HyperLinkz : Hack Attack (HyperLinkz Series, No. 5)

HyperLinkz : Hack Attack (HyperLinkz Series, No. 5)

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by Robert Elmer
Watch Your Back.

Using the strange digital camera that takes them inside the Internet, Austin and Ashley Webster slip into the World Wide Web–this time to get ideas for Ashley’s art project. But their simple research trip turns into a battle for survival when a hacker-launched computer virus comes after them. Suddenly, everything from the


Watch Your Back.

Using the strange digital camera that takes them inside the Internet, Austin and Ashley Webster slip into the World Wide Web–this time to get ideas for Ashley’s art project. But their simple research trip turns into a battle for survival when a hacker-launched computer virus comes after them. Suddenly, everything from the Vesuvius volcano to the moons of Jupiter start to blow up in their faces!

The real trouble, though, happens back home when Austin is suspended for trashing a new mural at school. Could Austin really do such a thing? Or could there be a connection between the Internet hacker and the mystery troublemaker back home? When all the evidence seems to point to her brother, it’s up to Ashley to lead a wild online hunt for the truth–and launch an all-out rescue mission to clear Austin’s name.

Check out the “HyperLinkz Guide to Safe Surfing” for cool true trivia and Web backgrounders!

Don’t miss any of the exciting HyperLinkz adventures!
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Book 5: Hack Attack
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The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group
Publication date:
HyperLinkz Series, #5
Product dimensions:
5.10(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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Introducing…Hack Attack
Ashley Marie Webster here! Since my brother, Austin, has in­troduced the last two adventures, we agreed it would be my turn this time. Or we will agree as soon as he finds out. Mean­while, I’ll tell you what it’s like to be sucked right into the Internet, just in case you’ve never been there.
I don’t mean looking at a Web site from the Outside. And I don’t mean clicking a mouse and watching everything on the screen from your chair. I’m talking about really being there.
I can’t explain exactly how it works. Austin sure didn’t mean for it to happen the first time he took my picture with a garage-sale digital camera plugged into his laptop computer. But there I went–the first of us to be sent online. And I have to say, that first time on the Web was pretty weird.
For starters I found out what it was like to be on the Titanic when it was sinking. (Hang on!) Austin visited the Apollo 13 spacecraft on its way home from the moon. (Scary.) And we both got close to the action when the British navy was shooting cannonballs at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. (Duck!)
I also found out that being on the Web is a lot like being here in the real world. When it’s supposed to be cold, we’re cold. We can feel the wind, smell the salt water–digital dust even makes me sneeze! While we are online, we seem just as digital as everything else.
So forget about being safe–not that I worry about that as much as my big brother. Fact is, I wasn’t too nervous when we first met Ms. Mattie Blankenskrean on the Internet. She’s actually from the same town as us–Normal, Illinois–though we didn’t know it then.
Turns out she wasn’t there to explore Web sites. She wanted to totally change them, at least when they didn’t fit with her way of seeing things. A substitute teacher at my school, Chiddix Junior High, was up to the same thing–leave it to Austin to find that out. Mr. Z (really Raven Zawistokowski, but no one tries to say that) and Ms. B both work with a group called the Normal Council on Civil Correctness, or NCCC. It’s their plan to take everything about Christian faith or Jesus off the Internet, making it seem as if the Bible is a big fairy tale you can skip reading if you want to. And when Austin and I got in their way…yikes! Things got nasty!
Not only did Mr. Z try to steal Austin’s laptop and digital camera, which is rotten enough, but for the past few weeks, the guy has been following us in and out of the Web. Austin thinks that if he ever does catch up to us, he’s going to make sure we don’t get back to Normal again.
As for me, I’m hoping Mr. Z isn’t that bad. But to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what he’ll do.
Chapter 1
Pompeii Problem

Everybody knew how much Austin Webster liked to think things over before coming to a decision. He knew it. His sister, Ashley, knew it. Their Aunt Jessi knew it. Hey, no need to rush things, right? Except this time…
Ka-BOOM! As soon as Austin saw the digital cloud of steam and ash pop the top of Mount Vesuvius, he grabbed his sister and dove under a table inside the little sidewalk café. Maybe theirs wasn’t the sturdiest building in the Roman city of Pompeii, but it would have to do.
“Everybody under the tables!” Austin yelled. A guy in a fancy knee-length robe looked down at him as if he were a rat collecting breadcrumbs.
No time to worry about that. Austin held his ears as the roar whooshed over the building and swept the street outside with a dragon’s breath of fire and ash. Even the heavy tables inside the café were bowled away by the blast, like dice from the hand of a giant. Austin tried to hold Ashley’s wrist as they tumbled into a wash of people, tables, chairs, and…
And a half-eaten onion the size of a baseball that came to rest on Austin’s face.
“Anyone lose your lunch?” he asked. But this wasn’t the time to joke. Everybody in the café had been thrown together into a pile, a groaning tangle of arms and legs and togas.
Togas, as in the Roman-style linen robes people wore.
“Ashley?” Austin called, and she pulled herself from the pileup at about the same time he did. He hoped he didn’t look as dusty and dirty as she did.
His sister whispered to him what he already knew: “We need to get out of here now.”
That would have been a fine idea. Only problem was somebody had suddenly turned out the lights. Outside the gaping hole of a window, a huge, inky shadow had turned day to night, just like that. Powdery gray ash rained down. When the floor shook once more, they both tumbled to their knees.
Austin grunted as he held up his camera. “Whoa, that one was really strong!” He tried to get to his feet, but the floor billowed and buckled below him like a wakeboard behind their grandpa’s ski boat on Lake Winnebago.
“Hang on!” But to what? He tried to hold the wall next to him, which sorta kinda worked–until a big crack snaked down from the roofline, splitting the plaster.
“Yikes!” Austin stepped out into the street, but it was like stepping into a snowstorm. Except he could breathe in a snowstorm.
“Where’s the”–cough, cough–“e-mail link?” Ashley asked from right behind him.
Pompeii’s streets were set up in neat blocks, as if a Roman engineer with a straight ruler had designed the place. It shouldn’t have been that hard to find the e-mail link, their escape route home.
But everything looked different now as closet-size shops stuffed full of sandals, embroidered Roman tunics, or spices leaned crazily over the narrow roads. To top it off, they had to wade through ankle-deep ash.
“This way.” Austin covered his mouth and nose with the inside of his shirt, but it didn’t help much. He fought for breath as Ashley stumbled along beside him. Good thing she held on to his arm; he could hardly see her in the ash blizzard.
“Where?” she gasped.
“The end of the block.” Was that right? Well, he thought so. Nothing looked the same as it had even three minutes ago. They passed no one in the streets. Maybe everybody was hiding inside, and he didn’t blame them. But if he and Ashley ­didn’t find the link pretty soon…
Austin didn’t want to think about it. He fell to his knees in the ash and dug like a dog for a bone. The link had to be here. Ashley tried to help, but she was coughing so hard he was afraid she was going to collapse.
Wait… No, his fingernails scraped against only cobblestones. Still, if this search worked, they would be able to feel what he’d hoped to see: the e-mail link that would send them back to the art-supply closet at Chiddix Junior High School in Normal, Illinois.
Ashley yelped before she disappeared, which was a very good thing.
“Thank you, God,” Austin whispered before he crawled over to the spot where his sister had been digging. This had better work for him, too.

Meet the Author

Robert Elmer is the author of 38 youth novels, including the HyperLinkz series, as well as the Young Underground, Adventures Down Under, Promise of Zion and AstroKids series. A certified teacher, he speaks at schools all over the U.S. He and his wife Ronda are the parents of three young adults. They live in Washington state.

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HyperLinkz : Hack Attack (HyperLinkz Series, No. 5) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
InTheBookcase More than 1 year ago
There's bound to be fun reading ahead, when there's adventures ranging from visiting ancient Pompeii, Outer Space, and Belshazzar from the Bible--all that and quite a bit more--just in this one book, about 2 kids who can travel through web pages. The Webster siblings receive notes that are supposed to scare them from going back into the internet. Also there's "Graffiti Guy" who is definitely trying to frame Austin Webster. Who knows what all these problems might add up to!? This was a very appealing book from the "Hyperlinkz" series. I liked it probably better then some of the others. A few cool new features were added, like calling in some new people to help out in an actual online search party!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Normal, Illinois, siblings Austin and Ashley use his digital camera to actually visit Internet sites. Currently they are in Italy as Mt. Vesuvius is about to erupt. They get back from their adventure, but two things different occurred than from their previous web treks. For the first time they brought something back from the Internet dimension to their world: volcanic dust and Ashley insists she saw Austin playing when they needed to leave while he insists he was not fooling around. --- Someone wearing the identical clothing as Austin has on and looking like his twin is destroying the Dr. King exhibit with graffiti. Austin tries to stop the kid, but instead the janitor catches him. He is suspended. Ashley believes that someone else has that unique access to the Internet they have and is using it to get her brother in trouble. With the help of her Aunt Jessi, who is her age, and other friends, Ashley sets a trap to catch the real culprit. --- The Hyperlinkz novels are exciting and insightful tales that take pre-teens a on a wonderful journey of web sites while also providing tips for safe use by children on the Internet highway. The fifth book provides tours of Mt. St. Helen, the moon IO and Vesuvius amongst other fascinating stops, but all that is rolled into an action-packed preteen thriller. HACK ATTACK is fun, imaginative and entertaining.--- Harriet Klausner