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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name(s): Wispkit, Wisppaw, Wispflower, Wispleap, Wisprue.<br>Age: Approx. 11 years.<br>Gender: Female.<br>Mate(s): She has had several. Sunstrike, her first mate, they were together for exactly three hours. Suneagle, her second mate, they were mates for a while and had two kits, Moonflight and Thornclaw. Blueclaws, her third and current mate.<br>Adoptive Kit(s): Thornclaw, her son, and Moonflight, her daughter.<br>Biological Kit(s): Dawnspot and Truelight, her deceased daughters, and Duststorm, her son.<br>Grandkit(s): Truelight's kits, Mothkit, Tawnkit, and Rushriver. Duststorm's kits, Spottedcreek, Bravelight, and Cedarflame. Moonflight's kits, Wonderfulkit and Moosekit.<br>Siblings: Raggedflame, Dismay, and Rainfoot.<br>Nieces: Misery, Sun, and Cloudspirit.<br>Nephews: Scythe, Hemlock, and Twilight.<br>Cousins: Rockfoot and Bramblefoot.<br>Inlaws: Rosepirit, Felix, Dagger, Rosepetal, Thornclaw(2), Lionclaw, Cloudeye, and Tawnclaw.<br>HalfRelated: Darkflare, Blueclaws's kit, and Seashadow Sleetstone and Sharptooth, Felix's kits.<br>Looks: As the character developed, Wispleap has had exactly two different looks. The original is a gray kit who has white paws/belly with lavender eyes. The second and current is a dark brown tabby with white paws/belly and hazel eyes.<br>Song: Tomorrow Will Be Kinder in The Hunger Games Soundtrack.<br>History: Ho-boy.<br>She was born to Skyrose and Ninestar. Her father made a deal with rouges, but they turned on him and killed his clan. Skyrose managed to smuggle her four kits out of camp before she was killed. They all went their seprate ways. Raggedflame became deputy of Earthclan. Rainfoot joined Swiftclan. Dismay/Lightkit went on to become a dangerous assassin. Wispleap stumbled into Leafclan camp. She was adopted by Leafshine and Tawncloud. Soon, Leafshine died of greencough. Afterwards, she was co-parented by her three best fried's parents, Dawnstar Spotheart and Wildheart. The four grew up together in harmony, making stories that no one else could tell. Spotheart trained her to by a loyal but fierce warrior. She was named Wispleap. She had no interst in a mate, for the tom she had a crush on her best friend was in love with. However, Suneagle asked her to be his mate. They were happy together, raising his younger siblings tohpgether. But she knew he belonged with Dovethunder. She let him go. She had a mate named Blueclaws. They had three kits together, Truelight Duststorm and Dawnspot. They didn't have as great kithood as her, but they were trained by elite warriors. Wispleap ambious. She wanted to become deputy of Leafclan. But she never hinted so, she was never rude. Soon, both Spotheart and Dawnstar died. Softstar became lleader, but Leafclan was never the same. Slowly, the clan dwindled down to a few cats. Dawnspot stepped forward as med cat, and Truelight ran away and died. She was made deputy. Softstar started to give up on Leafclan. But Wispleap didn't. She became leader with her nine lives, and started to rebuild the clan. It almost worked. Almost. But the clan became inactive yet again. In her old, old age she has joined Horseclan, a clan her old friend had led. She is now an elder. <br>Other: She has trained several cts, two of which she can recall. Bearheart and Spotlight.<br>Signature:<p>[&bull;Wispleap&bull;]<p>((All of this happened, all of this is true. I rped all three of her biological kits. Leafclan is in ruins. You can ask me any questions. I may be a little sad for a while. Bye.......))