I Can Hear It Now/The Sixties

I Can Hear It Now/The Sixties

by Walter Cronkite
A double CD of soundbites from speeches, press conferences, broadcasts and the like from the '60s, narrated by famed newscaster Walter Cronkite (who wrote and edited the album with Fred Friendly). Note that the history documented on I Can Hear It Now/The Sixties is very much that of the '60s in the United States. There's some coverage of world events such as


A double CD of soundbites from speeches, press conferences, broadcasts and the like from the '60s, narrated by famed newscaster Walter Cronkite (who wrote and edited the album with Fred Friendly). Note that the history documented on I Can Hear It Now/The Sixties is very much that of the '60s in the United States. There's some coverage of world events such as the 1967 Israel-Egypt Six-Day War and the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, but the overwhelming bulk of it has excerpts from statements and speeches by U.S. politicians. Cronkite and Friendly also made a conscious decision to almost totally exclude coverage of the arts and some other forms of non-political culture, as they make clear in their liner notes. The model for I Can Hear It Now/The Sixties was actually a previous album by celebrated journalist Edward R. Murrow, who compiled an album called I Can Hear It Now devoted to events of 1933-1945; Cronkite and Friendly had the advantage of many more source tapes, in much better fidelity, from which to choose. It sounds a bit staid and staged decades later, but this does include plenty of famous soundbites of the '60s: the Kennedy assassination, the Bay of Pigs, Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, escalation of the war in Vietnam, the 1968 presidential election, the 1969 moon landing, Nixon's "you won't have Nixon to kick around anymore" speech, Woodstock, student demonstrations, and more. If you want this sort of thing, for the archives or actual listening, it's a good deal, containing about 75 minutes per disc. The fidelity is not always state-of-the-art, particularly in the early part of the '60s, but it's never difficult to comprehend.

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Disc 1

  1. Prologue: "I think continually of those who were truly great..."
  2. Warnings For The Decade
  3. Jan. 20, 1961: "Ask not what your country can do for you..."
  4. Nov. 14, 1961: Pablo Casals White House Concert
  5. "The problems are more difficult than I imagined them to be..."
  6. Jan. 30, 1961: "Each day the crises multiply..."
  7. Excerpts from 1960 debate on Cuba
  8. April 17, 1961: UN Security Council, Ambassador Adlai Stevenson denies
  9. April 21, 1961: News Conference: JFK Takes Responsibility for Bay ...
  10. July 25, 1961: Berlin crisis; need for air shelters
  11. March 21, 1962: "Inequity of life..."
  12. June 26, 1963: "Ich bin ein Berliner..."
  13. Dec. 6, 1961: (Humor) N.A.M. Speech/June 11, 1962: Yale Honorary ...
  14. Sept. 29, 1960: Chairman Nikita Kruschev Pounds Shoe at U.N. While ...
  15. Oct. 3, 1960: Sec. General Dag Hammarskj LD's Fight Against Soviet ...
  16. Sept. 25, 1961: Hamarskj LD's Eulogy
  17. Oct. 25, 1962: Ambassador Adlai Stevenson - Soviet Delegate ...
  18. Oct. 22, 1962: Report to nation on Cuban Confrontation
  19. Dec. 17, 1962: JFK Describes Andrei Gromyko at White Houe During ...
  20. Oct. 28, 1962: Radio Moscow - Cuban missile crisis
  21. Sums up Cuban missile crisis and American position by Crhistmas, 1962
  22. Nov. 7, 1962: Conceding defeat in California gubernatorial election
  23. Feb. 20, 1962: Progress in Space, Early '60s: Sputnik I, Wernher ...
  24. May 8, 1963: Need for a test ban treaty
  25. June 10, 1963: "We All Breathe the Same Air..." (American ...)
  26. July 26, 1963: JFK Announces "Important First Step" - Treaty ...
  27. June 11, 1963: Deputy Attorney Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach & Gov. ...
  28. Aug. 28, 1963: Civil Rights March on Washington/Mahalia Jackson; ...
  29. Nov. 22, 1963: Interruption of "As the World Turns" & First ...
  30. Nov. 24, 1963: Oswald Interviewed by Reporters at Dallas City Jail
  31. Nov. 25, 1963: Funeral of John F. Kennedy/CBS news Correspondent Roger
  32. Nov. 27, 1963: First Speech to Joint Session of Congress (as President)
  33. May, 1964: Explanation of How Civil Rights Bill Will Get Through ...
  34. July 16, 1964: (Republican Nat'l. Convention in San Francisco) ...
  35. July 14, 1964: (Republican Nat'l. Convention in San Francisco) Warning
  36. Aug. 27, 1964: (Democratic Nat'l. Convention in Atlantic City) ...
  37. Aug. 1964: Harlem riots
  38. Aug. 4, 1964: Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam Incident & Resolution (LBJ) ...
  39. May 24, 1964: Goldwater Suggests Defoliation of Vietnam ...
  40. 1970: Reprise on Tunkin Gulf resolution/Former Pres. Lyndon Johnson in
  41. Feb., 1965: Malcolm X Defines Black Power/ Mrs. Malcolm X ...
  42. May 2, 1965: Santo Domingo Intervention/Lyndon B. Johnson Orders ...

Disc 2

  1. Jan. 28, 1966: Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on ...
  2. Government officials voice optimism about Vietnam
  3. Aug. 5, 1965: Burning of village of Cam Ne
  4. Nov., 1965: Great Power Blackout/Nov. 9, 1964? Rickover Accepts ...
  5. Contrasts in music of decade: Tony Bennett/The Beatles/Bob Dylan
  6. Oct. 4, 1965: At United Nations
  7. Riots & Civil Disorders: Watts, L.A. (8/65) /Detroit (67) /Newark (67)
  8. Feb. 29, 1968: Report of President's Commission on Violence
  9. The Times They Are A-Changin'
  10. Six-Day War: Israel & Egypt
  11. June 5, 1967: Call for holy war of vengeance against Israel
  12. June 5, 1967: War comes to Cairo
  13. June 5, 1967: First reports of Israel's "instant victory"
  14. June 7, 1967: Israeli troops at Wailing Wall of ancient temple
  15. June 9, 1967: President Nasser Resigns. Cairo Crowds Reject ...
  16. Jan., 1968: New Hampshire Primary - Sen. Eugene McCarthy ...
  17. Mar. 16, 1968: Sen. Robt. Kennedy decides to run
  18. Mar. 31, 1968: Johnson Announces He Will Not Seek Another Term as ...
  19. Apr. 4, 1968: Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Memphis, TN)
  20. "We Shall Overcome": Joe Louw Describes Events at Lorraine ...
  21. Apr. 5, 1968: Kennedy Interrupts Campaigning to Speak of Dr. King ...
  22. June 4, 1968: California Primary & Robert F. Kennedy Victory ...
  23. June 8, 1968: Robert F. Kenedy eulogy, St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY
  24. Aug. 8, 1968: Republican Nat'l. Convention - Nixon Accepts Nomination
  25. Aug. 28-29, 1968: Humphrey Nominated by Mayor ...
  26. Aug. 20, 1968: Invasion of Czechoslovakia: Rep. Boggs Interrupts ...
  27. May, 1968: Demonstrations at Columbia University, NY
  28. Apr. 28, 1969: President Chas. de Gaulle of France resigns
  29. Sept. 11, 1968: Wallace Campaigns for President as Candidate of ...
  30. Sept. 30, 1968: Hubert H. Humphrey (Salt Lake City)
  31. Nov. 6, 1968: Victory Statement (Waldorf-Astoria, NY)
  32. Dec. 24, 1968: Apollo 8 orbits moon/Astronauts read from Genesis
  33. Apollo 11: First Moon Landing/July 16-21, 1969: Blast-Off from ...
  34. July 24, 1969: Nixon greets astronauts aboard Aircraft Carrier "Wasp"
  35. Aug. 1969: Woodstock Festival - Sly & The Family ...
  36. July 25, 1969: Incent at Chappaquiddick
  37. Jan. 20, 1969: Inaugural speech "We are caught in war, wanting peace...
  38. Nov. 3, 1969: Vietnam Policy speech
  39. Oct. 15, 1969-Nov. 15, 1969: Peace demonstration & Moratorium
  40. Nov. 13, 1969: Agnew Castigates News Media for Coverage of ...
  41. Apr. 29, 1970: Eric Sevareid Answers Vice President/Elmer David Memori
  42. Chief Justice Earl Warren: In one of his rare replies to Congressional
  43. Jan. 20, 1969: "We Find Ourselves...Reaching for the Moon, But ..."
  44. Epilogue: July 9, 1965 "Passengers on a little spaceship..."
  45. Dec. 25, 1968: "To see the Earth as it truly is..."

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Walter Cronkite   Primary Artist,Narrator
George Wallace   Track Performer
Bob Dylan   Track Performer
Robert Frost   Track Performer
Archibald MacLeish   Track Performer
Dwight D. Eisenhower   Track Performer
Richard Nixon   Track Performer
Barry Goldwater   Track Performer
John F. Kennedy   Track Performer
Spiro Agnew   Track Performer
Ike Pappas   Track Performer
Frank Borman   Track Performer
Robert F. Kennedy   Track Performer
Adlai Stevenson   Track Performer
Neil Armstrong   Track Performer
Rev. Ralph David Abernathy   Track Performer
Mayor Joseph Alioto   Track Performer
Bill Anders   Track Performer
Rep. Hale Boggs   Track Performer
Winston Burdett   Track Performer
Sen. Joseph Clark   Track Performer
Michael Colins   Track Performer
Michael Elkins   Track Performer
Sen. William Fulbright   Track Performer
John Hart   Track Performer
Peter Kalischer   Track Performer
Nicholas Katzenbach   Track Performer
George Kennen   Track Performer
Governor Otto Kerner   Track Performer
John Laurence   Track Performer
Walter Lippman   Track Performer
Henry Cabot Lodge   Track Performer
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara   Track Performer
Senator Wayne Morse   Track Performer
Roger Mudd   Track Performer
Gamal Abdel Nasser   Track Performer
Paul   Track Performer
President Nguyen Van Thieu   Track Performer
Bert Quint   Track Performer
Harry Reasoner   Track Performer
Sen. Abraham Ribicoff   Track Performer
Admiral Hyman Rickover   Track Performer
Sec. of State Dean Rusk   Track Performer
Morley Safer   Track Performer
General Wm. Westmoreland   Track Performer
Lyndon B. Johnson   Track Performer
Stephen Spender   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Steven Berkowitz   Reissue Producer
Frank Abbey   Engineer
Didier C. Deutsch   Reissue Producer
Steve Byram   Art Direction
Howard Fritzson   Art Direction
Ron Coro   Artwork
Walter Cronkite   Producer,Liner Notes
Traditional   Composer
Karenlee Grant   Cover Art

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