I Don't Keep Secrets

I Don't Keep Secrets

by Sheila Stewart, Rae Simons

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Children's Literature - Joella Peterson
This is another book in the "Kids Have Troubles Too" series. In the first part of I Don't Keep Secrets, Sara tells the story of her cousin Dylan coming to stay with her family. Dylan is the "cool" older cousin that Sara and her brother Joey look up to; however, things are not so "cool" this time that Dylan is with Sara's family. Dylan asks Sara to not tell when he has "a bag of pills" for "a friend." Or when he checks Sara and Joey out of school and sneaks them into an R-rated movie. Or when his friends get Joey sick by putting something in Joey's drink. Of course Sara ends up talking to Dylan and of course Dylan promises to reform and of course things will get better. Even though this ending is probable, it would have been nice if in the second half of the book it talked about how to help kids who do not have such an understanding cousin who will reform. The second half does talk about what secrets are, the difference between good secrets and secrets that you should not have to keep, and what exactly "tattling" is. With the whole book being rather text heavy, this book might be most helpful for reports or kids who are dealing with tough secrets. Series Consultant: Cindy Croft, Center for Inclusive Child Care Reviewer: Joella Peterson

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Mason Crest Publishers
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Kids Have Troubles Too Series
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7.54(w) x 9.68(h) x 0.31(d)
890L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 13 Years

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