I Am Filled With Heavenly Treasures

I Am Filled With Heavenly Treasures

by The Enfield Shaker Singers

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New World Records


  1. Today, Today Is My Own Time
  2. The Coming Day
  3. Rose of Sharon
  4. In This Pleasant Place I Will Go
  5. The Earth Is Renewed
  6. I've a Spiritual Garden to Weed
  7. Lord Give Me of Thy Living Bread
  8. Redeeming Love
  9. Good Brethren Will You Receive My Love
  10. Round Dance
  11. Compassion
  12. Toil on, Pray On
  13. As Stars and Diamonds
  14. Receive a Father's Love
  15. Pearl of Great Price
  16. In Love and Peace We Will Increase
  17. Simple Gifts
  18. With the Lamb on Mt. Zion
  19. The Charms of My Mother
  20. Great I Medley
  21. Love Is Little, hymn
  22. Harmony of Angels
  23. I Am Filled With Heavenly Treasures
  24. Mother's Chair
  25. Let Us Grow Up Strength in Zion
  26. My Mother's Way's the Way for Me
  27. Let Us Sow to the Spirit of Love
  28. May I See as I Am Seen
  29. Wake Up
  30. I Love to Sing and Worship God
  31. Move on With the Gift
  32. How Pretty 'Tis to See
  33. Good Elder, Dear Brethren and Sisters, I Love You
  34. Grateful Remembrance
  35. Learned of Angel
  36. God Is Infinitely Able
  37. God's Blessing
  38. Farewell, farewell, our dear gospel friends, hymn ("Farewell Song")
  39. Prayer for the Nations

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