I Can Problem Solve, Kindergarten & Primary / Edition 2

I Can Problem Solve, Kindergarten & Primary / Edition 2

by Myrna B. Shure, Myrna

ISBN-10: 0878224297

ISBN-13: 9780878224296

Pub. Date: 06/01/2001

Publisher: Research Press

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Research Press
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8.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range:
5 Years

Table of Contents

List of Complementary Applications
Introducing the ICPS Program: Teacher Script15
3Do-Do Not29
4If I Say31
5Who Am I Thinking Of?33
7More Some-All37
10More Same-Different53
11Two Things at the Same Time55
13Before-After, Now-Later65
14Review of ICPS Words73
15How People Feel87
16How Can You Tell?89
17Happy-Sad: More How Can You Tell?91
19Might-Maybe, More How People Feel101
20Are You Listening to Me?105
21A Story107
22Finding Out What People Like109
23Do You Like?127
24Do You Remember? Part I135
25Do You Remember? Part II137
26More Might-Maybe, Why-Because141
28Let's Make Up a Story, Part I147
29Let's Make Up a Story, Part II149
30My ICPS Book, Part I151
31Dilly the Duck, Part I153
32Dilly the Duck, Part II155
35A Good Time or Not a Good Time? Part I167
36A Good Time or Not a Good Time? Part II171
37Puppet Story: Robbie and Poppy175
38A Story177
39My ICPS Book, Part II179
40Is That Fair?181
41More About Fair, Version 1183
42More About Fair, Version 2187
44Let's Make Up a Story, Part III195
45What Can I Do While I Wait?197
47Find a Feelings Match203
48What Else Can He Do? Part I227
49What Else Can He Do? Part II233
50What's That Problem? Part I237
51Solve the Problem241
52My ICPS Book, Part III243
53A Story249
54Introduction to Role-Playing251
55Guess the Problem253
56Puppet Story: Preferences and Solutions257
57More Role-Plays With Puppets259
58A Story261
59ICPS Tic-Tac-Toe263
60Poppy and Dilly, Part I265
61Mystery Sequence271
62Story Continuation281
63Interpersonal Mystery Sequence283
64My ICPS Book, Part IV293
65Uh-Oh, They're Fighting297
66A Story303
67Is That a Good Idea?305
68What Might Happen Next? Part I313
69What Might Happen Next? Part II317
70Poppy and Dilly, Part II321
71How Can This Be?323
72Puppet Story: Would That Make You Happy?329
73What Might Happen Next? Part III331
74What Might Happen Next? Part IV337
75What Might Happen If I Do That? Part I349
76What's That Problem? Part II353
77Imagine That357
78Do I Know?361
79What Might Happen If I Do That? Part II363
80What Else Can I Do?367
81Puppet Story: Reviewing Solutions369
82A Story373
83Final Review375
App. AGuidelines for Continued ICPS Teaching389
App. BICPS Dialoguing Reminders393
App. CICPS Word Posters399
App. DSummary of ICPS Behavior Management Techniques435
About the Author439

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