hardest part of the conflict happens when she learns the true identity of her friend, John and how the past ignites with the present. Can she ever forgive herself for a fleeting past incident that changed her families' life forever? The author's note at the end belongs in the beginning because it explains why Rainfield felt passionate about the characters and plot in this book and gives the reader insight into believing this impossible story line. This book targets an audience of individuals that view change as a way of life even for young adults. Reviewer: Julia Beiker
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—In a modern-day urban setting, 15-year-old Caitlyn and her family are Paras, humans who have mind powers such as telekinesis. Ever since the anti-Para government killed her father and kidnapped her brother in the Cleansing several years earlier, Caitlyn and her mom have stayed on the run, never trusting anyone, trying to pass as Normals. At yet another new school, the teen tries to lie low given the rabid anti-Para fervor, all the while anonymously writing a popular, but incendiary pro-Para blog. Rainfield plumbs the mechanics of Caitlyn's mind-reading ability with striking creativity: the ethics involved, learning new techniques, the side effects of excess. Since the novel is told from her point of view, other characters' thoughts, written in italics, weave in and out of what she says and thinks. The author's subtle control over her writing keeps the narrative neat and spurs suspense. Can Caitlyn trust her new friends? Why does the school's queen bee single her out? Tension escalates when Caitlyn's brother, now a Para-slave, seeks her out to enlist her help in a plot to overthrow the government, and then again when she befriends two Normals: Alex, who is black, and Rachel, who is gay. The diversity of Caitlyn's friends (and her budding romance with Alex) underscores the theme of tolerance, a purposeful but not didactic element. The compelling story arc, a fully fleshed-out cast of characters, and the convincing integration of fantasy make Hunted a suspense novel not to be missed.—Jennifer Prince, Buncombe County Public Library, NC

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