I Did It, Dear Dragon

I Did It, Dear Dragon

by Margaret Hillert, David Schimmell

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Children's Literature - Sara Lorimer
Look, look. See the book. See it! See it! It is written in a boring style. It is written in a style that will stop children from wanting to read. Dick and Jane would like this book. But real children know beginner books can be interesting. They do not have to be written like this. No, no, they do not. Do not give this book to a child. It will make the child bored. The child will not want to read. The child will become resentful. The child will be sad. Maybe the child will cry. Give the child normal books to read. Then the child will see that reading can be fun. Reading does not have to be drudgery. It does not. But if you are determined to give a child a book with many short words and short sentences, you might as well use this one. It is about a boy who wakes up and sees the snow. The snow comes down. The boy puts on his hockey gear. "Mother. Mother. Look at us. We will go out now," says the boy. The boy has a dragon on a leash. The boy goes to play hockey. "Look at that," says the goalie. "Oh, no. This can not come in." The goalie stops the puck. The boy tries again. This time he scores. Everyone is happy, even the goalie who let the puck in this time. The illustrations are more interesting than the text. That is not saying much. Backmatter includes a section on "Reading Reinforcement" just in case your child is still awake. "Reread the story to your child at least two more times while your child tracks the print by running a finger under the words as they are read." Stop. Stop. Please stop. Reviewer: Sara Lorimer

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7.70(w) x 6.30(h) x 0.10(d)
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5 - 8 Years

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