I Don't Think We Got the Tools to Pull This Off

I Don't Think We Got the Tools to Pull This Off

by Rick & Bubba

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Rick & Bubba Inc.


Disc 1

  1. Greg Burgess Gets Health Check
  2. So, Speedy Loves Barns?
  3. Dickey And Dan Talk National Championship
  4. Roger Lewis Reports On Black Friday
  5. Bubba Gets Beat In Tennis By Old Man
  6. Speedys Heartfelt Miscommunication
  7. Christmas Season Ends On A Bad Note
  8. Rick Loses Phone And Deer Finds It
  9. GOD Gives Speedy's Son A Strange Ministry
  10. Veggies For Momma
  11. Our Wives Have No Mercy

Disc 2

  1. Saigon Tailoring
  2. Bubba Text Intended For Wife Goes Elsewhere
  3. Greg Has A Rock... In His Gallbladder
  4. Lady Replaced Thumb With Toe
  5. Mom And Coach Go With Rick To The Beach
  6. What Is On Bubba's Eye?
  7. Big Love Stops Dad In His Tracks
  8. Speedy Can't Match Wife's Present
  9. Miss Chubby
  10. How Hard Is It To Make A Plain Hot Dog?
  11. Rick And Bubba Become A Pack Of Beagles
  12. Dickey Calls Nevaduh!

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