Hunting Kat

Hunting Kat

3.9 12
by PJ Schnyder

As a mercenary, Kat Darah doesn't have to pass for a normal human. On the edge of the solar system, she's just another biped. Most of the time.

Nearing the end of his military tour, Lt. Christopher Rygard debates the idea of hanging up his uniform for good. Looking for answers at the bottom of a glass of scotch, he meets Kat. One shared night of mutual desire


As a mercenary, Kat Darah doesn't have to pass for a normal human. On the edge of the solar system, she's just another biped. Most of the time.

Nearing the end of his military tour, Lt. Christopher Rygard debates the idea of hanging up his uniform for good. Looking for answers at the bottom of a glass of scotch, he meets Kat. One shared night of mutual desire seems harmless. But when their tryst is interrupted by attackers hunting Rygard, Kat must reveal her other form, the predator beneath the human façade.

Together they embark on a dangerous mission—a race against time to meet the enemy's demands, while trying to deny the passion between them. Rygard is faced with a terrible choice in the face of duty: Report the existence of a human turned shape-shifter. Or forget he ever met her.

25,000 words

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Triton Experiment
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"Give me back my bra, you little tube rat, or I'll rip out your spine and steal your soul."

Scampering for the open door, he assumed he'd be fast, too fast for anyone to catch. And he would have been—if Kaitlyn'd been human.

Lightning quick, she pounced, nabbing him by the scruff and bringing him to eye level. She bared her teeth in a silent snarl.

"You found him!"

The scrawny ferret squeaked, probably relieved at the sweet sound of salvation, as Skuld breezed in from the corridor.

As the ship's engineer whisked him out of Kaitlyn's hand, her bra fluttered free. The tiny marauder had dropped his loot. Catching the lingerie, she looked it over carefully. If those sharp teeth had done any damage to the lace...

"Sorry, Katy." Skuld tucked her pet into the front of her rumpled ship suit, raising the zipper until only his furry face peeked out from her cleavage. "I was, um, working with one of the station engineers and Chester slipped out of his cage when we bumped into it."

Uh-huh. Skuld practically glowed, with her cheeks flushed and hair tousled. She always wore her ship suit loose, the sleeves rolled up at the elbows, but the baggy legs had been hastily tucked into magnet-soled boots. Mingled with her usual scent of lavender soap and engine oil was a man's musk.

Considering the ferret's cage had been built of solid plasteel and doubled as Skuld's desk, they had to have bumped it hard. For the cage door to have opened, they'd been going at one heck of an angle. And Kaitlyn stopped considering any further because she really didn't want to know.

"He's lucky he didn't damage anything," she growled, letting the sound rumble from deep in her chest in a way no human could.

The perpetrator trembled in his bosom of safety.

"Aw, c'mon, Katy. Chester wouldn't do anything intentionally. He thinks your stuff is neat." Skuld fluffed her soft blond curls. "Besides, why have fantastic lingerie when you never show it to anyone?"

Kaitlyn turned away, stowing the garment in the appropriate cubby. "I like the way it feels to wear it."

"You'd like the way it feels to let a man take it off too." Skuld took up the familiar argument. "Slide the straps down your shoulders, unhook the back and let the cups fall away. Or maybe he could play with it on for a while, bite at you through the lace. You've got a great rack."

"Skuld!" For the love of klepto weasels and big ship's engines, the woman needed to shut her mouth.

"You need to get boinked, Katy. Tumbled, screwed, whatever you want to call it." She tugged an oil-stained rag from a hidden pocket and slapped it against Kaitlyn's thigh. And damn but she made it sound easy, but then Skuld had always been comfortable with her sexual desires. Desires she satisfied every time they docked at a decent space station. "Okay, fine, when you first came aboard you had some issues to work through. And it took a while to ease into working with the guys."

"I had my reasons." The kind that gave her nightmares—waking and sleeping. Evils she could never forget because they were burned into her genetic code.

"It's been three years." Each word dropped like a stone. In her own way, Skuld had no mercy. "You can work with our boys now and merc teams from other ships. You don't even flinch when strangers come aboard anymore." Skuld paused. When she spoke again, her voice turned gentle. "You've come a long way. You can hold your own and you deserve more than mission after mission, scouting and doing those impossible search and rescues." The rag slapped against her thigh again. "Now go out and get some."

Meet the Author

Born and raised in the Northeast, PJ Schnyder spent her childhood pretending to study for the SATs by reading every fantasy and sci-fi novel she could borrow from the local and school libraries. She scored fairly high in the verbal portion.

A decade later, at an anime convention in Seattle, she was introduced to the wonderful world of romance by her best friend.

She now lives somewhere temperate, watching the seasons go by with her dogs and super stealthy ninja kitty, writing her stories.

PJ has multiple titles in print and ebook editions under the Terra's Guardians series at Decadent Publishing as well as the Triton Experiment miniseries with Carina Press.

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Hunting Kat 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first volume in a new series, Hunting Kat is fast, exciting, and sexy. The characters are terrific, and there is real chemistry between Kaitlyn and Rygard. My only real complaint regards the world-building. It's too vague. I assume the story is set at the edge of the Sol system, but I am unclear as to whether humanity has moved into outer space or the aliens moved here. The government and military structures are unclear, too. (It is also unclear in a few places as to who is speaking.) Overall, entertaining, but I am not sure if I will be continuing with the series -- lyradora
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
northamericanwordcat More than 1 year ago
I was really enjoying Kat, the kick ass but man shy Merc when the hero became stupidly distrustful in a moment that was so unneeded in the plot of the story. I was then zipping along enjoying the action and the world when everything came to a Happy for Now end. Sigh. I didn't want this to be a series.  I am excited to read the short story on Boggle though! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Hunting Kat is the first in author PJ Schnyder’s Triton Experiment series and is a sci-fi romance that I absolutely loved! Finally somewhat able to deal with her painful past, mercenary Kat Darah has found a place in life where she belongs.  She has a Captain she trusts and one close friend and that’s been enough for her.  The only empty spot in her life is where the only man she had ever been close to once was.  He’s gone, though, and his death hit her hard.  But if Kat kept herself busy she didn’t have time to let the lack of a man bother her.  That was until her captain and best friend stuck her on leave for two days when their ship docked.  Now she was stuck on this mini-vacation and too much time to think.  Time to it the bar…of course just when Kat is looking to avoid being tricked by her friends into spending time with a man, she happens to find one that sends her senses into overdrive.  Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all? Lt. Christopher Rygard is at a crossroads in his life.  Deciding whether to stay in the military at the end of this tour or give up the only life he’s ever known.  A few things happened on the last few missions that haven’t sat right with him.  But you can’t exactly go against your CO’s orders.  Which puts him here, in this bar, wondering what the hell to do.  Luckily a sexy mercenary walks in and takes his train of thought away from anything other than her.  He’s set his sights on her and if there’s anything he’s sure of at this moment it’s that he will have her. What starts out as a hot night of passion and sex turns into a fight for their lives when the very problems Rygard was pondering come pounding on their door.  Now, he has no choice but to right his wrongs and he needs the help of the sexy merc shifter. What a fantastic story this was!  I think what I liked most was that it wasn’t overly futuristic.  It had just enough to create a vivid picture in my mind without being distracting with foreign terms.  Kat is one hell of a strong gal and I loved her spirit.  She’s loyal and takes her friendships very seriously. She knows how quickly a person can be taken from your life or how quickly things can go from good to bad.  Rygard is totally delicious with confidence and swagger to spare without being too cocky.  Their night together was written sinfully and sexily and damn the heat jumped off of my ereader!  PJ sure has a way with words…yum.  The mission they end up working on together had my pulse pounding and I was so worried for Kat! No spoilers from me but I will say that it ended with me feeling content but wanting more.  The sign of a great beginning to a series! Thank you, PJ, for a kick ass story!  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kat!
exarg More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love PJ Schnyder! She is an amazing author, I really enjoy the unique and creative ideas that she comes up with for her books – many of them are things that are so new and fresh, never seen before in any other books. I have only one complaint – I wish they were longer! I keep falling in love with the characters but the books end! Please make sequels!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This short novella was fast-paced and left me looking forward to more of every character
Anonymous More than 1 year ago