I Am a Star

I Am a Star

by Jean Marzollo

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Children's Literature
This Level 1 "Hello Reader" science book teaches children about constellations, astronomers, and stars. The North Star, also known as Polaris, narrates the story and explains why stars can be seen at night and not during the day, and that the sun is a star while the moon is not. Marzollo also shows the reader that people have created pictures from the stars for years, and called them constellations. Sailors still use the North Star as a navigational landmark because its position in the sky never shifts. Words such as "constellation" and "astronomer" appear with their phonetic spellings so that children can learn to read and correctly pronounce these larger words. The illustrations in this book look as if they were cut from felt and colored paper and pasted together in a collage-like manner. The bright colors will capture and hold a young child's attention, and each caption clearly describes the illustration to which it refers. This will help children learn by reinforcing with an illustration what they are hearing in the text. 2000, Scholastic, Ages 4 to 8.
—Lisa Muggeo

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